Mysteries of Akasha [2014]

The Archon Disclosure Predicament
4 January 2014

80With the close of the Bankfather we might ask ourselves how much deeper the rabbit hole can possibly go. As we step forward into the first episode of the Mysteries of Akasha, all students who march forward along with us into the void will find this to be an advanced course; everything that has come in our previous seasons will serve as the foundation for all else to come. For our first episode of 2014, we’re joined by historian Richard Dolan, former astronaut Edgar Dean Mitchel, doctor Steven Greer and lecturer James GIlliland who all calmly explain how the puzzle pieces fit together, painting a clearer picture into focus sentence by sentence. We’ll discover among other things, that the end of the last rabbit hole opens up at the very tip into completely alien fields of new rabbit holes and cosmic potential. Whatever your predispositions, the Outer Limits wouldn’t be living up to its name if we didn’t continue pushing the envelope. Be sure to have your pen ready before pushing play…

Hacking the Great Philosophical Questions
11 January 2014

81Is the world made of stuff, and if so what is a thing? Philosophers spend their time deconstructing prevailing paradigms which have thus far acted as a hindrance to humans achieving an objective perception of reality. It cannot be disputed that the question of How we collectively view the universe governs how we treat it; How we view the world determines our actions within its narrative. If we think in terms of a mechanistic, clockwork framework that exists only for our exploitation and conquest, we arrive at inherently self-destructive paradigms. In this episode, Alan Watts proposes his five great philosophical questions: Who started it? Are we going to make it? Where are we going to put it? Who is going to clean up? And, is it serious? Additionally, we’ll hear Dr. Miceal Ledwith’s four great questions: Who are we? Where do we come from? What should we do? And, where are we going? We’ll discover the increasingly abstract potentiality for a consciousness that we all share…

Ayahuasca and the 21st Century Shaman
18 January 2014

82For thousands of years, Shaman have accessed altered states of consciousness by drinking the remarkable DMT-containing brew known as Ayahuasca, enabling temporary passage to the spirit world. Shaman who take and administer the brew can heal psychological and physical ailments, find lost objects, interpret dreams, guide initiates through the visionary state, &c. No job in traditional society is more emotionally taxing than Shaman. But how did so called ‘primitive’ people make the connection between combining of the bark of one plant with the leaves of another, boiled and put through a number of procedures to produce this intense visionary hallucinogen; from two distinct plant species which themselves are inactive except in the presence of each other? How a discovery like this was ever made in the first place is one of the challenging questions that anthropologists have to deal with, since a square mile of amazonian rainforest is often comprised of 50,000 distinct species of plants.

Zen Is A Finger Pointing To The Moon
25 January 2014

83Historically, Zen is Indian Mahayana Buddhism translated into Chinese, therefore deeply influenced by Taoism and Confucianism. Beyond that the definition becomes fuzzy and begins to dissolve. There are many statements intended to sum up Buddhism, but Zen has no doctrines. It is a direct transmission outside scriptures and apart from tradition without dependence on words. Zen is a direct pointing to the human mind to enable one to see into their own nature. In other words, when hungry eat, and when tired sleep -but doesn’t everyone do that? The problem of knowing who you are is the problem of smelling your own nose. Buddhism is not what you think. So anyone who says that he knows what Zen is about, is a fraud. Nobody knows. All the past vanishes, the future has not yet arrived and there is only one place to Be which is Here, and Now. There is no way of being anywhere else. If you understand that thoroughly, your task is finished. Alan Watts guides us down the Zen rabbit hole herein…

Are You Ready To Exit Your Body?
1 February 2014

84Is there a difference between Lucid Dreaming and an Out-of-Body Experience (OBE)? It could be the difference between conscious sleep and unconscious meditation. Terms like Astral Projection and Remote Viewing further confuse the conversation, but they’re all just different attempts to define virtually identical experiences. Once the non-physical elements of our consciousness have departed from the human flesh, an array of cosmic universes with unlimited potential beckon. This includes but is not limited to witnessing events, people and places all over the world and beyond, connecting with late relatives, accessing the Akashic Libraries, and much more. We present a how-to manual for consciously exiting you body, taking charge of your astral experiences in the dream world, and getting more out of your waking state of consciousness. We’re joined by the experts – Nicholas Newport (of Lucidology 101), and Dr. Stephen LaBerge who have both dedicated their lives to researching this subject.

Outer Limits Valentine’s-Day Special
8 February 2014

85All anyone really wants is love; to be accepted, needed, and part of a community. But what is Romantic Love? Anyone who has traveled down the path of *Twitterpation long enough has reached certain relationship thresholds. At a certain point it is no longer about dating – it is about critical realizations about yourself as a human being. To be loved one must first love one’s self. Early stages of sex and food based on confidence and attraction inevitably lead into truly mysterious territory – Romantic Relationships. And what is the secret to maintaining desire in a long-term relationship? What makes successful long-term relationships effective? Why do married people live longer? People marry and remarry again, because few things in life are as truly satisfying as a meaningful relationship with a member of the opposite sex. It gives our lives meaning and purpose. Ultimately, “I know me only in terms of you.” By getting to know other people, you’re really discovering aspects of yourself.

RADIOTHON Twenty-Fourteen
15 February 2014

86This Valentine’s day, why not help us fertilize the garden that allowed a small seed of curiosity to blossom into the Outer Limits? KBGA hosts our annual Radiothon Pledge Drive this week and we need your help to make another year of great broadcasting possible. The KBGA staff have taken on challenges to entertain and motivate listeners to get involved in the drive i.e. the the Polar Plunge Challenge, wherein staff members jump into the frozen Clark Fork River. Donors can call 243-KBGA during our fundraiser to donate and receive gifts or gift cards from local businesses. The Outer Limits takes the pledge drive home on this, the final day of Radiothon. We’re joined by buddhist Rock sensation darshan Pulse -one of the featured bands for the End-of-Thon festival, in addition to five stand-up comedians, three other bands, palm readings, tarot readings, arm wrestling challenge, live yoga demonstrations and even the KBGA Spelling Bee, wherein you can attempt to spell KBGA.

No Such Agency
22 February 2014

87The Five-Eyes Alliance was born under the umbrella of an international surveillance program called Echelon. This ultimately manifested in the creation of five separate intelligence gathering agencies around the world, including the U.S.’s National Security Agency. Today, the Five-Eyes Alliance is a supranational intelligence organization that doesn’t answer to the laws of any of the countries it is based in. They watch the activity of every Email, phone call, and location of wireless devices, and store everything collected. So how can you protect yourself from the Orwellian totalitarian oblivion? Is there any defense against Government spy systems like Q-Fire and the like? Big Brother is www.atching you. If you think this is paranoid, then you’re probably not paranoid enough. It’s far worse than you could have ever imagined in your most terrible nightmares. We’re joined in this episode by Jacob Applebaum, Ben Swann, Daniel Bushell, Robert Foster, Eben Moglen, Edward Snowden and others.

Corporate Nationhood: TPP, Copyright Law, and the Return of CISPA
1 March 2014

88CISPA is back and now it has fangs. The newest step in the elite’s quest for complete globalization is called the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). It is the newest of the “Free Trade” agreements from the same corporations who gave us GATT, NAFTA, and the WTO. This new TPP deal has been called NAFTA on steroids, and another example of how these trade deals are never just trade deals. Of the 29 chapters only 5 of them have anything to do with trade, with the other 24 being hailed as a Corporate Wish-List that set a dangerous precident with an international tribunal to put an end to internet soverignty. TPP will limit internet freedom by forcing Internet providers to act as copyright enforcers and cut off people’s Internet access. It was all done in secret, until Wikileaks released the TPP draft that has not even been available to any legislator, and the public will never see a draft of the proposal until four years after its passing, when it is far too late to do anything about it.

What The Frack?
8 March 2014

89Filmmaker Josh Fox reveals in his seminal documentary “Gasland:” The 2005 energy bill cleared away all the restrictions for companies like Encana, Williams energy, Cabot Oil and Gas, and Chesapeake who began using the Halliburton technology in the largest and most extensive domestic gas drilling campaign in history, now occupying 34 states. Using a method of gas drilling called Hydraulic Fracturing or Fracking blasts a mix of water and chemicals 8,000 feet into the ground. In order to frack one needs fracking fluid; a mix of over 596 chemicals, the brew is full of corrosion inhibitors, gallants, drilling additives, biocides, shale control inhibitors, liquid breaker aids, viscosifiers, liquid gell concentrates and more. Each well requires 1 to 7 million gallons of water. Across 34 states, there are now more than 450,000 wells. Once wells and aquifers are destroyed, the damage is permanent. Fresh water is the most valuable liquid on the planet, and Fracking contaminates it permanently.

Bankfather Yatsenyuk – A Ukrainian Coup

90The tale of how the internet discovered America’s hand in the Ukrainian cookie jar. On the other side of the globe, snipers killed 94 in Kiev, police and protesters alike. Now we finally know who is responsible. In recent weeks, what began as a trickle of leaks has ushered in a typhoon of recorded phone calls and classified materials compelling those responsible out of the shadows and into the light of day. 2014’s revelations have already transformed the Ukrainian uprising event from merely another isolated populist movement in the global jigsaw puzzle, into a Rosetta Stone enabling a global understanding of corporate geopolitics. This combined current of evidence makes Ukraine a prime microcosm to study to unlock a global comprehension. The fateful words, “Fuck the EU,” uttered by US Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland may be the shot heard round the world for the 21st Stanza in the book of record: From Kiev with love, Crimean crimes, A Velvet Glove, History Rhymes.

Friends Don’t Let Friends Watch Television
22 March 2014

91Looking back on more than half-a-century of viewership, television’s impact on how we think may be more profound than initially realized. How has the human psyche been shaped by decades of what has been termed, “programming?” And to what degree has television altered our collective perception of external reality? In the words of Charlie Brooker, “All these people thirst for knowledge. And they could get it from a device which ruthlessly demands the attention of millions. A machine capable of slinging images and sounds into every home in the land. TV could teach you a new language, parade the entire history in front of your face, or it could simply distract you with brightly colored bibble. We all want to fill our brains with information, yet only few of us know as much as we think we know…maybe we never learned anything from TV but were simply transfixed by it like apes dazzled by technology.” Brooker alongside Doug Stanhope provide fresh perspectives on television’s wonders here…

The Truth Will Not Be Televised
29 March 2014

92If you are not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed and loving the people who are doing the oppressing. Americans were brought up to believe we don’t have propaganda here in the West, but within so-called Western Democracies, the business of public relations is in highest demand to create the most sophisticated perception management on Earth. Today 90% of the principal US news networks are owned by six media giants: GE, News Corp., Disney, Viacom, Time Warner and CBS. The constant flow of carefully shaped messages guide the public to ever more ridiculous predetermined conclusions, smearing anyone who steps out of line with the established narrative of the state. Drowning in information, we’re starved for knowledge. What lies behind us and before us are small matters compared to what lies right to our faces. As lies become truth, and war becomes peace, George Orwell rolls in his grave.

What Is The Law?
5 April 2014

93Just about every action in our daily lives is now considered illegal. But what is, the Law exactly? The game is rigged against we, the registered property of the state, in the name that which is the darling of the dictators and the plague of the people. You needn’t be a lawyer to understand the law, and you certainly don’t need to be a member of the BAR association to draft your own legal documents. The journey begins with your birth certificate, and the suspension of our republic in 1861 for the Lieber Code (GO100). Our bodies have become Corporations, and Corporations have in turn become “Persons.” Instead of abiding to the Common Law of the Land, these Corporate Persons make Policy, which Police enforce. Is there anything the politicians could enact into Law that the the police wouldn’t perform? We must stop obeying laws that put people in jail for petty, technical offenses and keep other people out of jail for enormous crimes. To withdraw your consent is to be in Lawful Rebellion.

Do You Know of the Rebellion Against the Empire?
12 April 2014

94Corporation States have replaced Nation States. Presidents have been replaced with CEOs. We now face a choice between obeying the rules put in place by these Corporations, or Rebellion. Our grandchildren will not care how cool we looked in our new cars if they can’t breathe the air. Any act of resistance, no matter how small; any boycott, demonstration, occupation, sit-in, strike, act of obstruction or sabotage or civil disobedience ignites the soul of the rebel and exposes the black shell of authority for what it is. But we can no longer seek to reform a broken system. It is no measure of mental health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society. This is a defining moment for our species. The only way the establishment will change, is by our refusal to participate. We will either Obey or Rebel. We cannot afford to wait another moment to stand up for what we know to be right. Its time to start meeting oppression with resistance – not tomorrow; not after dinner – now!

Fort Wenty, Can Of Bliss
19 April 2014

95Every year, thousands of medical doctors and other members of the Anti-Smoking Inquisition spend billions perpetuating what has unquestionably become the most misleading though successful social engineering scam in history. Mainstream media launched into a reefer mad frenzy this week after researchers from Harvard & Northwestern published results of a neuroimaging study assessing the brains of a small cohort of regular marijuana smokers and non-users. Now a measure in Billings has been proposed to ban all marijuana access in the state of Montana. Why are we perpetuating this useless drug war against non-violent criminals? How can there be a “crime” without an injured party? How is the term “victimless crime” not an oxymoron? We’ve got to continue outlawing anyone from ever changing their own individual perception, because people obviously can’t be trusted to think, now can they? Because America’s fastest growing industry (prisons) depends upon the incarcerated for profits. Happy 420!

Who Scorched The Sky?
Climate Engineering and Weather Modification
26 April 2014

96There is no question that gas, coal and oil use to power our civilization in the year 2014 represent Ecocidal insanity. But if we think fossil fuels are solely responsible for our violently shifting climate we are ignoring the biggest elephant in the room. Since the Vietnam war, NASA, the US Air Force and a slough of private corporations have engaged in GeoEngineering and Solar Radiation Management, with the stated purpose of mitigating climate change by making Earth more reflective to reflect sunlight into space, in turn actually exacerbating problems they claim to alleviate. USAF whistleblower Kristen Meghan isn’t the only whistleblower on this subject; experienced meteorologists, doctors, government officials, systems engineers, pilots, historians and activists culminate together in this four-hour special to once and for all end our collective denial over the “chemtrail” issue. Even as and perpetuate the cover-up, the truth can no longer be ignored.

Neutering Net Neutrality
3 May 2014

97The internet has been under increasingly hostile attacks in recent years, and this week may have seen the death blow for the internet as we know it with a proposal to end “Net Neutrality.” But what is Net Neutrality? If it were applicable to telephones, an end to telephone neutrality would mean that while I could easily get through to big businesses, I would have to wait long periods of time in order to contact acquaintances, ultimately culminating in negative effects like being put on hold for a 911 call or never being able to get through to the ACLU. The bottom line here is that you cannot value communications technology on a sliding scale. The rich are attempting to control the internet by buying it. If they succeed, the rest of us too poor to afford the perks of an internet we’ve all come to take for granted, will become second-class digital citizens, unable to access sites that challenge the corporate hegemony. They don’t have to shut down our websites to kill the internet…

Outer Limits Guide To Parenting
Mother’s Day Edition
10 May 2014

98The world will only be right when undamaged people are running it. Right now, as things are, the best and brightest who aspire to positions of power and influence are all too often themselves victims of the illusion of separation. Future generations will have to be brought into the world with the correct intentions for Earth to establish itself a planet bearing a free human civilization. Children shouldn’t have to sacrifice so that we can have the life we want. We should make sacrifices so our children can have the life that they deserve. When at least one parent can be at home to raise and rear their children, when both parents don’t both have to work to survive, and thus neglecting their children and children know that they are unconditionally loved, deeply cherished, and protected, then the world will be healed. We did not inherit the Earth from our Ancestors, we borrow it from our children. Everything we do is a legacy for future generations.

The Best Advice You’ll Ever Hear:
Addressing Graduation Congratulations
17 May 2014

99We’ve arrived at that bittersweet moment of the spring season. The nostalgic paradox that is graduation time. While Earth is abloom with new life and verdant foliage, the familiar faces, personalities, experiences and history we’ve shared arrive at a new transition point. Missoula will be a bit roomier after today, as thousands of students leave our verdant valley and apply what they’ve learned all over the world. Today graduates the 2014 class of the University of Montana, and in the spirit of these dawning transformations, we’re going to celebrate a congratulations to you, the dedicated listeners of the Outer Limits. We’ve covered a lot of ground these past 52 weeks, and initiated a plethora of difficult knowledge full of hard lessons, and we’re all the stronger for it. So in a way, this is your graduation, listeners, and for the next two hours, you’ll hear various commencement addresses from some of the most inspirational personalities our human family has to offer.

Sowing Seeds of Dissent
24 May 2014

01Today a global march against biotech giant Monsanto took place in 52 countries and 47 US states, as millions challenged the monopolistic domination of the world food supply in 400+ cities. We’re told by Public Relations firms that Monsanto is going to save the world from hunger by cultivating GMO crops that have higher yields, but the world’s starvation is not the result of a lack of food, and don’t even produce the same yields as organic crops. Its in line with the rest of Monsanto’s toxic history, as they’ve repeated throughout the years that PCBs, DDT, Saccharine, Agent Orange, Aspartame, and other toxic inventions were “safe.” Now we’re to believe GMOs are safe, despite the fact that they cause cancers &c. Monsanto’s former vice president Michael Taylor is now the FDA’s deputy commissioner, while Monsanto’s former attorney Clarence Thomas is now a Supreme Court Justice, illustrating the revolving door of corporate politics convincing the masses of the legitimacy of toxic products.

The Colony Collapse Microcosm
31 May 2014

002The American honeybee population has plummeted by more than 90%. Since pollination a critical task of nature to sustain life, and only bees can pollinate much of our food, their disappearance constitutes our extinction. They are the canary in the coal mine. David Hackenburg created a buzz with his CCD “discovery,” raising red flags about the disappearance of our honey bees in 2006, but the problem has only worsened since then to the point that now the unsustainable practice of importing bees from foreign countries to manage the deficit is big business. However, imports only diagnose solutions to symptoms instead of addressing the problems. The problem is five fold: Cell Phone Frequencies prevent the hive from effectively communicating with the bees; Toxic, Experimental Pesticides and Miticides accumulate in hives; Monoculture perpetuates incomplete diets; feeding bees Sugar Syrups or Artificial Pollen Substitutes; and GeoEngineering programs rain nano-particulates into our air.

The Cure for PTSD
MDMA and the Late Alchemist Alexander “Sasha” Shulgin
7 June 2014

003Every day in America, 22 Veterans kill themselves, in large part because they cannot come to grips with the symptoms of their Post-Traumatic-Stress-Disorder or PTSD (although you do not need to be a vet to have PTSD). The compound which could help them the most is a Schedule I Controlled Substance, namely MDMA (aka Ecstasy.) The Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) has had tremendous success using MDMA to cure (not Treat – Cure) PTSD. Synthesized and resurrected by Alexander “Sasha” Shulgin, this compound holds the answer to many of our society’s deepest problems, addressing the root instead of the symptoms. One of the most selfless human beings who ever lived, positively impacting countless lives for the better, “Sasha” departed this Earth on the 2 June 2014. A pioneering and fearless scientist, his chosen discipline was the design and synthesis of psychedelic compounds, which he carried out until his dying day. This week we mourn this exemplary human being.

The Deadliest Form of Violence: Poverty
14 June 2014

004While panhandlers and homeless folks are rapidly becoming a more common site on our streets, one reaction is to criminalize being poor, as Columbia SC has done, or install metal spikes near doorways where transients sleep. But as 40 million homeless Americans walk our streets everyday, this mentality lends itself to the ideology on which concentration-camps are born. Our system is a game of musical chairs, and while business owners propose punishments for being poor in a system with ever fewer income opportunities, it is only a matter of time before the rest of us find ourselves unemployed and homeless. As monopolization continues it is crazy to think that everything will be okay if we continue to adhere to the status quo. America is now a collective of individuals cooped up in their individual houses, hating on everybody else, watching television to better ignore a society rotting from the core. No person is an island, and we’re all just a paycheck away from being homeless ourselves.

Meditation, Not Medication
Summer Solstice Edition
21 June 2014

005As the stories and events in our world continue their torrent of exponential acceleration, peace of mind seems farther and farther out of reach with every passing day. We’re getting less sleep than ever, working more hours than ever, packing more events into 24-hour periods that seem to be going by faster than ever, and consequently find ourselves more stressed than ever, leaving us more susceptible to disease and sickness than ever. While western science proposes to fix our physical ailments by addressing the symptoms, the cure for our condition is remarkably counter-intuitive. The power of meditation manifests not only in improvements to our physical body and mental strength, but proves to have profound effects on society and indeed the universe at large. Since we are creating the universe, directed intention shows itself as more relevant as more souls begin exerting consciousness into the present moment, manifesting our destiny with every passing moment of directed consciousness.

Do We Really Have A Choice?
28 June 2014

006Are we free-willed or bound by fate? If we are ignorant or apathetic about our individual conscious power to affect and create reality, are we abandoning our potential to exercise Free Will? By denying the capacity we have as observers, are we allowing insecurities and indifference to disempower our ability to create the reality we long to see? The patterns we allow and create in our lives create us. What we will, wills the reality we accept. Can we abandon the past to break free into a new future? Can we consciously develop a personal praxis to observe our individual attitudes, patterns, behaviors and habits? Can a change in your point of view, a new perspective, a different attitude change your typical day? Growing into conscious choice making and greater awareness of how we affect and are effected by our environments and stimuli, we discover our individual freedom to defy our typical reactions and rewire our behaviors to create new realms of experience and participation.

This Broadcast Kills Fascists
5 July 2014

007The final episode of the Mysteries of Akasha, this episode has been in the works, traveling through the aether, for literally five years now to arrive at completion. Cobbled from more than 200 sources, this project (known as the “Gjallarhorn Vault of Paradox and Confusion”) functions as a social-media, ransom-note scrapbook; an audio mosaic woven from threads of films, books, albums, television shows, and miscellaneous studio madness, into a psychedelic tapestry of the human overmind. An anthology of our greatest bits, this work stands as a synecdoche of the complete Outer Limits concept as a whole, exploring a plethora of topics more fully explored within our seasons, condensed and summarized herein. A big thanks goes out here to Mark Bolton and Steve Warlin for providing the spark of inspiration to make not just this project possible, but the very concept of the Outer Limits as a source of nonprofit, scrapbook journalism. And a very special thanks to the entire Outer Limits team.