Debunking Amerikan Elections [2016]

Conclusive Evidence that American Elections are Rigged
27 August 2016

114During the 2016 primary race, Sanders somehow lost to Clinton despite his unprecedented popularity. TV networks cancelled coverage of exit polls following revelations of jaw-dropping election fraud. Democrat exit polls were wildly inaccurate while Republican exit polls were exactly perfect. When used to ensure accuracy, a deviation of more than 2% between exit polling and election results is proof of election fraud. NY exit polls were off by more than 12 percent! And NY was no exception. It turns out that Hillary did best where voting machines flunk hacking tests – the very voting machines that are owned by corporations that donate heavily to the Clinton Foundation. And because the technology and programming codes are considered “proprietary” there is no way to prove the election was genuine. This is just the tip of the iceberg. We need to treat election fraud the same way we treat missing persons; investigate until the truth is revealed and the perpetrators are brought to justice.

Think Outside The Ballot Box
1 October 2016

119After nearly two years of incessant campaigning the first presidential debate confirms what many have suspected would inevitably happen: Clinton versus Trump. As the two most hated nominees in American history face off against each other, increased polarization reveals everyone’s true colors. The weak and naïve have chosen to repeat the mantra of fear, insisting that “now is not the time for revolutionary change” because the lesser of two evils requires our patriotic support. Meanwhile the wise and steadfast seek to keep us focused on what everyone has known for years: that presidents are selected, not elected, by the Electoral College; that the president’s job is not to wield power but to draw attention away from it; that there is no way to vote against the interests of the big banks and energy companies; that regardless of who becomes president we are guaranteed endless war, unmitigated surveillance and the TPP; that we do not live in a functioning democracy.

Whoever Wins, We All Lose
8 October 2016

120Choosing the “Lesser” Evil is still choosing evil. It’s the logic of avoiding a calamity by accepting a disaster. It’s tantamount to choosing between cholera and syphilis. And when in doubt, drop the “N” word – Nader! Moreover, if democrats were really interested in defeating Trump, they wouldn’t have rigged the primary against Bernie Sanders – a guaranteed win. But Lesser-Evilism is nothing new; Democrats have always defined their candidate by how bad the republicans are in order to panic and mute their followers while both parties become ever more corporatist. In our system, the parties choose the voters instead of the voters choosing the candidates. The corporate oligarchy will remain in power no matter who becomes president. Elections are a carnival act. Both establishment candidates, as well as their supporters, are fringe groups. The madness will continue as long as we use the traditional mechanisms of reform – including elections – to cope with existential threats.

Controlled Opposition and Defunct Defaults
15 October 2016

121Nominee Donald is the trump card for the elites because his grotesque facade is perfect for scaring Americans into accepting the owners’ real choice: Hillary. The idea is to scare us into accepting Hillary by framing Donald as the next Hitler, bound to usher in an era of Fascism. But doesn’t America already resemble a fascist state? Police murders, NSA surveillance, prison slave labor, extraordinary rendition, persecution of whistleblowers, etc. America’s first African American president delivered continuity of government, and the next figurehead will be no different. The job of the president is not to wield power but to draw attention away from it. America’s imperial system is a self-actualizing feedback loop that grants a monopoly of force and authority to the ownership class. Elections are rigged. Political solutions are a fairy tale. Banks and corporations are infinitely more powerful than the politicians they control. So why do we tell ourselves that, “This time, voting matters”?

The Gorgon of Washington
22 October 2016

50b3-89a7-4966-ab9d-a244f96a80aaCritiquing Hillary doesn’t make you pro-Trump, but studying her track record does reveal how much scarier her corrupt profiteering can be. We’re guaranteed more war, fewer civil liberties, more police shootings, more surveillance and more bankster looting regardless of which candidate becomes president, but the Clinton Cartel’s crimes are so farcically heinous and numerous, they’re almost beyond belief; from depriving relief in Haiti to supporting the KXL and fracking to supporting African war lords to supporting rainforest destruction and so much more, all to fill their own pockets. The world’s wealthiest gangsters make sure the Clintons are paid well, and in return they get legal exemptions to their own crimes. Pay-to-Play politicking is no longer a byproduct of the system – it has become the central tenet. The proof is in the paper trail. Just follow the money. Regardless of what you think you know about the Clintons, this episode is guaranteed to shock your socks off.

Strip ‘n Flip: Faith Based Voting
29 October 2016

8114-90a2-40bc-b766-a808c50e445eIt’s not who votes that counts. Its who counts the votes. Establishment hacks insist that election rigging is a conspiracy theory, but we know that’s not true because of the way the Primary was stolen from Bernie Sanders. Dominion Voting brags on its home page that “Together with our customers, we strive to change elections for the better!” But this company donates money to the Clinton Foundation. So who are their customers? There’s a reason voting machines are installed in so-called Swing, or Battleground states – the states with the most Electoral votes. Computers can be programmed to perform any desired task. Computer programmer and whistleblower Clint Curtis testified under oath that he was paid by Yang Enterprises to program voting machines to rig Florida’s 2000 elections. Electronic fraud was discovered again in Ohio in 2004, and again in 2008 when Obama’s tallies were too big to be accurate. This isn’t about Left and Right – this is about Right and Wrong.

The End of Politics
5 November 2016

d936-cbce-41da-a5ce-e876308795bfWhat will succeed democracy? Is picking our rulers acceptable in a world where fewer and fewer people need or want to be ruled? Today’s political management structures only prop up one puppet-in-chief after another, selected by the real power structure from groups of pied-piper candidates. The narcissism of small differences is the logic of entrapment. In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way. The president’s job is not to wield power but to draw attention away from it, and presidents are not elected; they’re selected. If voting made any difference they wouldn’t let us do it. Can nobody contemplate any advance upon the least worst of all system tried so far? Our trajectory can be perpendicular to the left-right axis of terrestrial politics.We don’t want meaningless, rigged elections – we want our voices to be heard. Instead of outsourcing the management of our communities by voting, why don’t we grow up and take action?