To Be or Not To Be [2018]

Anger Saved My Life
06 October 2018

947f-fc9e-4859-bbe3-21a62b0843f6Without anger you cannot protect yourself or others. Anger stands you up tall and straight. It’s a clarifying, vertical emotion. A beautiful thing when taking a stand on behalf of others. Rage is the proper reaction to the soul being so insulted that an explosion is necessary to maintain being. But we’re shamed for having the proper reaction. In taming our anger we’re losing the ability to say, “I need this” and “Stop that!” If we can’t be angry in a healthy sense we have big holes in our boundaries that people notice immediately; Especially perpetrators who see holes in those they recognize cannot protect themselves. Predators zone in on the weak and ignore the rest. Anger is a heated awareness that says: “I’m here and I’ m staying!” What warriors learn is how to carry the anger as art; martial art. And they never go to war because they learn how to adjust the emotion into an art. It is a practice to be able to experience an angry state but explain your perspectives calmly to others.