Next Generation [2012]

Generating Self Reference
9 June 2012

01This radio show is about itself and serves not only as an instructional guide to successful radio broadcasting but as the grand opening that will serve as the foundation of the Next Generation of the Outer Limits. How to broadcast a How-To radio broadcast: This sentence contradicts itself – or rather – well, no, actually it doesn’t! If this sentence were in Chinese, it would say something else. When you are not looking at it this sentence is in Italian. This sentence was in the past tense. What would this show description be like if it were not self-referential? All generalizations are misleading. We’re firm believers in optimism because without optimism, what else is there? The Universe may be as great as they say but it wouldn’t be missed if it didn’t exist. Understatement is zillion times more effective than exaggeration. And while we recommend that you never ever take anybody’s advice, we sincerely hope you enjoy our circular logic; we make heavy use of metaphor as well as metafive.


Generating Xibalba
16 June 2012

02It’s good to be curious about many things. So what does the Mayan Calendar prophesize? It certainly isn’t the “fire-and-brimstone” Revelations Ending of the Catholic church, who actually posses the ancient Maya scrolls thought to have been destroyed by the Spanish crown. In order to understand anything about the Maya, we need to study the 26,000 year cycle of the precession of the equinoxes, the 2,150year ages, and the very basics of Astrology. This is a crash course for the skeptic. Time to merge the two competing hemispheres of our brain – the calculated mathematical precision of the left with the intuitive artistic right. As such, Astronomy is only half of the study of the heavens – the other half is rooted in Astrology. Astrology is one of the most ancient Sciences, held in high esteem of old, by the Wise and the Great. Formerly, no Prince would make War or Peace, nor any General fight in Battle, in short, no important affair was undertaken without first consulting an Astrologer.

Uncovering The Prison-Industrial Complex 23 June 2012

03The United States incarcerates a greater share of its population than any other country on the planet; China, with a population of 1.34 Billion, has 1.65 million prisoners behind bars. But the United States imprisons 2.29 million. Considering that the United States current population is 313 Million, America composes only 4.5% of the total global population on Earth of 7 Billion. So how is it that of all of the people behind bars in the world, 25% of them are behind bars in the US? 25% of all the world’s prisoners are behind bars in a country that houses only 4.5% of the total population? The Private Prison Industry has turned out to be an immensely profitable market, and stocks soar based on how many people are in jail. Here’s something else to consider: more Black men are in prison today than were enslaved in 1850! It’s not a justice system; it’s a legal loophole system. Most are there on account of non-violent drug offenses. Freedom isn’t free; it takes an insanely expensive lawyer.

Generating a Buzz of Overmind
30 June 2012

04Don’t drone out today – you’ll Bee very excited to Hive us on your radio dial today…this is one Stinging you won’t want to run from!

Understanding Global Consciousness
7 July 2012

05How does a tiny honey bee know how to construct the geometrically precise hexagons that accumulate to form honeycomb which happens to be perhaps the most efficient way to store mass (in the bee’s case, honey)? The answer is that the bee doesn’t know, but when enough bees get together they exhibit hive-mind, and the hive brain knows how to make hexagons. In the same way, each of the 7 billion human beings on earth now could be thought of as a neuron in a massive brain. This is Over-Mind. Roger D. Nelson began to realize this decades ago when he developed the Global Consciousness Project from the controversial Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research Lab (PEAR). These experiments have consistently exhibited with of ever-increasing magnitude, scale and use of resources, to show that electronic noise-based, random number generators seem to be influenced by human consciousness to bring about a less-than-random sequence of data. The implications of this are absolutely staggering.

Uncovering Journalism in Amerika
14 July 2012

06If you’ve attended Oxford, the degree journalists hang on their wall is known as Politics, Philosophy and Economics. If you’ve attended an American university, not only does the study major go by the name of “Journalism,” (which is strange because shouldn’t you go out and learn about stuff and report THAT? how do you study journalism?) but the very institution of the 4th Estate is under dire threat and constant attack. As Charles Lindberg stated many years ago: “News reels [have] lost all semblance of objectivity.” Most of what dominates the mainstream media’s airwaves these days are programs we might refer to as “Entertainment and Banal Current Events.” Obviously this is changing. Since Hilary Clinton acknowledged what she called was an, “Information War,” taking place in America with TV viewership falling of and Al Jazeera and RT viewership going up, it is clear that the people are beginning to demand real news, the dying art of authentic journalism, and an end to propaganda.

Generating Seconds, Minutes and Cycles
21 July 2012

07Let us demystify the paradoxical nature of the perceived acceleration of time and the inter-dimensional conundrum of eternity. How can time be speeding up? Terence McKenna might answer this question by asking another: what takes more time: a billion years with only a few events packed into it or one year with over seven-billion stories playing out? Ever notice that bacteria look like they’re moving really quickly to us? That the deeper we go down in scale the faster time seems to play out at those scales? Or conversely, how slow the planets appear to be moving to us because of our tiny size with comparison to the enormity of planetary bodies and celestial events? Take this for example; if astronauts had a craft that could sustain the heat of the sun enough to orbit the sun, the immense mass of our star would accelerate time for them in such a way that the astronauts would only age 1 year before returning to an Earth that had aged 10,000 years, hence Einstein’s relativity principal.

Generating Spontaneity and Improvisation
11 August 2012

08This show was improvisational in nature. Furthermore it is in and of itself about the nature of acting spontaneous. Another good cornerstone in our exploration of the principals of human communication. But everything in life requires a happy medium of outlining some sort of plan, and knowing how to surf the wave in the present moment; knowing when to throw the plan away; exerting consciousness into the present moment and simply being here now. Nothing ever works out the way we imagine it will. Life is what happens when you’re busy making plans, and the best way to make the universe laugh is to tell your plans to her. Be here now and go with the flow. The only constant in our universe is change, so warm up to impermanence. Everything is changing into something else. Nothing stays the same.

Generating Oceanic Intent
18 August 2012

09Exploring the nature of consciousness on this one. Do your intentions have an impact on reality? How about your thoughts? Belieive it or not, what you think and how you think about it effects the world more than you can imagine. Be careful what you wish for; you might just get it. The world is programmed by consciousness, which we all possess. Water, when infused with thoughtful intentions and activated sometimes even through voice prayers, freezes in specific geometric patterns of perfect, symmetrical beauty. On the other hand, water infused with negative energy freezes into chaos. Why is this? Why is it that particle accelerators and geiger counters act measurably differently when in the presence of a conscious observer than when they are not being watched. That is to say that the electrons of reality literally act differently because of the interaction with your consciousness that occurs whenever you observe something – even if you play victim, you are creating reality.

Outer Limits Autumn Season Premier
25 August 2012

10Welcome to the Fall 2012 Season Premier! Here’s just a taste of what you can anticipate in the months ahead. Scrap booking at it’s best!

Generating Phonetics and Linguistics
1 September 2012

11Join us into this historical exploration of the origins of modern English, the nuances of linguistic communication, the particulars of phonetics, specific mutations of English and the technicalities of how English is anticipated to continue its evolution into quite possibly a world language. Barbarians beware, this show is positively Barbarous!


Uncovering False Flags
8 September 2012

12Too many questions remain officially unanswered by our elected officials on the subject of 9/11; why did both towers fall exactly the same way? Why was molten metal present at ground zero for 6 weeks after and why did it contain Thermate – a patented brand of Thermite used in demolitions? Why did Building 7 fall down without even sustaining any damage? Where was the plane at the Pentagon? Why did the FBI confiscate over 80 videos from surrounding surveillance cameras that would have captured what really hit the pentagon? Why is it that the explosion at the Pentagon was sustained on the only part that had undergone an explosion-proof renovation? Where is the plane wreckage at Shanksville PA? And this is just the tip of the iceberg. We’ve pulled material from at least a dozen documentary films including Zeitgeist, Loose Change, 9/11 Mysteries, Painful Deceptions, and Charlie Sheen’s Hollywood Speaks Out. Only through our quest to disprove conspiracies did we arrive at the truth…

Uncovering the Surveillance Panopticon
15 Sept 2012

13Edward Snowden mainstreams a very taboo truth thus confirming our suspicions; one nation under surveillance. With the advent of internet technology individual freedom has been optimized, but it has come with the great sacrifice of our privacy. The world’s biggest espionage network set up in the 50’s to monitor Soviet cables, continuously updated since it’s inception is called Echelon, composed of, HAARP in Alaska, Menwith Hill in UK, and Pine Gap in Australia. Now an NSA super-center is under construction in the Utah desert, due for completion in 2014. Echelon is composed of a vast network of listening posts, extremely advanced computers, an enormous number of people, dishes and taps to capture every communication via internet, GSM, UMTS, land lines, TV and radio broadcasts, satellite communications; private, military, and diplomatic and listen to every word; computers analyze keywords, which if triggered are handed to human specialists.

Discovering Your Brain on Music
22 Sept 2012

14“Think of a song that resonates deep down in your being. Now imagine sitting down with someone who was there when the song was recorded and can tell you how that series of sounds was committed to tape, and who can also explain why that particular combination of rhythms, timbres and pitches has lodged in your memory, making your pulse race and your heart swell every time you hear it.” (review of “This Is Your Brain On Music” as authored by Dr. Daniel J. Levitin) Also featuring original articles such as “The Verse Chorus Paradigm” which explores the specifics of why the music world is the way it is today, and why it is tragically and all-too-often referred to as the music “industry.” Let’s get into the nitty gritty of what music really is and why it is not only important to your education, but absolutely essential to one’s own spiritual development. No top 40 singles here. No top 40 singles ever!

Uncovering Speciesism
29 Sept 2012

15Mohandas Gandhi said, “The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” Leonardo Da Vinci said, “I have learned from an early age to abjured the use of meat, and the time will come when men such as I will look upon the murder of animals as they now look upon the murder of men.” George Orwell said, “Man is the only creature that consumes without producing. He does not give milk, he does not lay eggs, he is too weak to pull the plough, he cannot run fast enough to catch rabbits. Yet he is lord of all the animals.” Alice Walker said, “The animals of the world exist for their own reasons. They were not made for humans any more than black people were made for white, or women created for men.” Compassion for animals is intimately connected with goodness of character; and it may be confidently asserted that he who is cruel to animals cannot be a good man. I don’t eat anything with a face, and one day we will look upon slaughter houses as we look upon Auschwitz.

Are Schools Any Different From Prisons?
6 October 2012

16Are prisoners fed better than our children attending federal public schools? Does standardized testing like the ITBS really improve the intellectual capabilities of our youth, or does it instead simply indoctrinate them into the work force? How did “Head Start” become transformed into “No Child Left Behind?” Why are music and art programs chalked up as “entertainment” and dropped from the curriculum? Can a left-brain oriented syllabus benefit right-brained Indigo children? Is laziness integral to human nature, or does the rat-race prison of public schooling actually encourage a repulsion from reading and a propensity for procrastination? Do public schools exist to teach children how to think, or what to think? Do schools do anything more than teach children to respond reflexively to authority figures? Why do parents who home-school their children still have to pay taxes on public education? And why is America the only place on Earth profiteering from higher education the way it is?

Reiterating Inalienable Rights
13 October 2012

17You are free to do as your government tells you. People should not be afraid of their governments, governments should be afraid of their people. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. When the government fears the people, there is liberty. Those who would trade liberty for security deserve neither and will lost both. I can retain neither respect nor affection for government which has been moving from wrong to wrong in order to defend its immorality. If you are not free to choose wrongly and irresponsibly, you are not free at all. America needs fewer laws, not more prisons. The more corrupt the state, the more it legislates. The evils of tyranny are rarely seen but by him who resists it. The constitution is not just a piece of paper as W would have us believe, but it does not give us our rights; it can only list rights we already have. The most a person can choose to do with a right is choose whether to exercise it or not. You determine your own level of freedom.

What Are Fractals?
20 October 2012

18From the Fibonacci Sequence (1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55,89,144&c.) to the Dragon Fractal to the Mandelbrot set. Fractals are everywhere. Everything in nature is modeled from a fractal of some kind, be it shorelines along the coasts of continents or the patterns of twigs, branches and limbs growing from the trunks of trees – even the way capillaries split off of vessels, veins, and arteries. The Fibonacci Sequence likewise seems to be ubiquitous throughout the universe, as just about everywhere you look the world conforms to the spiral (Ram’s horns, Swan necks, Seahorse tails, the shape of the Human ear, the Ear canal, Nautilus shells, Sunflower seed formations, Hurricanes, Galaxies &c.) But it goes even farther than that! There is the Gosper curve, the L-system, the Douady rabbit, the Sierpinski triangle, the Hexaflake, the Pentaflake, Penrose tiling, the Julia Set, and of course, Mandelbrot – fractals are everywhere. Understanding them can unlock mysterious secrets of the universe!

Revealing Wizard Prisons
27 October 2012

19Ever get so caught up in your way of thinking that you forget there is a real world outside the delusions of human thought? Language, for example, does not exist outside of the framework of symbols, and symbols were created for and read by delusional human minds. We’ll be diving into topics such as Chris Bisignani’s “Framework Game” – a contemplation of our personal frameworks and how they influence literally all of our thoughts. For example, if your framework is computer science, you’ll tend to see all events in your life in terms of that framework. Which brings us to Trey Spruance’s concept of “Wizard Prisons” – a meditation on the frameworks that are so powerful that they tempt us to see only the framework. If you’re an astrologer, you may tend to derive meaning from all the events in your life with relationship to the movement of planetary bodies. Thus, any Wizard’s framework is so powerful, vigilant open mindedness is a must, lest he become existentially incarcerated.

Outer Limits 2012 Election Special
3 November 2012

20Another awe-inspiring media event is underway – election day is near! Where we all cheerfully express our opinions in voting booths owned by Romney’s son! Where the Council on Foreign Relations has already made all of the important decisions months before the farcical meaninglessness that is the participatory act of voting for the puppet on the left, or the puppet on the right takes place on our television screens! Where every presidential administration since the days of FDR has been filled with Wall Street Finance Oligarchs, Bilderberg Group members, and Trilateral Commission members! Where the former president of the New York Federal Reserve can preside over the office of Secretary of the Treasury! But worry no more, for all is not lost. Here comes the 4th Estate to the rescue, replacing propagandized lies with raw truth and scathing satire! Before the existence of the internet this kind of information was impossible to obtain, though now it pervades every corner of the web!

Presidents Are Selected, NOT Elected
10 November 2012

21Republican or Democrat? Coke or Pepsi? The beauty of duopoly is to present the illusion of choice while the status quo marches ever onwards. More than 27 presidential candidates ran for the White House in 2012, though the mainstream media only presented their two corporate front men. Modern freedom has become nothing more than the choice of slave master, while the oligarchy makes all the important decisions behind closed doors, beyond any formality of even so much as a senate hearing. We have before us a nanny state, where our government takes from A and gives to B to the end that govt. becomes the beneficiary of the exchange. Citizens United is a disaster, but only outlines a long-standing problem of the two-party duopoly of Demopublicans or Republicrats that have hijacked our republic and taken the entire system hostage. Could a third-party candidate ever have a chance of election? Not as long as money buys politicians, votes, air time and column inches – documentary: SPOiLER.

Acknowledging the Dangers of the Standard American Diet
17 November 2012

22The American eating habit is officially suicidal, as reflected by the number one killer in America – Heart Disease. We already have the cure for cancer – it’s called the immune system. Animal foods like meat, cheese and eggs, feed cancer cells, while plant foods like leafy greens, nuts, legumes, fruits, vegetables and whole grains, feed the immune system (and contain all the protein and calcium we need to survive). Obesity has become rampant as people reaching the age of 65 have already consumed 50 tons of meat, enough to fill six garbage trucks. The visual of a garbage truck might also be interpreted to reflect the quality of foods people are eating. Featuring an interview with cancer-survivor Ruth Heidrich, a champion triathlete who was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1982. After she refused radiation and chemotherapy, Dr. John McDougall told her that her SAD diet had caused her cancer, and after switching to a plant based diet she remains cancer free to this very day.

Finding Zen in the Chaos of Black Friday
24 November 2012

23This episode resembles more of the scrap-booking style of our 2012 seasons, with a focus on the rampant, blind materialism of the dreaded and infamous “Black Friday” sales. Ironically, the so-called ‘sales’ aren’t actually very good deals as far as the consumer is concerned, but the advertising culture inundates the airwaves with the tempting allure of “saving money through buying products.” Special appearance by Mark Dice, and an emphasis on how the ways of Zen can once again liberate us from the path we have lost track of. If you’re planning on visiting Hell’s-Half-Acre on Black Friday, we recommend you at least listen here first.

Grasping the Tribal Mentality of Modern Sport
1 December 2012

24Prior to World War Two, sports teams existed almost exclusively within the sphere of little league teams, and then the young men would grow up and participate in their society. All too often mobs of sports fans are swept up into the tribal tendencies of rivals, heroes and the sting of battle; if you’re a liberal democrat you’re a New England Patriots fan; if you’re a conservative republican you’re a Dallas Cowboys fan. Organized sports as they exist today all too often represent the peril of false-masculinity and the repetition of history with regards to the Bread and Circuses of the Roman Colosseum, where games of “play war” in a controlled setting with an audience being manipulated through entertainment. It might be fun, but unlike this show, not important at the end of the day. Players who change into a different team’s uniform are booed for wearing different clothes, and people die in sports riots as society is wrecked. Enjoy one of the funniest programs we’ve ever written.

Time Is Not Money
8 December 2012

25Having demystified the paradoxical nature of the perceived acceleration of time, the nature of impermanence, and the inter-dimensional conundrum of eternity in a previous episode, we now delve into the construction of clocks. This subject entails not only the human awareness of time and the subsequent construction of mechanical devices to measure such increments, but also the Sumerian origin of the base-60 system still in use today – notice that the majority of pop songs are sincapated at 60 bmp, which also happens to be the average human heart rate. We’ll explore how our collective punctuality has become ever so contingent on the standardized work week and our gradual disconnect from the natural circadian rhythm. Human beings historically possessed a natural equilibrium with the cadence of our solar system, but with the advent of oil street lamps developed an affinity toward the novelty of “night life,” we were led astray from our natural “first-sleep/second-sleep” disposition.

Modern Messages From The Maya: The Next Epoch
15 December 2012

26What exactly did the Maya predict would happen on 21 December 2012? It certainly was not the end of the world. The living memory of Maya Elders like Don Alejandro Cirilo Perez continues on to this very day, and even he will tell you the calendar does not say the end of the world was predicted, nor do their prophecies reflect any such forecast. More interesting still is the revelation that all archaeological publications made concerning the subject of the Maya Calendar have not been approved by the Maya Council of Elders – the same goes for every televised documentary on the subject as well. Thank goodness Drunvalo Melchizedek is here to shed some light on these issues, having lived with the Maya and other indigenous tribal elders for decades. We will see that this is not merely a dismal closing of the Age of Pisces, but a glorious beginning of a brand new chapter in human consciousness; the Age of Aquarius. What exactly DOES the calendar divine? Tune in here to find out!

Discovering the True Meaning of Christmas
22 December 2012

27To kick off the very first show of the Age of Aquarius, the true spirit of Christmas has infused our souls and we march onward to present the bounty of the festivities upon thine ears! Discover the hidden truths behind the white/red color combination of the holiday. Ascertain the reason Santa is always smiling, and the diabolical nature of rewriting history that has replaced Santa’s Amanita Muscaria with soft drink product placement and false ideals. Realize that turning water into wine is not such an impossible miracle as a Shamanic sacrament. Recognize that the symbolism of Christmas, being a holiday originating largely in northern territories like Siberia, is mostly astrological in nature. Explore what Santa represented, and why he actually found a particular affinity with coming through chimneys (the snow blocked the doorway silly!) Finally, catch a glimpse of that oh-so-elusive “HOLY GRAIL,” and relish in a secret held for generations by the Knights Templar. Merry Christmas!

Uncovering Consumer Culture
29 December 2012

28Work, buy, consume, die. In short, the Madison Avenue bastardization of Santa Claus wants you to prove that you love your family. What better way to celebrate a religious holiday than with a month of frenzied consumerism. While the true spirit of Christmas infused our spirits this month, along with the triggering of the Galactic Alignment and marking of the center-point of the 8-year window marked by the Maya Calendar, we waited until the consumption storm had passed to shine a light on the post-holiday blues that accompany that pit in our stomachs when the wrapping paper is strewn across the floor and that feeling of dissatisfaction washes over us like only the cold hand of capitalistic advertising can deliver. Materialism never delivers, though it is our most sincere hope that this show will!

Exploring The Unknown Magic of Water
5 January 2013

29The pounding circulatory system of the world; a precarious molecular edge on which we survive, flowing from snow-capped mountains and refreshing spring rains. It makes up more than 2/3 of our bodies, just like the map of the world. Water changes the face of the land, splitting open rock desert land like a peach, leaving mile-deep gashes of infinite hue. Desert cities function like space stations importing every ounce of fresh water from distant rivers or fossil aquifers. Irrigating green lawns that impersonate the grasslands we’ve left behind, the truth encroaches on all our fantasies when desert residents wait months between rains watching cacti tighten their belts. Water is life. It’s the briny broth of our origins. Our vital fluids are sailing like the ocean. Even while we take mother water for granted humans understand in our bones that she is the boss. We stake our civilizations on the coasts and mighty rivers. A spiderweb dripping with dew like a rhinestone necklace.

Discovering Compassion
12 January 2013

30Surviving a brutal assault during a robbery that left his skull crushed inward, Patrick Bendig is lucky to be alive and his mind intact. He contends that, “Hate only begets hate,” in interviews just days after a large fragment of his skull was replaced with a titanium plate. His message of peace and compassion regarding the five assailants was edited on news stations to appear far less forgiving, thus igniting a wave of indignation throughout Missoula that Patrick had explicitly tried to avoid with his message of nonviolence. What is more, CNN had the audacity to ask him what his views on “gun control” were, despite there never having been a gun present at the Jay’s Mart incident. Patrick’s message was broadcast live right here on the Outer Limits, unedited and uncensored. Pat speaks freely on violence, justice, and the events surrounding the unfortunate event at Jay’s Mart that had detectives searching up and down, and CNN calling him within days of his release from the hospital.

Discovering Memes, Temes and Cultural Genes
19 January 2013

31Ermahgerd! You ever see one of them laughing out loud cats? All your radio shows are belong to us. Take off every “zig” can has cheezburger! Diving into the phenomena of memetics, or memes, which spread like genes from host to host. Every human idea, delusion, catchy quote, memorable advertisement – they’re all memes, and the more contagious the spread, the more effective the meme is considered to be. Our focus here today is largely on internet memes, though the concept that yellow sweaters and baseball caps are also memes is not lost on us. This show is going bacterial, gingham style! (I don’t even know what gingham is but my wife goes through rolls of the stuff) You Mad Bro!

Genetic Predisposition, Activation, and the I-Ching
26 January 2013

32A lower dimensional slice of your heterozygous gene expression determined not only be your predispositions but choices made and environments sustained – the genetic follow up to memetics, and an important foreshadowing to an upcoming investigation into Genetic Modification, first let us dispel the myths that tend to pervade our culture via the mainstream media about what genes are, how they work and why the human genome project was actually doomed to fail before anyone ever thought of it.

Discovering the darshan Pulse Collective
2 February 2013

33Okay Campers, rise and shine, and don’t forget your booties because it’s cold out there – cold out there every day what is this Miami Beach? – not hardly, its the Outer Limits featuring local Missoula Taoist Metal sensation darshan Pulse – sometimes two incredible teams come together and shock the world in divine harmony… today is such an occasion… do you ever have deja vous?

Uncovering Rape Culture
16 February 2013

34Throughout history, Western culture has tended to equate hierarchical masculinity with violence, as though acting like a jerk is what it means to be a man. Nowhere is this more clear than in the realm of sexual assault, wherein victim blaming is all too common: “That skirt is so short; no wonder you were raped.” Our society teaches women that they shouldn’t get raped instead of teaching the boys that rape is reprehensible. As the patriarchal legal system suppresses litigation, the dis-harmony between the male and female polarities can no longer be ignored. So what are the underlying causes for the assumptions made and actions taken by humanity regarding the callous disrespect that is objectifying fellow human beings? It starts with television adverts aimed at different demographics of children, but Disney and Hollywood’s depictions of men and women also create many false paradigms within the impressionable minds of children.

Uncovering GeoEngineering
23 February 2013

35There is a mountain of metal falling upon us, poisoning our lungs, lakes, streams aquifers and gardens. Barium and Aluminum are showing up in huge percentages, but where is it all coming from? The climate dims while global dimming occurs as a result of Solar Radiation Management, or SRM. Meanwhile, as biotech giant Monsanto genetically manipulates the DNA of hundreds of plants to be aluminum resistant, and aluminum is showing up consistently in water and air samples destroying non GMO crops, the distinction between coincidence and conspiracy emerges. While some may refer to the phenomena of GeoEngineering as “chemtrails,” CFR members like David Keith are dubbing it: “Climate Intervention.” GeoEngineering is the missing link from the climate discussion, despite plane-loads of evidence and testimonies. This investigation features the sultry DJ Madre as well as Michael Murphy’s newest documentary, “Why In The World Are They Spraying.”

Discovering the Principals of Communication
2 March 2013

36Discussing discussion, a communique about communication. Listen to listening. Interpret interpretations. Just so that you know that we know that “you know that we know” knows about you and us. You know?

Discovering the Foundation of Your Immune System
9 March 2013

37What’s that? Is it, the cure for heart disease? The cure for type-2 diabetes? The cure for CANCER – and it’s all the same cure? My oh me, what a wonder Legumes, leafy greens, whole grains, fruits & vegetables can have on the human body! Discover more on our weekly two-hour broadcast – Episode 1 of 3 in our Triple-Dose Food Extravaganza (Special Thanks to Lee Fulkerson)!

Discovering High Fructose Disease Syrup
16 March 2013

38Fructose? More like FUCK-tose, amirite? Face the tooth, your sweet fang is leading to a sugary grave. This is a study on the biochemical effects of sugar, the history of sugar, and how the industry is tricking you into thinking that sugar is somehow better than high-fructose corn syrup. They are the same. Part Two of Three in our three-week-food-trifecta!

Uncovering Monsanto, the FDA and GMOs
23 March 2013

39Mutato says: “Outer Limits provides the ketchup and mustardayonnaise to your O’Brien O’Research O’Burger” (with special genetically modified beef made to taste like barbecue sauce straight out of the steer!) Number Three of Three in our Three-part special on food, eating and nutrition. This week, the Genetic Roulette of the Genetically Modified Nightmare that is the modern food supply, wherein an overwhelming majority of soy, corn and processed foods contain Genetically Modified ingredients. Why does this matter? The effects of these GMO’s will shock you to your foundations. All right here on the Outer Limits. bon appetit!

Recovering From Addiction and its Sociolegal Side Effects
30 March 2013

0181-b151-4ba1-afb0-31c85f768201No thing is inherently addictive-not everyone who drinks a glass of wine becomes an alcoholic; not everyone who buys a pair of shoes becomes a shopaholic. There are so many things for humans to become addicted to, but it has more to do with the susceptibility of the individual to addiction based on environmental conditions during childhood. And criminalizing the behavior of addiction is ineffective; according to celebrity and former heroin abuser Russell Brand, legality of a substance is completely irrelevant to users; if you’re addicted, you’re getting drugs. He also asserts that Abstinence Based Recovery (using no substances whatsoever to cure addiction to one particular substance) is what worked for him and may be the best method. But if we look a little deeper, we can see how ibogaine, the world’s most powerful psychedelic compound, has been used to treat and successfully cure many facets of addiction. But first let us develop a more thorough understanding of what addiction is.

Discovering Nirvana, Impermanence, and the Fear of Death
6 April 2013


Some cultures have developed extremely evolved mentalities to understand and assimilate the concept of death, but in western culture it is for some reason taboo to have a discussion about such a “depressing subject” unless we’re at a funeral. The fear of death in our culture feeds Consumerism; we’re meant to think that when we die, people will remember that “these were our possessions.” There are many attempts to immortalize ourselves in statues, literature, music recordings, architecture and so on, but everything in this dimension is subject to time. What we really fear most is impermanence – the notion that nothing stays the same ever, and everything in existence will die, rot and burn. Death, however, is simply a birth. A big congratulations to all you mortal listeners, brought to you by the Institute for Creative Dying, follow Oscar the Cat to the champagne room and join us on a glorious expedition through the seas of change to dissolve away those pesky delusions of impermanence…

Uncovering the Side Effects of Big Pharma
13 April 2013

42Side effects of this show may include: truth, knowledge of society’s evils, co-option of human health by addictive SSRIs, the doctoring of research, the profitability of patent law, the creation of illness-based markets, Me-Too drugs, Me-Three drugs, aliens bursting from the chest in awkward scenarios, and hilarity of indeterminate origin and duration. Check it!




Recovering from Big Pharma with Bob Marley
20 April 2013

43As the Mary Jane issue is heating up we’re piping up to say that it is reefer sadness that chronic illnesses have been majorly killing our buzz. The community is now bluntly asking state legislatures to finally mellow out so that we and our doctors can work jointly with their policy; we’ed be upset if patients had to wait a bong time!

Uncovering the Institutionalization of Auschwitz
27 April 2013

44To meat or not to meat? That is the question. Whether ’tis nobler to suffer the slit throats and electrocution deaths of animal cruelty, or take notice against a sick culture and by opposing, end it. ‘Tis a consummation devoutly to be wished. When we have shuffled out our speciesism and replace it with respect for all conscious beings; For who would bear the bullhook and ankus of the circus, the trainer’s wrong, the spectator’s contumely, the bruises of animal abuse, reason’s delay…


Discovering American Imperialism via STAR WARS
4 May 2013


You will turn to the Outer Limits side of the Fourth…the Fourth of May that is…what is this, a holiday for lisping nerds? Sensing a great disturbance, we’re working to restore balance to the force in less than 12 parsecs. We thought Empire smelled bad on the outside; hopefully we won’t be sent to the spice mines of Kessel for our work here today. May the Fourth Be With You!

Dismantling the Keystone of the Fossil Fuel Archway
11 May 2013


In this episode we explore the ecocidal insanity of the petro-state, oil spills, peak oil and the circular logic of the Keystone XL Tarsands pipeline. Plenty of alternative energy capabilities here, though you won’t hear about any of them on your television.

Commencing an Inspirational Graduation
18 May 2013

47Today is graduation day…wait…the ceremony begins at 2pm? Dude, that’s when our program begins! The governator says: “Hello Puny Weaklings! It is I, the Arnold, here congratulating you on your insignificant achievements in obtaining the slip of the paper milled from the trees that give us the air we breathe and pretty forests and things of this nature. Arnold does not have such a waste of the paper in his collection, except for the degrees of the Black Belt that I have used on my enemies and others who get in my way. The Arnold does respect this radio show, and if you are a member of the Outer Limits graduating class, I am in awe of your strength and dedication to the truth, the undoing of the lies in the corporate media, the inspiration of the being a human, and things of this kind.” Commencement addresses by Niel Gaiman, Conan Obrien, DFW, Anie Lennox and others.Congrats grads! Remember that college is not job training, so try not to let school get in the way of your education.