DB: Are you out of the vicinity of their ears?

NJ: Yeah. Oh yeah. I’m, I’m already in the garage right now.

DB: Okay. Uh, cleared hot. Heard?

NJ: I heard! You already told me that.

DB: Alright. You know, you know the specifics. I didn’t want to send you in there without full fucking intel, okay. Their surveillance and, and anything else, like if there, there might be people watching so you need to make sure you cover your shit.

NJ: I’m going in late, cover of night, and just set the whole place ablaze.

DB: Can you make it look like it was an accident?

NJ: I’ll put up a fake cowboy camp. Like, I’ll put up like a couple cans of beans and stuff or something, uhhh, with like a cowboy fire camp kind of thing going on. And I’ll put like a gas can, I’ll put like a gas can sitting right there too, you know. Right next to it. Does that make sense?

DB: Yeah, no, no…

NJ: It looked like it was forested enough to where you could do something like that.

DB: Looks great. Do it. Done.

NJ: Understood.

DB: And then, uhhm, yeah. Yeah, uh. Did you actually listen to what I sent you?

NJ: Of course I did, dude. (LAUGHS) Told you I did. Yeah, yeah. I thought it was badass. I totally understand it, and I feel it.

DB: We just want to be left alone. And you have no idea what we’re capable of, but we just want to be left alone.

NJ: Yeah, no. I get it. I feel the same way. Let’s see. Let’s see. I need to send you a picture of this real quick, this morning. Got it. Makes me happy.

DB: Only send it to the fucking Google.


DB: Jesus Christ. I was like, the renter’s getting pissed off. I need to go take care of that situation.

NJ: Alright.

DB: Like, I mean–

NJ: When?

DB: If you can get, if you can get it tonight, that’d be great. Then I don’t have to worry about them being all pissed off anymore.

NJ: Which, uh, going up to Virginia, or–

DB: Virginia.

NJ: –Montana? Okay.

DB: Uh-uh.

NJ: Fuck. Alright. Virginia. Alright. I’ll figure out—I’ll figure it out.

DB: Alright. Now, people can–

NJ: Why, what’s going on?

DB: –fuckin–people can fuckin’ hear.

NJ: My ear’s fixed. What, what’s going on?

DB: Can’t go into it, but a lot. It’s escalated.

NJ: Ah, shit.

DB: Dude, they got a search warrant for my house.

NJ: You were, you were all garbled there, Sarge.

DB: Mmm, God. Alright. Well. I’ll have to tell you later.

NJ: All right.

DB: Take care of it. (unintelligible.)

NJ: Tonight? Fuck, dude! That, that’s a, that’s already just, how, how many drive, how many hours was it that we said?

DB: Twenty-two?

NJ: Ah, yeah. Fuck. Twenty–

DB: We’ll leave in the morning, and we’ll get about (unintelligible) and it, it’ll be all good, but, uh–

NJ: How bad is it?

DB: Bad. And, and you need to, to take care of it.

NJ: I thought you were winning, man.

DB: All right.

NJ: Yeah. You got it, Sarge. (TO SOMEONE ELSE):That one.

DB: Alright.

NJ: (TO SOMEONE ELSE): Thank you. Thank you.

DB: SO, so talk, talk to your wife. Figure it out. Figure out (unintelligible) get ahold of them because, uh (unintelligible). Yeah.

NJ: When is the second, by the way? I have a fuckin’ dentist appointment. What? Thursday?

DB: Thursday?

NJ: Alright. Vic. She says it’s Thursday. Thursday I got my dentist appointment and then she’s got her other appointment.

DB: On Thursday?

NJ: I guess.

DB: Can you leave after that?

NJ: Yeah, I could after that. Yeah, because she’s got her, her eval shit, fuckin’ for her, for more of her levels on her cancer and shit, so.

DB: Alright. Well, then, (unintelligible) alright (unintelligible) Thursday–

NJ: I can go Thursday.

DB: Alright. Do it. Done.

NJ: Alright.

DB: Sent.

NJ: Um, I think I got the, the pictures or the info or whatever.

DB: Yep, you should. Uhhh, if you don’t, uhhh–

NJ: I do. I, I think I have ‘em on there, so. Alright. Fuck. I’m gonna get a fuckin’ burner phone now. All right.

DB: Yep. Can you get the one that can leave the other one (unintelligible) at the house.

NJ: I’ll just get a flip phone, dude. Get a right standard old flip phone.

DB: Yeah, but live, leave the other one that you have.

NJ: Oh no, does it-No. I know that. (LAUGHS) I already know that. I already know that. I’ll write down—I’ll write down this number and I’ll program it in the flip phone. And I’ll head out.

DB: Yep. Alright. Good deal.

NJ: Alright.

DB: Uh, yeah, good deal. They’ve, they’ve escalated it so this has gotta go.

NJ: Alright. You gotta let me know what’s going on now. Let’s just—I gotta know what’s going on. You gotta tell me, when you can. When you get a chance, you gotta like explain everything, cuz I don’t know. Alright. Alright.

DB: Well, uh, here’s what I do not know. They do not know how far it goes, but they have a warrant and they searched my house and confiscated everything in my house that was firearm related.

NJ: When? They already did?

DB: Today, yeah.

NJ: Oh shit. So they just did this today?

DB: Yeah.

NJ: What the fuck?
DB: Raided the house. Yeah, raided the house. So they breached my house.

NJ: Check you ex girlfriends–(TALKING OVER EACH OTHER)

DB: I don’t know if they have a warrant–(TALKING OVER EACH OTHER)

NJ: Check your ex girlfriends–(TALKING OVER EACH OTHER)
Check your ex girlfriends, buddy. Check your ex girlfriends. Someone talked. Think about it.

DB: Oh I already, I already–

NJ: Those are the only onese that have been close to you. They’re the only one’s who’ve been there.

DB: Well, no, now. I already confirmed that that’s where it came from. I just confirmed that–

NJ: Fuckin’ bitches.

DB: Yep. SO, uh, anyway. I confirmed that. So, uhh–

NJ: Was it the drunkard? Was it the drunkard?

DB: Yeah. Yeah, it was her.

NJ: The drunkard. Yeah. Go figure.

DB: Yep.

NJ: She was all fucking butt hurt ‘cause you gone and had a squeeze probably.

DB: Well, no. I have a problem with her. I mean, fuck–

NJ: Well. Fuckin’ cucks, man. I’m worried about—I get worried about Vic from time to time (unintelligible) I don’t because everyt time a cop comes by she fucking tells it, slams the door in their face (LAUGHS), “No, I’m not talking to you!” She’ll slam the door in their face. It’s funnier than shit. I laugh my ass off every time she does it. I’m like, “What the fuck?”

DB: Do me a favor. Take care of this situation and do it as fast as–

NJ: Alright, man.

DB: –as fast as you can.

NJ: Understood. Alright.

DB: Alright. Thank you.

NJ: …let me get off the phone. I’ll plan out logistics.


DB: Take care of this. And take care of it fast.

NJ: I said I would.

DB: They attacked today and they fucking raided my home? Naw. Take care of it.

NJ: I said I would. No worries.

DB: ‘Kay. Well you guys should be up here maybe tomorrow night. Might be the day after, I’m not sure, but take care of this shit.

NJ: I will. I already looked at the (DB MUMBLES SOMETHING) the satellite, I already looked at the satellite view and shit, and it looks doable. It’s, it’s remote enough. It’s perfect. So.

DB: Yep. Just make sure it all burns. Everything burns.

NJ: ‘Kay.

DB: So, I mean, if you need to use thermite, tannerite, whatever you need to use, you fuckin’ use.

NJ: I was gonne use diesel.

DB: That’s what I was thinking, actually. (LAUGHS)

NJ: I was gonna go with diesel.

DB: That’s exactly what I was thinking.

NJ: So.

DB: Do you got this?

NJ: Huh?

DB: I said, do you got this?

NJ: Yes, I said I got this. I’m literally—dude, I went and frickin’ did a deal so I could frickin’ get 800 bucks. I just got 800 bucks, enough to fucking get me there and back and frickin’ get the materials I need so obviously I got this. So stop… And now I’m probably not even going to my dentist appointment. I’m probably just gonna go handle it, so. ‘Cause it’s a 22 hour trip there and back, and I still want to get back to be able to do other shit, so. (PAUSE) But, I’m gonna bring Vic, though. I have to. I have to bring her. She could stay at the hotel that whole time. And that way I could put the hotel in her name. And, but, I–

DB: Don’t tell her what you’re doing.

NJ: Huh?

DB: I said, I wouldn’t tell her what you’re doing, y’know.

NJ: No, no, … But I gotta bring her with me. Uh, just so that way I can frickin’ (DB MUMBLES SOMETHING) So I can 24-hour-trip it, you know. So that way I don’t (DAVID MUMBLES SOMETHING) so that way I don’t, I’ll, I’ll drive 12 hours at night. She could drive the other 12 in the morning.

DB: Nah, nah. That makes, that makes, that makes, that makes perfect sense to do it that way.

NJ: Yeah. I’ll take the Prius too ‘cause it’ll be easier, faster, and fuckin’ it goes in cruise control, and it’s easier on gas. So. But still nobody looks twice in a fuckin’ Prius, although I don’t know what people drive in Richmond. So. I guess I’ll have to figure that one out.


NJ: There’s a shit-ton of Priuses out here you know, but.

DB: Yeah, definitely (unintelligible).

NJ: I got it though.

DB: A’ight. Take care ot if. Uhhh…

NJ: I will.

DB: (unintelligible) I just, after today, my house, they searched, and ripped apart and everything else, seriously.

NJ: Yeah. Fuckin’ A dude. Thtat’s interesting. Did they, did they get ‘em all?

DB: No. But they got, they…(unintelligible)

NJ: Thank God.

DB: They…

NJ: Huh?

DB: They got most, they got most, they got most of ‘em.

NJ: I bet. Fuckin’ assholes.

DB: Fuck.

NJ: Fuck, dude.

DB: I always, I always have those deals on.

NJ: Yeah, yeah, you’re good. …Anything you do now is going to be watched.

DB: Yeah.

NJ: Let me uh, let me call you back and try to get ahold of Vic real quick.

DB: Alright. When do you think you’ll do it?

NJ: I told you, probably tomorrow.

DB: ‘Kay. Good deal.

NJ: ‘Cause I was able to get this money, so I’m good to go up there, so.

DB: Are you sure, uh…

NJ: I’m serious. You’ll, you’ll know, Sarge. I’ll fuckin’, listen, when I get my burners you’ll have the number and I’ll fucking share location, you’ll see. You’ll see, Sarge. Huh. You’ll see.

DB: I–

NJ: Don’t worry.

DB: Don’t doubt you.

NJ: Huh?

DB: I said I don’t doubt you.



DB: Clear.

NJ: Sarge.

DB: Yeah. Abort. Abort. Abort. Copy?

NJ: Abort?

DB: Abort. Abort. Abort. Copy?

NJ: Copy. Okay?

DB: Yeah. I got new intel. It’s, it’s, yeah. Uhhh, no. Abort.

NJ: Okay?

DB: Uh, I’ll find you in when I get, uh, a burner.

NJ: Alright.

DB: But, abort. Okay?

NJ: I’ll h-, I’ll have a burner by the end—I’ll have a burner today too, so.

DB: Uh, okay, uh, yeah. Just, just pull it back.

NJ: We were about to head out.

DB: Well I’m glad I got to talk to you before you did. Abort.

NJ: A’ight. Yeah.

DB: Solid copy?

NJ: Yeah, copy.

DB: Alright.

NJ: So…what do we do now?… Hello? …



NJ: You there, Sarge?

DB: Yeah.

NJ: But why did I abort? ‘Cause I went and did a deal so I can have a fuckin’ funds to get up there.

DB: No. Alright, so hold it, okay. Hold, hold fast, okay. I’m telling you hold fast. Alright. It’s only a pause, okay?

NJ: Good.

DB: And I’ll tell you when I can, okay?

NJ: Uh-huh.

DB: And I can’t at this moment. Wait. Are we on—which—what are we on?

NJ: Your burner phone. Your black phone.

DB: Alright. We’re on the black?

NJ: Mm-hmm.

DB: Alright. Uh, they got a whole security system there and it’s mostly, uh, fucking security guys around there. So that’s why I told you to abort, because they’ve got a security system all around it.

NJ: That wouldn’t matter if the place catches on fire. I saw the fuckin’ sat photos. It’s a forest. It’s easy.

DB: iiit–

NJ: Plus, plus I was bringing, I was bringing my, uh, my new, uh, mo- uh, my new, uh handheld uh, 18 antenna, uh, wireless mobile 5g3g4g WiFi Bluetooth, uhh, GSA (signal jammer). I was. I was bringing it. (LAUGHS) I wanted to try it out.

DB: Alright, man. So–

NJ: It’s already out on the house and it works fuckin’ like a charm. So. I got it off of, uh, uhh–

DB: I just wanted to let you know that intel, okay? Because didn’t want you to go in there and then get fuckin’ sideswiped.

NJ: Oh, I have.

DB: (unintelligible)

NJ: Yeah, I got you.

DB: Okay. So I aborted it in order to make sure that my team stays safe. You’re cleared hot. Heard?

NJ: Yeah. You said I’m clear again, but–

DB: You’re clear—you returned the money or no?

NJ: Well, no. I mean I partially did, but now I’ve got—I rescheduled my appointments and shit. Now I gotta go to my appointments tomorrow. (LAUGHS) Uh, cuz I was gonna leave that night —that—we were gonna leave that day. We were actually about to pack up and head out. Well, we weren’t packed but–

DB: But if I come across some details, I’m not gonna put my people in frickin’ harms way.

NJ: I got you.

DB: Like I’m not gonna do it.

NJ: I got you.

DB: I’m not. I’m not gonna do it.

NJ: But, I mean, alright. (unintelligible) That’s just burning a house. That ain’t shit. Uh. Uh–

DB: And make it look like a little bit more.

NJ: But, ehh, have you seen that video yet? Have you watched that video yet?

DB: I was warned there are cameras and everything else.

NJ: Oh, that’s not a problem. But, uh, did you watched the videos? Uh, the video? ‘Cause she’s like, you know, she says that she thinks it smells like foul play and all this other shit. And (unintelligible) and, you know, that you guys are estranged and she thinks you’re involved. And that she’s not gonna (unintelligible) stops.

DB: –talk to you. It’s on. It’s playing right now.

NJ: Oh, she’s not gonna stop ‘til what she found. Yeah. That’s what she said. Yeah.

DB: You’re cleared hot now. But I just didn’t want you going in there without full intel.

NJ: Oh, I was, I was prepping for every contingency. So.

DB: Well, I figured as much. However, it’s anytime—I’m –My job is to protect my men. I’m a sergeant.

NJ: I mean, I would’ve done a round-about first then would have fuckin’ scanned for the area for fuckin’–have my little detector thing, um, that I bought too, off of, uh, Alibaba or whatever. And I would’ve fuckin’ scanned for RF signals and shit. And I would’ve fuckin’ used that disrupter I have. And that disrupter disrupts all that, especially if they’re WiFi cameras – they’re shut down. They’re shut down with the disruptor. So. It’s not a problem. And if it’s a hardline system, they’re not there. So they’re not, like feeding it, and if they are, like feeding it, once again that’s connected to WiFi, so that’s not a problem. But if it’s, like, feed, that’s a DVR system, and that DVR system’s either gonna get burned or it’s gonna get ripped out, but either/or, it’s all disrupted, because of the WiFi.

DB: I can’t believe my face on Goddamn fucking TV though.

NJ: Huh?

DB: They put my face on TV. You know how bad that is for me?

NJ: They put three-they put three pictures up (unintelligible) on there. That’s News Nation, man. That’s News Nation. That’s a—that’s a—that’s a world broad oh, uh, a (LAUGHS) a world broadcasting network.

DB: There’s two—yeah, you’re right with blonde hair, yeah? Yep.
NJ: Yep. Three different picutres. (YAWNS)



DB: You know I’m going to fuckin’ handle it no matter what. To put ‘em down or not?

NJ: Well what’s the best way to go about handling it?

DB: Objectively put ‘em down. If we were gonna go about it, if we were fuckin’ going to make a goddamn war about it but no. Objectively, put them down.

NJ: I think at one time we almost could have done the whole KO order [KILL ORDER] but at this juncture that that would point too many fingers at you. And you already got it bad enough. Fuckin’. You got enough problems fuckin’ you know. I think. Um, your idea though.

DB: Copy?

NJ: I think your idea though. So far with the whole splitting with forcing them to go back home for a little bit and stuff.. That’s kinda smart. That works. You know. But. I dunno. I dunno what the best bet would be in all this shit. She really is just a mother looking for her daughter, I mean, whether her daughter drowned or not.

DB: I don’t give a shit about her. I want her fucking …

NJ: Just a mama looking for her daughter. I mean, you would look for your daughter too, wouldn’t you, if she ended up missing?
DB: Not like this. Nope. Not a chance. Fuckin die bitch.