Reboot Reality [2016]

Razing the BAR of Tyranny
20 August 2016

113The old system is obsolete and alternatives now exist. But while we have the means we haven’t yet used our power to assert our will. Changing the program is not so remote. The shift is within you. But first we must take back our minds and avoid the two mental dangers of troublesome times; naivety, which avoids conflict through denial, and cynicism, which over corrects by assuming the worst. Finding the light in dark times means making stress your friend and acknowledging that strength is formed by adversity. Chasing meaning is healthier than avoiding discomfort. The plane takes off against the wind – not with it. The only useful outcome of conflict is creativity. Conflicts grant opportunities to mine trouble for something valuable. So quit lamenting the corruption of the old system and build something new. Quit forfeiting your power to corrupt politicians who write unjust laws. Natural law is the only legitimate authority in the universe.

Consciousness Metamorphosis
3 September 2016

115Our problems today are more complex and more threatening than at any time in history, and our ability to solve them is directly equivalent to our level of consciousness. There are no political solutions – only technological ones. To truly alter conditions, we must alter ourselves philosophically, psychologically, and biologically. During the European Renaissance, scientists, artists, and enlightened citizens turned back to a much older Greek civilization for the sparks to ignite their new civilization. Terence McKenna urges something similar of us today; a return to ancient plant medicines capable of restoring humanity to a healthy connection with the Earth. McKenna’s notions astonish us not because they are so new, but because they have been so long forgotten. Radical problems call for radical solutions. For us to return to primordial balance in these rapidly evolving times, our boundaries must be dissolved. The key to the future is in the dung heap of the past.

Lethal Government Hacks
10 September 2016

116Among its many other meanings “hack” has come to mean accessing computer networks through surreptitious means. Thus, the word “hacker” has become synonymous with “digital trespasser.” And despite the establishment’s fallacious attempt to conflate hackers with terrorists, the hatred of authoritarian surveillance regimes has validated hackers as modern heroes, boldly resisting the tyranny of Empire. But hackers don’t just break into computer systems – they invent radically new methods of solving global problems with existing technology through unorthodox methods by employing creative genius. In doing so, they challenge existing power structures and illustrate the obsolescence of political solutions. Following the DNC hack and subsequent media scandal, a growing list of suspicious murders is catching the world’s attention. Chief among them is Seth Rich, the 27-year-old DNC staffer who likely provided Wikileaks with the information that forced Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s resignation.

Hauntology Recapitulates History
17 September 2016

117Why are we here and where are we going? Stanislov Grof’s Perinatal Matrices microcosmically explain the collective evolution of our civilization and served as the inspiration for the Matrix films that illustrate the true face of our multifaceted potential; that the holographic Space/Time reality program can be hacked by means of neurolinguistic programming, the installation of Multiple-Personality add-ons, and supernatural invocation. The realization that all conflict derives from the illusion of separation by means of a separate Ego-self, facilitates postmodernity’s inevitable collapse into the hypermoment. Reality’s metaprogrammers can use this knowledge to create a better world by going within and making alterations to themselves and aligning the complimentary aspects of consciousness in the same direction. In a fractal universe, the smallest alteration to the self can significantly alter one’s experience of life; shamanic metamorphosis can therefore transform the entire universe.

KBGA Presents
100Thousand Poets for Change 2016


Michael Rothenberg began 100 Thousand Poets for Change in 2011 as a way to unite artists within their communities and give them a reason to platform their creativity as an impetus to create change. Miss Raindrops of the Outer Limits team has brought this vision to the Garden City of Missoula, Montana for three consecutive years running now, and the line up turned out to be as entertaining and inspiring as ever. This flow of consciousness explores some of the deepest inner workings of the human spirit as presented by some of Missoula’s most talented wordsmiths. A great episode to relax to. Come and share in the laughter and the tears! The water’s just fine.

The Mongoose of Standing Rock:
Giving Thanks for Water Protectors
19 November 2016

a1dc-60d3-4ae8-a116-141f25410a0fAmerica’s tradition of repressing Native Americans continues with the desecration of sacred burial sites for the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline. The project will pollute watersheds nationwide for millions of Americans throughout the Midwest. In the face of enduring unconscionable barbarism from opposition forces, the Standing Rock Sioux Water Protectors continue standing up to centuries of oppression in their unbelievably courageous resistance against the Black Snake from the North. Despite a mainstream media blackout, #NoDAPL is snowballing into one of the most important mass movements in history, assembling the largest number of indigenous tribes ever, alongside scores of non-native allies pouring in from all over the country. We don’t need to wait for Trump’s inauguration to behold American fascism. Witnessing the injustices at Standing Rock will do. Today it’s the Standing Rock Sioux. Tomorrow it could be you. Oil and water don’t mix. Stand with Standing Rock.

Ideological Gentrification
Demystifying NeoLiberalism
3 December 2016


Imagine if the people of the Soviet Union had never heard of communism. Here in America the ideology that dominates our lives remains largely anonymous, and part of neoliberalism’s power over our lives is derived from its unspoken presence. Neoliberalism is an economic ideology that stresses personal freedoms and market solutions to society’s problems. It posits that competition defines human beings, whose most important duty is consumerism. It proposes that individual freedoms trump public freedoms. It uses an ideology of false tolerance to justify globalization’s genocide by advertising PC culture and promoting gentrification. It maintains that the all-knowing “Market” delivers benefits that could never be achieved through strategic planning, using crisis as distraction to crush trade unions while implementing privatization, deregulation and outsourcing. The Road To Serfdom is paved with the slogan, “There is no alternative.” It’s the ideology of: “Because markets. Go die.”

State of Confusion
10 December 2016

c06d-f91f-480d-a5c1-d1b38933d361We mentally inhabit a phony version of society. We all know that our leaders constantly lie to us, but everyone is expected to play along and pretend that their stories are real. As the intractable complexities of reality accelerate, it becomes increasingly impossible to control or predict anything. Technocrats and oligarchs choose to react by pretending that everything is still going to plan. Their propagandists undermine genuine efforts to plan and manage a new kind of society by openly feeding opposing sides of every conflict to the point that no one knows what to believe or who to trust. As a result, simple ideologies and plans have become increasingly difficult to implement or realize. As the counterfeit world grew throughout the past half century, everyone seemed to go along with it because the simplicity was reassuring. And the falseness expanded into the HyperNormal because we all seemed so much a part of the system that it gradually became impossible to see beyond it.

17 December 2016

0909-951a-46d6-8e00-30870bba7be7This December why not get your family together and do something wildly different. If we try buying absolutely nothing, we might experience the most joyous holiday season we’ve ever had. We are about to remember everything that was here before the products began circling us with ballooning eyes like the Macy’s parade. We can tell that something far-reaching is happening in the most ordinary transaction. That sensation of shallowness in us. That almost unnoticeable high. The loss of difference in the things around us. The monoculture within and without. Get offline. Get on the Earth. In this episode we return once again to our annual observation of the revolutionary activism of the Church of Stop Shopping, led by Reverend Billy, vis-a-vis their seminal documentary film, What Would Jesus Buy? The Reverend joins us from NY to talk about his new book, Monsanto, Trump, and even performs an on-air credit card exorcism. Buy nothing. Experience everything.

A Christmas Peril

Donald Trump Starring in ScroogedThe Outer Limits presents the classic Charles Dickens story, “A Christmas Carol”, abridged and adapted for 2016 with Donald Trump as Ebenezer Scrooge. Written and performed by the Outer Limits team in Missoula, Montana and broadcast on KBGA, Missoula @ 89.9 FM.

Nothing short of a Christmas miracle.
Our holiday gift to you.