Inner Infinite [2013]

Discovering the March Against Monsanto
25 May 2013

48As a massive world protest kicks off around the globe today, conscious activists raise awareness about food safety, Genetically Modified Organisms, and the Biotech Giant Monsanto. Petitions have been started to make Missoula County as well as the State of Montana GMO free zones, as protesters encourage grocers, farmers and vendors not to accept or cooperate with seed patenting. What is more, only two days ago the US Senate once again struck down a bill mandating the labeling of Genetically Modified Organisms 71-27, despite the fact that today’s march against Monsanto was widely publicized. Monsanto has grown ever unpopular over the last several decades, marketing things like PCBs, DDT, Agent Orange, Saccharin, Dioxin, Bovine Growth Hormone, Petroleum-Based Fertilizers and Aspartame and GMOs. On top of it all, they have consistently lied about the safety of these products, and millions have contracted cancer and other diseases as a result. Catch the full report here!

Discovering Reality
1 June 2013

49What is reality? How do we define what is real? Why do mystical and psychedelic experiences tend to represent a more fundamental level of reality than the everyday material world? Could it be due to the fact that the material world is composed mostly of empty space? Could it be due to the fact that we are limited by our sense organs to define everyday experience along a very narrow spectrum of visible light, sound vibrations within our atmosphere, and other nervous system stimuli evolved for survival? If we’re talking about what we can see, smell, feel, taste and hear than reality is simply electrical impulses interpreted by our brain, which begs the question, does the brain manufacture consciousness, or is it merely a conduit through which we experience the physical world? Robert Anton Wilson, Terrence McKenna, Alan Watts and many others will shed light on this subject herein, and we also feature Rupert Sheldrake’s banned TED talk on The Science Delusion – the Dogma’s of modernity.

Discovering the Propaganda of the Big News Media
8 June 2013

50Can you trust TV news? How do they fill 24 hours with important, relevant information? Is there such a thing as capital “T” truth? What filters does information travel through before it arrives at your favorite news sources? How do you know what to believe is real? Sensationalism, Fear Mongering, Spin, Crowd-Sourcing and Infotainment are the cornerstones of Corporate News broadcasts in the name of maximizing profits from advertising revenue; building careers instead of reporting the Truth. But things are changing. Citizen journalists the world over are revolutionizing the Fourth estate with the alternative media, shining much-needed light on topics that have gone unnoticed for generations. A prime example – the 2013 Bilderberg Summit meeting right now in England, exposed by such a wave of independents, that the mainstream is starting to show up in droves to keep up. We will see that learning from the past means recognizing that history repeats itself here and now in the present.

Discovering the Suppression of Cancer Cures
15 June 2013

51Think no one has invented the cure for cancer? Think again! And no we’re not talking about the primitive techniques like chemo, radiation and surgery that are as pathetically ineffective as they are greedily driven by profit instead of the common good. We’re talking about people like Ernst T Krebs, Maximilian Gerson, Rene Caisse, Harry Hoxsey, Rick Simpson, Stanislaw Burzynski, Linus Pauling and Roy Rife just for starters. Each of these remarkable individuals not only treated, but successfully cured thousands upon thousands of cancer cases. Unfortunately the other half of the story is that each of these individuals were met by the same totalitarian repression of said cures by the established medical monolith. Believe it or not, organizations like the AMA, FDA, ACS and NIH are as corrupt as any other government institution, and actually suppress cures. So we’ll explore real cures: Cannabis, B17, Ayahuasca, Mistletoe, Coordinative Resonance, Essiac, antineoplastons, and veganism.

Unlocking an Understanding of our Modern Legal System
22 June 2013

52Ever stepped into a courtroom and felt nervous? Ever left a courtroom feeling confused? The courtroom is so often a demoralizing and frustrating atmosphere, but more irritating usually are our reasons for being there – be they frivolous traffic citations or possession of marijuana, or other victimless acts that have been deemed “crimes” by the modern established regime. But these violations are not of law, but of a statutory nature, so what are statutes? Is the average citizen even obligated to stand under statutory jurisdiction? We’ll find out, among other things, what exactly is going on in courtroom proceedings that you’ve never been told and the BAR does not want you finding out. We’ll discover the alternate meanings of words in Legalese, and discern how to restore our freedoms and rights. Special thanks to Ron Page, Irene Gravenhorst, Ben Stewart, Santos Bonacci, Henrik of Red Ice Radio and most of all, very special thanks to Dean Clifford for making these realizations possible.

Discovering the Garden City 
29 June 2013

53Join us on an adventure of discovery into the history, culture, politics and personalities of the City with Soul, MisSOULa Montana. The Vortex of Five Valleys is not only the genesis location of the Outer Limits but host to a whole list of notables. We’ll explore the artisan culture here that expresses itself through endless sculptures, paintings, albums and architecture. We’ll ascertain the truth surrounding tall tales of caves, underground tunnels, pumpkin impaling and general weirdness of the Zoo. We’ll unearth the legal status of marijuana in a town compared to Amsterdam by European visitors and Montana’s Berkeley by savvy sociologists. Local Music from Certain Molecules, Modality, darshan Pulse, Secret Powers, Pterodactyl Plains and others chronicling countless reasons why Missoula is one of the prime locations on planet Earth to express humanity’s potential glory. Her majesty goes by many names – Miss Zula, Zoo Town, the Garden City, but we call it home, and are proud to do so.

Unveiling War Culture Brainwashing
6 July 2013

54Independence Day transpires each year with a barrage of artillery shells, sonic rockets and sparkler bombs. As communities nationwide go alight in celebration of the Declaration of War against the Brits more than two centuries ago, it is hard not to be reminded of how obsessed America, and arguably human kind, are with resolving our problems through violence. Since our national anthem lyrics read, “the rockets’ red glare/ the bombs bursting in air/gave proof through the night/ that our flag was still there,” It stands to reason that our culture deems rabid nationalism, false patriotism and aggressive violence as the cornerstones of society. Indeed the explosions that rock our streets every July fourth aren’t the only testament to this bloodthirsty obsession; Hollywood’s glorification of heroic soldiers, the first-person-shooter video game hype desensitizing participants to violence; military recruiters in the halls of our high schools – these are all symptoms of cultural war fetishism.

Discovering Astral Projection, Remote Viewing and the Akashic Library
13 July 2013

55Have you ever had an Out of Body Experience? Ever awoken in the middle of a dream to realize that you were in the astral realm? Ever had conversations with folks you knew in the physical world while in the dream world, only to recount those dream conversations in the physical reality thus determining that the dream wasn’t merely a phenomena inside your own head? This is the world of Astral Projection, which is as real as it is unexplored by the whole of western science. The CIA and DIA actually conducted experiments for decades with psychic spies as seen in the book and film, “The Men Who Stare At Goats,” which actually recounts a particularly accurate picture of historical events within the US military’s “First Earth Battalion,” coined “New Earth Army.” In this episode, we’ll decipher the history of this phenomena as well as specifics on the question of, “how does one astral project?” We’ll repeal the misconceptions, demystify the fears, and provide as much insight as possible here.

Discovering Extraterrestrial Nations and Legues
20 July 2013

56Ever look up into the night sky and attempt to contemplate the universe? Ever wondered what life might exist out there? Ever witness a UFO flyby? Carlos Castaneda’s Yaqui mentor Don Juan Matus referred to this as the “Topic of Topics,” in describing greater humanity’s relationship to what he called the “predator.” Robert Hastings made an appearance on CNN recently with several highly decorated Air Force officers who all testified that this planet entertains visitors regularly. But then, why hasn’t anyone heard about this? We tend to imagine the “contact scenario” as flying saucers landing on the White House lawn to announce their presence thus welcoming us into the greater community. But how might our relationship with intergalactic intervention be similar to the Native Americans’ relationship with European colonizers? This program aims to thoroughly and responsibly explore this rabbit hole. The truth is out there. A very special thanks here to Marshall Vian Summers for his briefings!

Return of the Dog Majik Show
27 July 2013

57Back by popular demand – the triumphant return of the Dog Majik show, originally conceived during the late-night season of 2009. We never dreamed that this is where it would lead, but its here to stay. In this episode DJ Dawg Majik has figured out how to duplicate himself similar to the way Agent Smith did in Matrix Reloaded, except without the exploitation of additional hardware. This is essentially an anthology of our greatest bits, or at least some of them. It is also an abridged version of the Outer Limits concept as a whole, with dozens of topics more fully explored in previous episodes condensed and summarized herein. We’ll open with a track by Maudlin of the Well from their Akashic divinations and march forward into the abyss of pure, unmitigated chaos patterns. A very special thanks here to Mark Bolton and Steve Warlin for both inspiring this as well as making it possible, as well to the entire Outer Limits team…

Understanding Sexual Social Dynamics in the 21st Century
3 August 2013

58Of all the species who procreate sexually, human kind’s mating ritual is perhaps the most perplexing. Traditions upheld for so many ages rapidly crumble all around us in the wake of a world evolving exponentially; from agriculture to industry to information to internet and beyond. Westerners come from an extremely formal European ancestry built upon patriarchy, while many Native American tribes placed decision making powers with the women. Not long ago the average tribal population was 150-500, but today there are more people in the world than ever. So how to define relationships today? If you’re a guy, a hot car, which requires registration, insurance and licensing, a nice place, and that all requires a job, necessitating a phone, then ask a girl out, take her out to dinner and engage in job-interview-style conversation, and few alternatives; dating sites, classifieds, mail order. The dating game is more wild than ever, but there are those who have mapped the jungles of this terrain.

A Celebration of Human Imagination
10 August 2013

59Einstein said that imagination is more important than knowledge. But what does he know! We say that imagination is the trait that ultimately separates man from beast. For while the bear has his sheltering cave, we have architects that design mammoth structures. While the songbird has her mating song, we have musicians that create symphonies of intentional harmony. We alone on this planet can fantasize, and in turn, bring those fantasies to life. We alone exist on the knife’s edge between Thought and Being, and we alone have mastery over both. Come with us and you’ll see a world of pure imagination, brought to you by the acting of Gene Wilder, the philosophy of Alan Watts, the innovation of Stephen Johnson, the visions of Ken Robinson, and the sacred words and thoughts of Levar Burton of Reading Rainbow and Fred Rogers of Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood. If you want to view paradise, simply look around and view it. Anything you want to, do it. Want to change the world? There’s nothing to it.

Dispelling Misconceptions about America’s Drug War
17 August 2013

60On the surface of our nation, televisions everywhere broadcast a thin veneer of anti-drug commercials, drug users are demonized as frenzied fiends, and non-violent drug offenders spend decades of their lives in prison labor camps. Meanwhile, our own government and the operatives and agents the work for it have been caught time after time smuggling hundreds of tons of controlled substances into the country for sale, laundering billions of drug profits through financial institution mismanagement practices, and lying repeatedly on just about everything, from their own personal involvement to the hypocrisy of a rigged system which is set up and designed to capitalize through exploitation. And when someone like investigative journalist Gary Webb publishes evidence for the involvement of the CIA in large-scale drug trafficking, he is found dead with two gunshots to the head which is ruled to be a “suicide.” Let’s continue the revelation. Special thanks to Kevin Booth.

Cleansing the Doors of Western Perception 
24 August 2013

61So many of the men we westerners consider the pioneers in the “discovery” of psychedelic compounds (Albert, Aldous, Stanislav, Sasha, Karl, Charles, Deborah, Timothy, Ken, Terrence, Rick, Hunter, Andrew and many others) were all western scientists, not Shamans or Gurus, but when it comes to the subject of psychedelics they’re our go-to experts This is despite the fact that the ancient knowledge passed down about these medicines for thousands of generations within indigenous societies has either been destroyed, stolen, or ignored. It seems as though the west is constantly “discovering” things that were widely known in societies of old all over the globe. As we near the singularity, and as the exponential increase continues to accelerate towards the transcendental object at the end of time, spirit and science inevitably lose their duality consciousness and acknowledge their similarities. This week, western science’s acknowledgement of true spirituality and insights for tomorrow.

Discovering the Plants’ Point of View
31 August 2013

62We humans owe plants our very existence. For starters, we are completely dependent on plants for every breath we take. Plants are the primary producers of oxygen, the byproduct of photosynthesis. In addition, we are completely dependent on plants for every bite of food we eat. Either directly or through the food chain, we nourish ourselves solely by consuming plant-produced carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Also, plants give us fresh water, humus, building materials, fuel, fiber, cloth, dyes and don’t forget shade. We’ve assumed since the dawn of agriculture that we possessed the ability to manipulate plants, but what if plants have been using us for their own purposes? Professor Michael Pollan analyzes this in his book, “The Botany of Desire.” There are four primary plants of interest here; apples for sweetness, tulips for beauty, cannabis for consciousness alteration, and potatoes for control. They’ve become symbiotic friends to humans and our relationship continues to thrive.

The False Flag Files
7 September 2013

63Remember, Remember the Eleventh of September. Although a decade ago everyone was chanting “We Will Never Forget” it seems that mainstream Amerika would rather forget some of the alarming details about a day that forever shaped our country anew; the dawn of the “War on Terror,” the birth of Homeland Security, Guantanamo Bay, wireless wiretapping, and all else that has ensued in the past decade. Nothing positive has happened with the United States since 9_11, and every war effort is justified by that catastrophic and catalyzing event. But the official story begins breaking down very early on, and every detail of the official govt. account has shown itself to be a lie. The truth is out there, and it may lead one to question what patriotism really is. Rest assured, it was only through a relentless quest to disprove this evidence that we arrived at the truth. An update on one of the most intriguing cases of the century, we bring you the true vision of this long-awaited show.

Declaring War on War Culture
14 September 2013

64Despite countless American soldiers proclaiming they did not sign up with the US military to support Al Qaeda rebels in Syria, imperial action with military interventions in Syria seems inevitable. And why not? America has bombed, invaded, occupied and destabilized almost every country on the planet. It’s no secret anymore that America has built the largest world-empire in recorded human history, though few Americans are aware that most sectors of the US economy hinge on profits made from the weapons industry, and that every manufacturing base scrambles to support our troops to make a tidy profit, violence and destruction of other societies and cultures notwithstanding. Nothing makes our economy grow faster than the presence of war, so it makes sense that the Military Industrial Complex needs to sustain war as long as possible. If they don’t, corporations like Raytheon and Halliburton would go out of business. War, like greed, is inherently lacking the virtues of patience or prudence.

Casualties of America’s Drug War
21 September 2013

65Drug laws which proscribe the mere sale, purchase or possession of substances invite the worst abuses of police power for political ends or for the harassment of unpopular individuals. In view of this public hysteria, the US government has learned absolutely nothing from the disaster of Prohibition, and has prohibited countless substances and turned over the prerogatives of drug enforcement to the police, and rapidly armed them into para-military organizations. America’s modern drug war has embarrassed the police with an impossible assignment, and it has seriously impeded the normal work of courts of justice, and herded thousands of non-criminal types into already overcrowded prisons, which, as everyone knows, are schools for sodomy and crime as a profession. On the forefront of this war are personalities like Barry Cooper, a former narcotics officer turned lecturer and filmmaker critical of the harm that America’s Drug War has inflicted upon millions of people just like you.

Fertilizing the Tree of Liberty
28 September 2013

66When it comes to lawless anarchy the Anglo-Ameican world empire takes the cake; our elected officials routinely break the law, the banks violate the law, the corporations supplement corruption, and the police routinely breach the constitution. While we are governed only to the extent that we consent to be governed, Liberty means responsibility, which is why most men dread the word. It is obvious that America is in crisis; a republic that has steadily transformed into a corporacratic police state. As we descend farther into the bottomless abyss of the Terror War, our civil liberties are under attack and the call for revolution has never been louder. And though everyone wants revolution, no one is willing to pack a lunch. It starts by removing consent, and becomes a movement when the people become educated about what makes exploitative societal systems tick. To change the architecture of tyranny peacefully, the design of the system must be thoroughly understood and questioned.

Evolving an Adaptation to the Conquest of Mutation
5 October 2013

67That which does not kill, makes one stronger. It is the nature of biological organisms adapt to adverse conditions and overcome them. The widespread misuse and excessive prescription of antibiotics has created a slough of microorganisms rapidly developing immunity to our strongest antibiotics including antibiotic-resistant MRSA which thrives in hospital environments; Monsanto’s Roundup brand pesticide has created Roundup resistant super-weeds, as well as pesticide resistant superbugs. If germs, bugs and plants can adapt to toxic chemicals, how might other organisms be adapting to our present toxic environment? -carcinogenic PCBs, GMOs, radiation, fluoridated water, mercury-laden inoculations, diesel fumes, atmospheric particulates, etc. The situation appears grim but might our present circumstances create more resilient and immune human kind? Some Europeans were immune to the bubonic plague, and today some are genetically immune to AIDS. Change is constant, so come acclimate with us.

Garden City Mayor Election 2013
26 October 2013


For all you Missoulians who received your mail-in ballots this week, you may be interested to know that we have all four candidates who are running for Mayor of the Garden City here with us today to answer our questions about why they’re running as well as to gather their unique perspectives and what you can expect from each of them should they be elected. Peggy Cain, Dean McCollom and Michael Hyde are challenging incumbent John Engen and you’ll be hearing from all of them over the duration of this roundtable discourse. In addition to each candidate’s vision for the city with Soul you’ll hear each personality’s unique perspective on the subjects of the Carlyle Group’s recent acquisition of Missoula’s water system, sustainable economic growth in the Garden City, the real issues surrounding the subject of homelessness, and a whole-lot more! Thanks again to candidates Peggy Cain, Michael Hyde, John Engen and Dean McCollom for participating in this one-of-a-kind discussion!

Awakening the Lion Within
December 2013

76Learning the truth can be a stressful endeavor, and often results in something known as cognitive dissonance: mental discomfort arising within an individual whose belief systems are contradicted by incoming stimulus in the forms of unfamiliar information, facts, evidence, testimony etc. Morpheus understood that the mind can have trouble letting go, depending on how plugged-in a person is to the Matrix.
So to start things off, Kelly McGonigal shows us how stress can be our friend. Then David Icke’s inspirational words from his world tour, “The Lion Sleeps No More” an eight-hour-long performance that is divided into four segments. We’ve slimmed down the final two hours herein. Icke offers inspirational words of wisdom with regards to how we navigate ourselves out of the current disaster, reminding us that it starts with an indomitable will to be free, triggered by the realization of the truth. The journey to freedom begins within.

0uter Limits Christmas/Solstice Special
21 December 2013

78Today is the shortest day of the year. So today’s show is simultaneously our four-hour winter solstice special in addition to also being our Christmas special. Solstice Christmas, or Christmas Solstice whatever you’d like to call it. Strap yourselves into Santa’s Sleigh because we’re firing up the afterburners into quantum overdrive. Get ready to supercharge your holiday and laugh harder than jolly old Saint Nick. We’ll ascertain the reasons for the season from the documentary, “The Pharmacratic Inquisition,” based on the Book, “The Sacred Mushroom & The Cross,” by John M. Allegro – one of the original scholars to translate the Aramaic Dead Sea Scrolls. Featuring music from Manheim Steamroller, Gary Hoey, Scroobius Pip, and commentary appearances from Terence McKenna, Bill Hicks, Christopher Titus, Peter Joseph, Chevy Chase, Bill Murray et. Al, this well-rounded holiday compilation has more pop culture Christmas references than you can shake a candy cane at!