Cleansing the Chaos


The changes Earth has experienced in the past 50 years are stunning. But the changes have only just begun, the vertical movement on the exponential curve is just now ramping up. Since it is our innate tendency to fear the unknown, we’ve resisted profound changes escalating all around. But the more we embrace fear by allowing ourselves to become caught up in the illusion of panic, the more fear manifests. Even if we run from it, change will crawl under the covers with us and stir the pot. There is so much happening all over the world it’s difficult to know which way things are going to go. The truth of the matter is that none of us are meant to know which way the game is moving. We’re simply meant to go with the flow, and those who can embrace flow will have more fun in the coming years than those desperately clinging to the world as it was.

Because many of the changes will be outside of the realms of our expectations, a propensity exists for the children of Earth to react by saying, “If you all can’t play games my way I’m taking my pail and shovel and leaving.” The propensity for others to accept this divide and respond with a mentality of “Fine – take your pale and shovel and go home,” exists. Neither of these responses are adult, and while we might know intellectually that the only way forward is coexistence and reconciliation, it’s easier said than done. Talk is cheap. Many can talk the talk but few can walk the walk. We’re all going to have to learn to put our words into action.

While it is true that there are many who thrive on and promote destructive chaos while these transformations unfold because they love the spotlight, those responsible for perpetuating destruction are completely unaware of the true consequences of their actions. To move in the direction we desire as the changes continue to escalate, forgiveness will be absolutely essential. The only way out of this is through forgiveness of those who have perpetuated such unforgivable harms, and it is well understood by the consciousness writing these words how difficult that can be. And while it is true that a peace without justice is not a peace worth having, violence and hatred will only beget more violence and hatred. Every act of malice creates Karma, and retaliatory actions don’t dissipate that Karma – the just create more of it!


Forgiveness is the only way out of the destructive cycle of karma. But before we can forgive anyone, we must be able to forgive ourselves. How can anyone love us if we don’t love ourselves? If we’re not comfortable in our own skin, how will anyone else be comfortable being around us? How will we allow others the comfort of their own skin? We’ve been encouraged to judge ourselves  –to knock ourselves down – to carry an internal dialogue of self destruction; “I’m not good enough yet;” “I’ll never be able to ;” “I can’t.” By spending our time worrying what others think about us, we’re giving away power that could be used in manifesting the age of peace. Instead of limiting our ability to grow through judging ourselves and each other, we must unlearn what the machine has instilled into us, and remember what we knew when we came here in the first place – to simply go with the flow without sacrificing our innate spiritual integrity.

It matters not whether forces of darkness accept our forgiveness – what matters is that we accept our own forgiveness of their actions as genuine, and that we forgive ourselves for buying into the insecurities played on us. If Yeshua asserted that “In the days of old it was an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth but I say to you forgive your enemies,” but Christian followers still condemn Satan and Lucifer as prime enemies, wouldn’t forgiving these agents proclaimed as servants of darkness help to bring about divine peace on Earth? We will never create balance within the inevitable changes if we cannot forgive – we will become agents of evil, spinning more chaos on top of already difficult situations.


Many of us embrace a desire for our space brothers to come down and save us. Here we must ask ourselves, do we really think our space brothers want to come down here in the midst of this chaos? Many of us embrace a similar childlike desire for a Messiah to descend and save us. Here we must ask ourselves, why would Prime Source allow a cessation of our inescapably personal responsibility to transform ourselves from darkness into enlightenment? It isn’t easy to raise our consciousness. Becoming aware requires work, patience and dedication. We must be disciplined moving forward as we learn to leave judgment behind us and focus on loving. We will find that the more love we give, the more we will receive – although it won’t always come through the same avenue.
The time is now. Awaken from the madness. Forgive the fear. Cleanse the chaos. Your energy matrix is immaculate. So wash your window to the world and become the Love that the greatest transformation is born from.


How many times have you heard that in order to forgive others you must first forgive yourself? How many times have we heard that the only path forward is to forgive our enemies? Kernels of wisdom like this are so fundamental they eventually enter the territory of cliché, but if we cannot forgive our demons, the creation of ever more karma is guaranteed. While useful in theory, is it really possible for us to apply these cliché lessons of forgiveness toward figures like Cheney and Kissinger who are directly responsible for so much human suffering?


It’s amazing how we can hear clichéd messages repeated over and over and fail to understand their true meaning or purpose until we encounter experiences that put those messages into contexts specifically tailored to our own lives. It’s likely given the nature of conscious co-creation at present that merely reading these words will create within the reader’s life, circumstances by which an individual context for this lesson can be realized.
The time is now. Awaken from the madness. Forgive the fear. Cleanse the chaos. Your energy matrix is immaculate. So wash your window to the world and become the Love that the greatest transformation is born from.


Gabrielle Lafayette is a journalist, writer, and executive producer for the Outer Limits Radio Show.
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