Formed during the late summer nights of 2009, The Outer Limits is an information-based, social media scrapbook of the human over-mind; a cornucopia of comedy, an inundation of inspiration, nuggets of news, scathing satire and shitloads of solutions to the plethora of problems that befall the human family in the 21st century.

We scour the news cycles, boil down our findings, and provide them on the radio to those who either lack internet access or don’t have the time to research the intimidating depths of today’s accelerating information flow.

It’s also our goal to strive for a truly unique take on the events, personalities and philosophies of this ever complexifying world by digging for the truth, no matter where it leads or how unpopular it may be. Broadcast from 2 to 4 PM every Saturday on KBGA at 89.9 FM for Missoulians and live streaming at kbga.org.

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