Uncharted Waters – [2017]

Immunity to Advertising 
Outer Limits Radiothon Special 
4 March 2017

8905-1056-4e44-afd6-20b9f72d3378What differentiates College Radio from Commercial Radio? Our air is free from the stench of commercials. You will never hear an ad. Why is this important? Because advertisements not only strategically manipulate your emotions, they insult your autonomy, undermine everything that is real and justify enormous crimes through the dark art of “perception management.” They communicate a sense of lack within you and offer up their product as the means of filling it. Yet the best experiences in life are rarely incentivized by the manipulative lies of advertising. If you see an advertisement for a product, it means you don’t need it. But now adverts increasingly threaten to corrupt even the news updates we depend upon to stay informed. So-called “sponsored content” and “native advertising” blur the lines between ads and news. In a world defined by NeoLiberal Capitalism where nothing is sacred and everything is for sale, how can the corrupting power of advertising be resisted?

The New Mutually Assured Destruction
11 March 2017

86ec-78c1-45e1-8a7e-c975eee2649cThe Vault 7 dump from Wikileaks comprises revelations far more significant than the leaks of Edward Snowden, demonstrating the extent to which the CIA uses backdoors to hack all communications technology; the first public evidence that the US Government secretly pays to keep US software unsafe, developing vulnerabilities in US products, then intentionally keeping the holes open, to spy. This includes proof that “smart” TV’s are listening to your conversations, especially when they’ve been turned off. In an historic act of devastating incompetence, the CIA lost control of it’s entire cyber weapons arsenal. We’ll be looking at one such cyber weapon in particular – a virus called “Olympic Games” – that became known to the world as StuxNet when its spread got out of hand, infecting every single computer system on the planet. It serves as a chilling warning for just how reckless and deranged our runaway intelligence agencies have become, and what might be necessary to stop them.

Brandolini’s Mockingbird
18 March 2017

dd1d-e9dd-4ce4-ab07-35aaf6311600Starting in the 1950’s the CIA embarked on a coordinated infiltration of America’s major newspapers and news wire agencies through Operation Mockingbird. Today, Americans are turning away from the formerly mainstream media because the internet has destroyed the corporate-government’s deceptive narrative. In response to this exodus, the establishment invented the Red Herring of “fake news” to lay the ground work for censorship and control. Their neo-McCarthy agenda involves accusing alternative news sources of peddling Russian propaganda. And the stage is now set for a crack down on the alternative media with the newly created ‘Ministry of Truth’. With this new legal mandate in place, the establishment doesn’t need to hide behind secret intelligence programs like Mockinbird to propagandize their citizens. But if governments are allowed to decide what is worthy of being published, then why even have a media? The fourth estate is meant to be a check on power – not an apologist for it.

Treacherous Parrots
25 March 2017

ae2a-c3d5-46aa-bbfc-c4aa837a5f14Fake News has dominated American media for decades and it doesn’t emanate from the Kremlin. A multibillion-dollar industry skillfully designed and managed by public relations agencies manipulates public opinion on behalf of the system’s ownership class. Their immense propaganda industry stages pseudo-events to distort our perception of reality. The greater public is so awash in these lies, delivered 24 hours a day through electronic devices and print, that viewers, listeners and readers have more difficulty distinguishing between truth and fiction. Former journalists became conditioned to cater to corporate demands. News personalities, who often make millions of dollars a year, became courtiers, filling news holes with trivial, emotionally-driven stories designed to reassure us with comforting lies. Relying on professional propagandists to frame all discussion and debate they are incapable of genuine reporting, working instead as stenographers to the powerful.


1 April 2017

eb9c-c8ba-4127-b27f-43591a8a3480Who is the thinker who thinks these thoughts? There’s someone in my head, but it’s not me. Evidence of ongoing mind control programs exist all around us, from TV and advertising to compulsory schooling and mindless political participation. If you’ve never considered the possibility that you might be under the influence of mind control, then you probably are. The manipulation of our psyches has become so ubiquitous that it can be difficult to identify, but once you spot one inconsistency in the orthodox narrative, you’re likely to begin spotting lies everywhere. The best defense against mind control seems to be the recognition of these programs, coupled with a willingness to ask questions. World War IV is already being fought inside of your head, and we would do well to study the fundamental strategies and tactics employed by our ministries of truth. A good start might include the likes of Edward Bernays and the infamous MK Ultra experiments carried out by the CIA to this very day.


Canary On The Campus:
An Oval Occupation
8 April 2017

9077-c374-4b24-997b-6e364f7eb85cActivists set up tents on the University of Montana campus this week in protest against a proposed 23% tuition hike and the evisceration of entire programs as the Board of Regents continue to run the system like a business rather than a public institution. Now administrators threaten to remove costly tenured professors who can’t technically be fired by cutting entire programs. After all, if an entire program is liquidated, tenured professors have no legal recourse to defend their position. To further frustrate matters the conversations are shrouded in complicated jargon and unnecessarily Byzantine bureaucracy through long-winded dissertations of boring, technical terms and meaningless streams of data and graphs designed to intentionally confound the layperson. As the $1.3 Trillion Student Debt Bubble approaches threshold, it seems increasingly clear that the only recourse available to students might involve intentionally defaulting on their student loans.

An Offer You Can Refuse
15 April 2017

ba92-5c38-44fd-97e5-53abd86c4b3cIn 1894 the Supreme Court ruled that a tax on your labor is unconstitutional, and when an Income Tax was established two decades later, the Supreme Court again ruled against it, proclaiming that granted “no new powers of taxation.” The 16th Amendment was never legally ratified, there is no law requiring the average citizen to pay it, and if you file, you wave your 5th Amendment right that’s supposed to protect you from testifying against yourself. Most irritating of all, income taxes do not pay for government services, a fact corroborated by President Regan’s Grace Commission report, which concluded that, “All individual income tax revenues are gone before one nickel is spent on the services taxpayers expect from government…100% of what is collected is absorbed solely by interest on the Federal Debt.” To comprehend this scam, we’re joined by IRS whistle blowers Sherry Peel Jackson, Joe Banister, and John Turner, alongside experienced accountants, lawyers, federal agents and activists.

Deep State Red-Bait
22 April 2017

the-powers-that-be-deep-stateadsfKRROPPPEEDDCampaign promises are meaningless in a world run by intelligence agencies. The media portrayed Trump as weak when he argued for more cooperation with Russia, but strong when he fired 59 Tomahawk Cruise missiles against Syria. It didn’t matter that the allegations of Russian collusion with Trump’s campaign amounted to an evidence-free conspiracy theory. The combined assault from Democrats, neocons and corporate media forced Trump to surrender his campaign goal of achieving more positive relations with Russia. The Russiagate ploy also successfully replaced Détente advocate Mike Flynn with neocon General H.R. McMaster, expediting the siege. Trump’s decision to bomb Syria confirms his impotence against an intelligence community whose surveillance powers control our nation’s politicians because the Russia “scandal” disappeared as soon as bombing in Syria began. Military action in Syria was inevitable regardless of who won the election, and the attack proves Trump isn’t running the country.