Planet of the Propagandists

Mikey Moore has a new documentary out.

It’s a bit different than his last film, Where To Invade Next, which ended with a profound message of optimism for the future, and faith in humanity. This new documentary, Planet of the Humans, embraces nihilistic pessimism as the central mood, gently nudging the viewer toward the acceptance of mass genocide to solve humanity’s complex problems. It asks the wrong questions, leans on fossil fuel industry talking points, and omits critical details to every argument presented before finally positing an absolutely abominable “final solution” that would make any hardcore eugenicist proud. To that end, Planet of the Humans proves a brilliant piece of propaganda on par with Larry Diamond’s KONY 2012. It leaves us with the feeling that it will never be possible to crack the nut of renewable energy, so we might as well not even try. Instead, we’ll just have to kill half the population, so we all might as well just kill ourselves right now.


To be fair, we shouldn’t refer to Planet of the Humans as a Michael Moore film, because it’s not. It’s a movie by first-time filmmaker Jeff Gibbs with Moore’s name attached to it as the Executive Producer.

The Michael Moore who shot and directed Where To Invade Next seems to be altogether missing from Planet of the Humans. Aside from the obvious absence of Michael’s voice or likeness anywhere on screen, one can’t help but wonder what happened to the Michael Moore who championed the manifestation of the impossible in Where To Invade Next? Where is the Michael Moore who reminded us that we can overcome impossible odds and change the world for the better?

The nonstop melancholy of Planet of the Humans is finally interrupted at the 37 minute mark during the rapid-fire “materials montage” that employs rapid flashes of time-lapse industrial footage and fast, unsettling music to jar the nervous system and disorient the viewer. The fast-paced montage seems like a welcome change at first, but it is designed to be so upsetting and unsettling as to weaken the viewer’s resistance to what follows, which are the most hopeless and nihilistic claims about human population itself being the intractable dilemma. The implied but just barely unstated solution the film prescribes to cut this Gordian Knot leaves us with a tragically depressing conclusion. In place of suggesting actual solutions, it shits on your heart, blaming you for being alive, during a pandemic. You’re told that your very existence is the problem, and continued life automatically makes everything worse no matter how hard we try because we’re obviously powerless and pathetic, so we should really just give up.

oh boy

Alongside the nihilism, Planet of the Humans also factually drops the ball at every turn on the subject of energy, while ignoring the massive waste that is inherent in the modern industrialized system.

A handful of well-publicized falsehoods (like the use of 12-year-old footage intended to portray the inefficiency of now-obsolete solar panels) fundamentally undermines the credibility of the documentary, leaving a bold asterisk beside every point it presents.

Beyond ignoring more than a decade of clean energy progress, we’re told that renewables can never replace fossil fuels, that solar panels require more energy to produce than they generate, and that fossil fuel “backups” will be forever required, in spite of abundant evidence to the contrary.

The film isn’t particularly informative, but rather, attempts to lower the viewer’s defenses with boredom and banality while simultaneously creating a laundry list of homework assignments for the astute. But keeping track of the inaccuracies and inconsistencies quickly becomes a dull chore of nauseating proportions.

For instance, the film dramatically dismisses ethanol as an inefficient fuel on the specious notion that “there’s just not enough corn in the world,” deliberately ignoring the well-known fact that corn-sourced ethanol is considered a joke in the world of biofuels. Every serious researcher and industry enthusiast aware of David Blume‘s work knows that ethanol can be made from a wide variety of easily-attainable sources, including agricultural waste, kelp, swamp reeds and a host of other sustainable plant sources that vary wildly depending on geographic location. How we decide which crops we should use for sourcing ethanol largely depends on what bioregion we live in. And it doesn’t take much energy to power a small still, especially if employing a rocket mass system, which may be one of the most energy-efficient stoves on the planet.

But such systems are best used on a small scale by individuals. As soon as we try to turn them into an industry, we push up against major limits and begin to encounter extraordinary problems. Burning logs in wood stoves is another example of an efficient and low-cost means of powering individual homes. But attempts to turn wood stoves into a massive industry invariably leads to catastrophic results, as chronicled by the film’s segment on biomass.

Turning to more industry to cure the problems of industry is fundamentally absurd. It’s like using vodka to ween off your addiction to whiskey.

And this is the central problem with Planet of the Humans: The filmmakers assume we can only power civilization with massive industrial projects that are highly destructive and which necessitate huge amounts of distribution networks over large tracts of land, i.e. the bulldozing of Joshua Tree forests to make room for a giant solar farm. It never occurs to anyone featured in the film that maybe solar panels could instead be installed on existing rooftops and individual residences. Wouldn’t that be a more efficient way to have our cake and eat it too? We could have the solar panels while also preserving the natural world. Seems logical. So why don’t we do it? Because it would hurt the energy companies.


The minds responsible for producing Planet of the Humans failed miserably to do their due diligence in researching the subject of energy. They ask the wrong questions and arrive at backwards conclusions, universally ignoring the majoritarian evidence provided by authentic activist movements – movements that the film fails to mention at all. The reason renewables have failed to replace fossil fuels is not because they can’t match the efficiency. There’s simply no profit for the fossil fuel companies in empowering people.

The film completely ignores the well-documented fact that General Motors killed the original electric cars by acquiring patent ownership and eventually destroying every model ever built. Planet of the Humans also fails to mention any of the dynamos invented by private individuals who were either bribed, intimidated, or murdered for their technology by the energy monoliths. If we have an efficient technology which doesn’t require constant re-fueling, the energy companies lose all of their power. But if those energy companies are the only source for powering our lives, we become forever dependent upon them. And why would any company ever relinquish that kind of power?

But producing energy is only half the equation. The filmmakers give no mention whatsoever to the gigawatts of energy unnecessarily wasted by this obsolete consumerist system.

Giant screens on Times Square and Las Vegas Boulevard continue blasting advertisements at empty streets while everyone remains indoors. Couldn’t those behemoth screens be deactivated during the lockdown? Doesn’t it take a huge amount of energy to unnecessarily blare those ads all day and all night long? It does. But someone paid good money for those ads. So we’ll continue wasting the electricity regardless.


Our system institutionalizes waste and inefficiency to the point that apples picked in England are shipped to South Africa to be washed and waxed before they’re shipped right back to England for sale. Tuna caught on America’s Pacific shores is shipped to Japan for canning, only to be shipped back to the U.S. and then trucked all around the nation for distribution. Products are designed for the dump, with deliberate obsolescence programmed right into them, ensuring that stuff breaks down as quickly as possible so that we have to throw things away and buy more of them. And all that garbage ends up somewhere, be it the landfills or the oceans.

And consider the outrageous energy consumption required to mine Bitcoin cryptocurrency. According to the Cambridge Bitcoin Electricity Consumption Index (CBECI), the Bitcoin industry currently consumes more than 7 gigawatts of electricity annually – more than the entire energy consumption of the country of Switzerland. This also means that Bitcoin mining consumes more energy than mining physical gold:

“Independent researchers Max Krause and Thabet Tolaymat calculated that it takes about 17 megajoules of computer power to generate US$1 in Bitcoin, even when the energy used for peripheral activities, such as cooling computers, is not factored in. By comparison, it takes 5 megajoules to mine US$1 in gold and 7 megajoules to mine an equivalent value of platinum. Aluminium-mining energy requirements, at 122 megajoules, topped the researchers’ list.”

We know the devices are bad for us, bad for the sweatshop workers making them, and bad for the planet. But it’s just a given that Apple Corporation should be able to continuously waste Earth’s finite resources to continuously manufacture slightly improved versions of their obsolete technologies in the most wasteful ways imaginable. Through the scarcity-driven mechanism of consumer capitalism, competing enterprises make slightly better versions of the same kind of gizmo, rapidly devouring rare earth minerals just to manufacture something destined to be tossed into a landfill a few months later. If the devices we’re addicted to for cat pictures and pornography are so bad for the environment, then maybe we need to find more wholesome ways of entertaining ourselves.

If there are too many tomatoes, we don’t distribute the excess to those who need them; we destroy them to manufacture scarcity and drive prices up. Just like Monsanto’s constant appeal that “we need GMO to feed the world” because “there’s just no other way to do it,” industry captains deliberately ignore the unthinkable waste inherent at every level of this system. Because waste and consumption drive the whole engine, and the creation of a different system would dethrone the present ruling oligarchs. When given the choice between making money or exercising ethics, the results are in for how multinationals  behave.

Our central problem has nothing to do with the number of people living on the planet. The problem is intentional inefficiency and unnecessary consumption. How much energy is wasted unnecessarily on a daily basis on truly nonessential activities like advertising, marketing, and war? How would the world be different if our our energy needs weren’t under the control of mercenaries and mafiosos?

Burning gasoline, for example, releases an ongoing toxic cocktail of chemicals that most of us are completely unaware of. As David Blume explains, ethanol is not only a more efficient fuel, it’s free from the plethora of unknown chemicals that prematurely wear down our engines, pollute the air, and compromise our health:

We all know what gas is; it’s a whole stew of byproducts –not primary products– from oil refineries. They make plastic. They make linoleum. They make pesticides. And then whatever is left over ends up being thrown together and they call it gasoline, and then they charge us to get rid of their toxic waste.”


Ethanol does not pollute your engine the way gasoline does

Regardless of how many people there are, we cannot sustain our present trajectory on an oil economy without destroying the biosphere. Instead of focusing how many people must be purged for us to continue wasting resources and living irresponsibly, we should be slowing down the death-spiral of cyclical consumerism. We should be codifying “right to repair” protections to make it legal for individuals to repair and update their devices. We should be outlawing the obsolescence model of manufacturing.

America accounts for less than 5% of the world’s population but uses 25% of the world’s resources, maintaining a notorious reputation as the world’s least efficient nation. The question is not “How much energy will it take for the entire world to live like  industrialists?” The question is, “Why should the rest of the world embrace this industrialized model as the only correct one?”

Why can’t America simply lessen her energy consumption? To say we can’t eliminate waste or become more efficient with our energy use seems intellectually lazy. But to then advocate the genocide of half of Earth’s human population crosses the line into megalomaniacal insanity.

It’s not the humans that are the problem. It’s the sociopaths who have led the human race down these dead-end roads with their limitless greed and arrogant power struggles. And they’ve convinced some of us to condone blaming the poor and the powerless for actions made by the rich and the powerful. A few wealthy capitalists ruined “freedom” so now there’s no other choice than to force the rest of us into China-style tyranny.

Counter to the allegations of despots throughout history, the size of the human population has never been directly responsible for as many of our problems as we’re led to believe. Even when there were orders-of-magnitude fewer people, oligarchs of antiquity were insisting that “overpopulation” would be the death of everyone. What they’re really worried about is how they’re going to maintain their power amid growing opposition. Just how in the hell are they going to control an increasingly complex living system that’s suddenly becoming aware of itself and yearns to be free?

The follies of the billionaire class are projected onto the so-called consumers of this system, all of whom are blamed for demanding these toxic products and inefficient systems in the first place. The Market, we are told, merely responded to demand with supply. But poor kids in trailer parks aren’t responsible for permanently polluting America’s aquifers and watersheds with hydro-fracking. Inner-city children living in the projects didn’t spark America’s imperial wars around the world. The crimes of industry are not done for our benefit, but for investment gain and power accumulation at the top.

If we built an efficient civilization living in harmony with the rhythms of life, we wouldn’t be prioritizing entertainment and convenience over health and liberty. Just because we don’t have enough energy to run our video games and movie theaters and shopping malls and dance clubs without fossil fuels doesn’t mean we need to cull half the human population. It means we need to finally grow up and realize that perhaps we were being entertained to distract us away from what was being stolen from us. It’s time to wake up to the fact that we have all been living in a dream world for a long time. We’ve allowed ourselves to become a nation of infants in adult bodies, chasing ass and alcohol in a hazy bazaar of meaningless pursuits. Perhaps it’s finally time for industrial society to put down the devices and give Civilization a try.

The timing of this film almost seems like a coordinated effort to get us to all accept the outcomes planned for us by the unelected technocrats holding our civilization hostage. Planet of the Humans abdicates all responsibility from the populace, implying that only the elites can do anything of consequence, in order to produce a feeling of helplessness and resignation in the viewer. Funny this documentary should come out right as Bill Gates introduces his new microchip-laced snake oil.

But Planet of the Humans wasn’t completely horrible. It did make some legitimate points about Greenwashing; the feel-good, false-solutions of big industrial “green” practices. We’re shown how industry naturally games the system to continue operating as usual with little to no impact on their bottom line. Rebranding is cheaper and easier than real change and regulators are typically so captured by industry that doing so often bucks regulators and even prominent environmentalists off the industrialists backs.

And it’s refreshing to see the faux green movement get another facelift, as many so-called “green” organizations are completely corrupt and have been for a long time. The documentary Cowspiracy also exposed this reality in 2014, showing how major environmental organizations, including Greenpeace, Sierra Club,, and many others, ignore the catastrophic pollution from industrialized animal agriculture. But even when compared with the downright depressing reality presented by Cowspiracy, the legitimate points made by Planet of the Humans seem needlessly hopeless and nihilistic in tone.

That the film sunk to dishonest lows in order to make these points created a wave of highly provocative indignation that seemed to make the necessary conversation even more pronounced. This technique is often utilized by the likes of Alex Jones and referred to as a “Meme War”. Both sides throw a mix of truth and lies onto an issue, like fuel onto a fire, to garner attention and outrage until a critical mass of irritated people get involved and sort the situation out. By again exposing the reality that there are no heroes coming to save us, Planet of the Humans lights a necessarily incendiary fire under the competing factions of the environmental movement and exposes inauthentic environmental organizations for what they are. In doing so, Moore ignites renewed gusto for the difficult conversations we need to have about energy, efficiency and waste, albeit dishonestly.

So if you decide to watch Planet of the Humans, be forewarned that it is notoriously imprecise, employing specious reasoning, defeatist hyperbole and a slew of outright lies with the seeming intention of undermining the entire environmental movement, and possibly even encouraging people to kill themselves by propagating a false message about the hopelessness of all existence. Watch at your own risk and with your bullshit detector turned up to “Fox News”.


Hall-Monitor Hypochondriacs

Why it is easier to fool people than it is to convince them that they’ve been fooled?

The corporate media have driven many well-meaning and highly educated people into a Coronavirus-fueled, Obsessive-Compulsive frenzy. Literally overnight, countless citizens suddenly became Facebook-epidemiologists with pseudo-degrees in Medical Microbiology, policing their friends and neighbors about how they should behave, what they should wear and who they should be associating with. Fueling the hysteria are the Panic Patrol, ladling servings of distorted propaganda into our brain bowls, like the New York Post’s alarmist reports of “unprecedented” mass graves in New York City.

isle of tears

But as Elizabeth Nolan Brown explains in her piece, “No, NYC Is Not Running Out of Burial Space Due to COVID-19,” these graves are not new, nor are they anything to get excited about:

Century-and-a-half-old Bronx burial site sparks panic on social media. The COVID-19 death toll in New York City right now is chilling (more than 4,400 at last count). So are images of coffins being buried in mass graves. It’s hard to see things like that and not feel the weight of those numbers all the more viscerally—which makes it all the more imperative to contextualize and not sensationalize those images.

Unfortunately, a lot of professional media has been erring on the side of LOOK AT WHAT AMERICA HAS COME TO: THERE ARE SO MANY DEAD BODIES THEY HAVE TO START HIRING PEOPLE TO DIG MASS GRAVES. The city cemetary [sic] on Hart Island is indeed tragic. It has been for the past 151 years. ‘Since 1869, prison labor has been used to bury unclaimed and unidentified New Yorkers in mass graves of 150 adults or 1000 infants,’ states the Hart Island Project website…‘Since 1980, 68,955 people have been buried in mass graves on Hart Island,’ notes the Project, which is dedicated to telling stories of those laid to rest there.”

Funny how the New York Post divorces these 151-year-old mass graves from any historical context. In a city of millions, unclaimed bodies are a regular occurrence that hospitals have to do something with. But the Post deliberately framed this as a new development, omitting what are arguably the most important details of the story while accentuating the emotion of fear.

But the New York Post isn’t the only publication in the nation distorting the information. Most of the mainstream media are guilty of indulging in the temptation to sensationalize their stories for ratings. After all, they’ve got to generate advertising revenue somehow.

This is why it’s still largely unknown to most Americans that the number of people infected by Coronavirus is now estimated to be 50 to 80 TIMES higher than reported. This critical detail means that COVID-19 is far less deadly than the rumors that doomsayers might otherwise have us believe.

As reported by ABC News:

A critical question in the path towards the future is how many people actually have protective novel Coronavirus antibodies and possible immunity? Two research teams in California – backed by armies of dedicated volunteers – set out to answer this very question and the first set of results are in.

“Our findings suggest that there is somewhere between 50- and 80-fold more infections in our county than what’s known by the number of cases that are reported by our department of public health,” said Dr. Eran Bendavid, the associate professor of medicine at Stanford University who led the study, in an interview with ABC News’ Diane Sawyer.

Dr. Anthony Fauci of the Coronavirus Task Force himself admits this reality in the New England Journal of Medicine:

If one assumes that the number of asymptomatic or minimally symptomatic cases is several times as high as the number of reported cases, the case fatality rate may be considerably less than 1%. This suggests that the overall clinical consequences of Covid-19 may ultimately be more akin to those of a severe seasonal influenza (which has a case fatality rate of approximately 0.1%)”

There it is from the horse’s mouth, folks: severe seasonal influenza. Not the zombie apocalypse.

E.R. Doctors Dan Erickson and Artin Massihi corroborated this fact last week, illustrating how corporate media are dishonestly manipulating the raw data, blowing the statistics wildly out of proportion and exacerbating a public health crisis by unnecessarily quarantining healthy people.

Breaking down the data, Erickson demonstrates that Californians have a 0.03% chance of dying of COVID-19 with a 96% recovery rate, New Yorkers have a 0.1% chance of dying from COVID-19 with a 92% recovery rate, and Spaniards have a 0.05% chance of dying from COVID-19 with a 95% recovery rate.

Erickson et al

Doctors Dan Erickson and Artin Massihi

So as the media continue to broadcast a 24/7 message of fear, the science shows that while COVID-19 is very contagious, it is otherwise no different from models of the seasonal flu.

Furthermore, countless brave whistleblowers from the health care sector continue stepping forward to expose not only the Death Certificate fiasco that pressures doctors to designate fatalities as “caused by Coronavirus,” but also the Medicare shenanigans that rewarded hospitals with $39,000 for every ventilator they employed; a monetary incentive which may have actually harmed many patients.

Minnesota senator Scott Jensen, who is also a physician, revealed that hospitals actually get paid more if Medicare patients are listed as having COVID-19, and receive three times as much funding if said patients are put on a ventilator.

As reported by USA Today:

Jensen said, “Hospital administrators might well want to see COVID-19 attached to a discharge summary or a death certificate. Why? Because if it’s a straightforward, garden-variety pneumonia that a person is admitted to the hospital for – if they’re Medicare – typically, the diagnosis-related group lump sum payment would be $5,000. But if it’s COVID-19 pneumonia, then it’s $13,000, and if that COVID-19 pneumonia patient ends up on a ventilator, it goes up to $39,000.”


Dr. Jensen’s sobering revelations remind us that the majority of our mainstream media cannot be trusted. And after decades of increasingly absurd propaganda, it should surprise no one that the  media’s spin doctors will only continue to betray the trust of their viewers, listeners and readers on a daily basis to further the agendas of their owners. What does seem surprising is the notion that there are still people who continue to purchase and partake of the corporate snake oil.

The corporate media have a long and disturbing history of lying to the American people. Facebook has a long and disturbing history of performing psychological experiments on unwitting users of social media platforms. And Bill Gates has a long and disturbing history of sterilizing millions of African women and paralyzing hundreds of thousands of Indian children with “life saving” vaccines. Are there really significant numbers among us who have any faith in these entities?

And since when does anyone trust the W.H.O.? Are the public really unaware of how many unbelievable scandals the organization is guilty of? Whether it’s protecting the nuclear industry from criticism following catastrophic meltdowns or ensuring the tobacco companies continue their toxic business unmolested, the W.H.O. are one of the most industry-captured “regulatory” organizations on the planet.

The most damning indictment of the W.H.O. may be Lilian Franck’s 2018 documentary trustWHO. Her work exposed how the W.H.O. helps the pharmaceutical companies and the nuclear energy industry more than the victims negatively affected by these institutions. As Oval Media puts it: “The WHO was created as a guardian of world health, but it has become the plaything of individual interests. … Lilian Franck shows a frightening portrayal of our present society, in which governmental politics is becoming obsolete.

In a vein effort to keep this incendiary information from spreading too rapidly, YouTube’s CEO Susan Wojcicki announced that her platform will censor any video expressing criticism of the W.H.O. as such criticism now represents a violation of YouTube policies. As such, Dr. Erickson’s briefings as well as Franck’s sobering documentary now lay among the censorship casualties.


YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki

Remember how the so-called experts at the W.H.O. told us in March that ibuprofen worsens Coronavirus symptoms and lethality, before later walking those claims back and finally dismissing them altogether?

And remember how the so-called experts at the W.H.O. told us in early April that there is no need for healthy people to wear masks? They told us that unless we are exhibiting symptoms it does no good to wear a mask because doing so causes the wearer to constantly fiddle with it, thereby touching one’s face, thereby increasing one’s susceptibility to the virus. But now it’s suddenly becoming real important for everyone to wear masks, so much so that in some American cities you can be jailed for up to a year merely for stepping foot outside your home without one.

And did you know that director of the W.H.O., General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, was leader of Ethiopia’s brutal minority party, the Tigray People’s Liberation Front, and worked as minister of foreign affairs for the violently repressive regime from 2012 to 2016? Have you ever hear about his “mishandling” of cholera epidemics in Ethiopia and Sudan? Probably not.

General Ghebreyesus was recently accused of turning a “blind eye” to China’s culpability in the pandemic, tweeting in mid-January that there was no evidence of human-to-human transmission of Coronavirus.

With this kind of track record, how can anybody place any trust this organization at all? These people are supposed to be the go-to experts, but continuously reveal what doddering nincompoops they really are.


WHO Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus

And speaking of people we automatically place confidence in based purely on credentialism, did you happen to catch those medical “professionals” engaging with the decidedly unprofessional behavior of filming synchronized dance videos amid the worst catastrophe in written history?

We’re told they were filming these dance routines for “stress relief” to boost morale,but how are the frightened peoples of the world supposed to interpret images of a masked mob dancing through the wards of the sick and dying? What kind of macabre message does such a broadcast, whether intended or not, send to the masses? This crisis is extremely horrific, a whole bunch of your neighbors just died, and the media is telling you that you and your family are next, so, let’s dance on the graves of the deceased and celebrate the impending holocaust”?


Health care workers at Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia performing their dance

If this were really the end-of-the-world disaster that justifies the authoritarian power-grabs currently locking our world down, wouldn’t it be profoundly disrespectful for health care workers to spend any time whatsoever practicing – let alone filming – synchronized dance videos? Wouldn’t someone realize how disastrous such a message might be to the credibility of western medicine? Doesn’t it seem inappropriate to engage in such frivolity during a global pandemic?

Furthermore, if the hospitals are as jammed up as we’re told they are, how on earth do any of those workers have the time to practice and shoot synchronized dance videos? Especially when health care workers are being laid off by the thousands right now? Kalispell Regional Medical Center alone recently announced 600 layoffs.

The official narrative doesn’t make any sense. And neither does our current obsession with masks. Wearing a piece of cloth over your face to shield you from virus particles is like surrounding your house with chicken wire to keep  mosquitoes away. The dastardly fiends fly straight through.

But there are hall-monitor hypochondriacs spreading fear like a debilitating virus who seem to entertain a delusional, eternal-life fantasy, believing they can protect themselves from death by covering their face, masking their human expressions, and rigidly policing their peers to do the same. Don’t we understand how our immune systems work yet? Are we not free to take some responsibility for our own bodies and health? How far do we have to go down this road before we see where it leads?


Bill Gates doesn’t have a college degree in anything, let alone any significant background in virology, epidemiology or medicine. And while neither he nor his associate Fauci are lawmakers or legislators, their edicts are given the force of law with unconstitutional arrests, fines, regulations, incarcerations and protocols. All of it justified by the promise that this is necessary in order to keep us safe.

Frustratingly, all this paranoia and anxiety may prove utterly counterproductive, with countries like Sweden that did not shut down schools or businesses experiencing a comparable death rate to the United States, which, quite the contrary, instituted 50 shades of authoritarianism.

A recent study by professor Wilfred Reilly examines the eight US states that instituted no lockdown or quarantine protocols. Despite not having government shutdowns of businesses based on the pandemic, these Rocky-Mountain and Midwest states all recorded infection and death rates below the national average. Because these states are less-densely populated, professor Reilly adjusted for demographic differences state-to-state and concluded that a state’s lockdown procedures have no measurable affect on the spread of the virus.

no ld

As Dr. Ron Paul further explains in this week’s Liberty Report:

“South Dakota has recorded a total of 7 Coronavirus deaths. Kentucky –a strict lockdown state– is 5 times more populated than South Dakota, yet it has some 20 times more Coronavirus deaths. If lockdown and house arrest are the answer, shouldn’t those numbers be reversed, with South Dakota seeing mass death while Kentucky dodges the Coronavirus bullet?”

So why are the corporate media so completely giving in to the hype, hysteria and hyperbole? Is it all just for ratings and ad revenue?  Why so conspicuously side-step such widely-available scientific evidence? Why would they intentionally provoke panic like this? Because these anxiety storms confuse and obscure the immense injustices that now threaten to run roughshod over the last vestiges of a formerly sovereign nation.

Whether we’re talking about the $6 trillion bailout rammed through congress that Kentucky Congressman Thomas Massie referred to as the “largest wealth transfer from taxpayers to the super rich” in history, or America’s continued military hostilities in oil-rich Venezuela, or the sharp rise in the authoritarian measures, or sudden expansion in the  global surveillance Panopticon (that were designed to exact control over our lives long before the Coronavirus provided a new and perfect excuse to realize the totalitarian wet dreams of the elite), it seems absolutely clear that the owners who run and control this system are exploiting people’s deepest vulnerabilities and insecurities to reshape society into a grotesque nightmare that none of us consented to.

Disaster Capitalists do not plan to allow the opportunities provided by this crisis to “go to waste. Pirates and profiteers always see golden opportunities in exploiting the natural human fears of death and uncertainty. The Great 2020 Panic shows us that we cannot trust a corrupt cabal of cronies to ever do the right thing when there’s money to be made and power to be gained, and we certainly can’t expect them to ever tell us the truth about anything. They don’t care about our health or well-being. They only care about our obedience.

At this point, anyone who fails to understand that we’ve been deliberately lied to about the lethality of the Boogey-Bug known as COVID-19 is either unaware of the evidence, ignoring the evidence, or deliberately distorting the evidence. Those who willingly sell-out their neighbor’s civil liberties in the vein pursuit of obtaining an illusory feeling of temporary security are hereby declared authoritarian ignoramuses. We’ve all been lied to, and anyone who fails to understand this fundamental reality is either a paid liar or functionally illiterate.

It must also be kept in mind that the very people who are ordering this quarantine — the governors, senators, industrialists, and elite medical consultants — are not the ones who are feeling the pain of the lockdown-induced austerity.


CNN Anchor Chris “Fredo” Cuomo (brother of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo) has used his position to chastise those who want to go outside, hosting strangely narcissistic broadcasts from his basement, chronicling his biographical experience with the virus.

But while Cuomo insisted that “staying home saves lives” from his basement broadcasts, he failed to practice what he preaches, violating the quarantine he vehemently supported as soon as it inconvenienced him personally. Chris was caught in his own embarrassing lies this April when he got into a highly publicized altercation with a passing cyclist who knew about Cuomo’s basement broadcasts and keenly asked, “Shouldn’t you be in quarantine?

Meanwhile, Nancy Pelosi appeared on a television interview from her opulent mansion, bragging about her inexhaustible stash of gourmet chocolate ice cream loaded inside a refrigerator that’s worth more than most people’s cars. Such a tone-deaf blunder feels reminiscent of Marie Antoinette’s infamous (and inaccurate) statement, “Let them eat cake.” Marie Antoinette never actually uttered the statement so infamously attributed to her, and even if she had, it certainly wasn’t filmed and broadcast for the entire world to see.

Even former president Obama demonstrated an unwillingness to lead by example when he violated the stay-at-home order to go golfing at the Robert Trent Golf Club in Gainesville, Virginia, which remains closed to regular golfers.

While the golf courses and the tennis courts remain open for the wealthy and the powerful, working class Americans are patronized with a chilling insinuation: “Let them eat ice cream.”


And While the Nancy Pelosis and Chris Cuomos of America suffer the burdens of choosing between gelato, sorbet and tortoni, millions of increasingly desperate Americans line food banks just to feed their families.

But the disconnect isn’t limited to national politics. In the face of a statewide eviction moratorium, Montana property management companies continue serving up eviction notices. The Montana Landlord Association is even suing Governor Steve Bullock for his order  suspending eviction actions during the statewide stay-at-home order. Even with our livelihoods and homes on the line, the governor’s order to stay home hasn’t stopped landlords from demanding we continue to pay rent with money we don’t have.

The wealthy and the powerful continue to castigate anyone who might be irritated about any of this. And the media demonize those irritated enough to protest the undeniable injustices taking place all around. And nothing epitomizes the profound disconnect from the citizenry and from reality than the mischaracterization of such protests as nothing more than the misguided cabin fever of a few hateful racists.

Maybe the government and media elites like Nancy Pelosi and Chris Cuomo are so insulated from the lives and stories of average working Americans that they can plead ignorance of these painful realities. But when they can no longer ignore criticism of their apathetic disregard, whether delivered by a “jackass loser fattire biker” or social media drama, they reveal their true callous indifference for the hoi polloi.

These pretentious performances are brought to you by the sociopaths who just can’t seem to grasp the concept of ethics.

No matter how many times the out-of-touch elites and their mouthpieces in the media criticize Americans for being impatient and stir-crazy, the fact remains that the central issue driving this civil unrest has nothing to do with boredom or cabin fever. Protests aren’t rising up all across the country just because a few racists are tired of being cooped up. The issue stems from the same root that lies at the heart of all our greatest crises: fundamental inequality.

When Occupy Wall Street protested inequality, the media painted them as drum-circle deadbeats. When COVID protesters react in kind to the same elemental force, the media portrays them as bored racists. It seems as though the media just don’t want to talk about inequality.

Any American who’s been anywhere near a TV, radio or internet device in the last three months has surely been subjected to the ubiquitous “protect your community” propaganda spewed all across the entire interlink. However, Americans still equipped with the capacity for independent thought and the attention span to compare sources are likely to smell a rat. Many prefer to err on the side of caution when facing the risk of spreading an allegedly deadly infection, but all of us should be very wary of social pressure to “just shut up and go along” in the face of such glaring chicanery.

If government and media didn’t have such a reliable track record of dishonesty, responsible citizens might be more willing to take one for the team; to lay back while civil liberties are temporarily abridged to permanently mitigate a crisis. But unfortunately, our government unremittingly demonstrates that any liberty we sacrifice on a “temporary” basis will never be returned. Case in point: 20 years after 9/11, the USA PATRIOT Act is still in effect, as is the “temporary” organization known as the TSA, as are all of the other corrosive elements we’ve allowed to erode away our civil liberties over the past few decades.

Perhaps lives could be saved if governments proved trustworthy enough to safeguard our liberties instead of constantly trying to undermine them. But since we all know that’s not the system we’re living in, the rights to freedom of assembly and the right to freely travel within society must be vigorously defended, which involves exercising said rights in direct violation of the dictates put in place by questionable and unelected, unaccountable groups like the W.H.O. and C.D.C.

Who really thinks that uncritical cooperation with authoritarian psychopaths can ever yield positive results?

Should protecting our rights by exercising them slightly exacerbate the epidemic and lead to a marginal increase in lives lost, the responsibility for those deaths lies not on the hands of the patriots who refuse to surrender to tyranny, but on the tyrants who made resistance necessary in the first place.

Given the fact that the medical impact of Coronavirus is comparable in many ways to the seasonal flu, but that the impact on the economy and civil liberties is totally unprecedented and completely out of keeping with the medical threat, vigilant citizens must at least entertain the possibility of ulterior motives on the part of industries and politicians who have pushed the lockdown as the only responsible solution to the pandemic.

They’ve taken our jobs, they’re taking our rights, they’ll be taking our homes soon, and then they’ll inhale the remaining crumbs before attempting to ram our bodies down the jaws of the New World Order’s blatant depopulation agenda, if we allow them to. We are bearing witness to the greatest crimes ever committed in human history, and we’re supposed to sit on the couch and eat ice cream while our children’s futures are flushed down the toilet?

If there’s going to be social pressure of any kind, it needs to be exerted upon the dim and lazy who refuse to acknowledge the mountains of evidence that confirm we’re all being lied to. Digging for the truth and having the courage to voice it might seem difficult, but what the oligarchs are proposing seems far worse.

Mass Solitary Confinement is the Psychological Torture of All Humanity

The fact that solitary confinement is a widely-recognized form of psychological torture, with measurable long-term physiological effects when the period of confinement lasts more than a few weeks, should concern everyone presently enduring the global house arrest of 2020.

Humans are social creatures, and the absence of love from our lives can literally be deadly. In fact, human touch is so fundamental to our survival that infant mortality increases measurably for new born babies that are ignored.

What cannot be ignored, however, is the rational response by both the Swedish and Taiwanese governments to the Covid Crisis. While neither country employed any of the brazen authoritarianism witnessed elsewhere around the world, both have exhibited statistically lower rates of pandemic deaths than other governments.

But that hasn’t stopped many locales from doubling down in their conviction that mass isolation is the appropriate default for ensuring public health, in spite of the evidence that it actually causes far greater harm.

Chronic social isolation is observed to create behavioral changes including increased aggressiveness towards unfamiliar peers, persistent fear, and hypersensitivity to threatening stimuli, leading researchers to conclude that social isolation actually causes transformations to the brain

As evidenced by a 2007 UCLA study entitled “Loneliness Is A Molecule“, the social side-effects of prolonged lockdown are worse for our health than smoking, obesity and heart disease:

“Changes in the immune system may explain why social factors like loneliness are linked to an increased risk of heart disease, viral infections and cancer. It’s already known that a person’s social environment can affect their health, with those who are socially isolated–that is, lonely – suffering from higher mortality than people who are not. Now researchers have identified a distinct pattern of gene expression in immune cells from people who experience chronically high levels of loneliness. The findings suggest that feelings of social isolation are linked to alterations in the activity of genes that drive inflammation, the first response of the immune system.”

Award-winning scientist Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai who holds four degrees from MIT, including a PhD in biological engineering, emphasized the importance of this study last week:

“Fauci, who’s basically their front man for pharma [says], “Isolate yourself. Quarantine yourself. Don’t get any sun.” Let’s look at that: There are an infinite number of papers – landmark studies – that show when you isolate people you create a detrimental situation that’s worse than obesity; worse than heart disease; worse than smoking. You basically down-regulate genes which create anti-viral activity, and you up-regulate genes that create inflammatory response. So think about that. You’re basically destroying the immune system by social isolation.”


We’re being collectively conditioned to view other human beings as a threat to our very existence when, in fact, the opposite is true.

Some communities are actually reporting more suicide deaths than CoViD-19 deaths. And suicide hotlines are getting slammed nationwide. Hotlines in Tennessee sustained an 800% spike in calls with similar trends occurring throughout the nation.

As reported by Bethany Ao:

A Los Angeles mental health clinic reported 1,800 COVID-19 related calls in March, compared with just 20 in February. Montana’s Department of Public Health and Human Services said it has seen calls double since March 13.

The most common measure taken by governments around the country and around the world ultimately amounts to institutionalized mass house arrest, dispensing added distress amid an already emergent national mental health emergency.

As with nearly every other peril in our society, the burden crushes our most vulnerable populations. For those with comfortable homes, ready access to outdoor recreation, and reliable at-home internet access, the nationwide quarantine may seem like a vacation. But for the millions of Americans who can’t afford such necessities, a stay-at-home order may feel much more like solitary confinement. Comedian and radio host Russell Brand elborates:

“I suppose this outbreak, more generally, helps us to recognize inequality; helps us to recognize that some privileged people are locked down in comfortable environments afforded to them by economic good fortune, whilst others are experiencing something much closer to incarceration. The metaphor of urbanization as a form of penitentiary is a well-worn one, i.e. we are all imprisoned by our economic roles, our social roles, and various other castings that we endure. … it’s a great prism for understanding inequality, for witnessing inequality. And I wonder what fluctuations we’ll observe if this goes on.”


It should be noted that “lockdown” is a term borrowed from prison parlance. Societies everywhere are being invited to accept increasingly authoritarian rule, justifying the employment of draconian tyranny as a necessary evil for defeating the virus. Even in the face of a burgeoning global awakening toward community and compassion, the apparatus of fascism continues to reach for the stars.

nepal shaming

“Public Shaming” cage in Nepal for lockdown violators

In Nepal, quarantine violators are publicly caged.

Quarantine violators in the Philippines are shot on sight.

Both Panama and Peru have adopted gender separation rules, allowing men outside of their homes only on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, and allowing women outside only on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, with no one allowed outside on Sundays.

Throughout Spain, children are not allowed out of their homes under any circumstances.

Officials in Taiwan, Singapore and Vietnam are using mobile data to construct an electronic fence that alerts authorities if you leave your home or switch off your phone, dispatching enforcers within 15 minutes.

Polish citizens in isolation are required to download a tracking app and take a compulsory selfie in their homes lest they risk a “wellness check” from the police.

The telecommunications industry now openly shares your location data with the governments of Austria, Belgium, Italy, Germany, and the UK, inching toward open tracking of citizens as now taking place in South Korea, Iran and Israel.

Canadian authorities recently the passed the Quarantine Act, mobilizing the Royal Canadian Mounted Police to visit homes and punish individuals who disobey with up to a $1-million levy and three years imprisonment.

In the United States, the town of Glenwood Springs, Colorado has announced that authorities will begin punishing people with up to a year in jail for going outside without a mask.

Michigan officials have announced a “social distancing crackdown” allowing police to criminally charge citizens, while Flint becomes the first city in the state to institute a 9 PM to 6 AM curfew that punishes violators with up to 90 days in jail. And in Kent County, Michigan, a Chief Circuit Judge has empowered police to arrest anyone suspected of having the virus.

Washington, DC, residents face 90 days in jail and a $5,000 fine just for leaving their homes during the outbreak. Similarly, residents of Maryland, Hawaii and Washington risk up to a year in prison and a $5,000 fine for violating the stay-at-home orders, with violators in Alaska similarly facing fines up to $25,000.

Kentucky residents are prohibited from traveling outside the state, with quarantine violators now legally subject to the administration of GPS ankle bracelets.

In Rhode Island, police have been instructed to pull over cars with New York license plates, commanding out-of-staters to self-quarantine for 14 days.


Rhode Island National Guard checkpoint

South Carolina’s police are now empowered to break up any public gatherings of three people or more.

Authorities in Daytona Beach, Florida as well as Chula Vista, California are now employing talking drones to enforce social distancing protocols in the city’s beachfront parks and on hiking trails to “dissuade law-breakers while maintaining a safe distance amid the ongoing pandemic.”

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti publicly stated that “snitches” in his city will get “rewards” if they tattle on neighbors who could be violating the stay-at-home order.

Ford Motor Co. is currently piloting Social-Distancing Wristbands that vibrate when workers come within six feet of one another.SD wristband


Emirates announced this week they are proud to be the first airline to conduct mandatory blood tests on passengers to test for CoViD-19.

And President Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner just created a task force that wants to create a real-time National Coronavirus Surveillance System. Edward Snowden has dubbed the coming surveillance panopticon the “architecture of oppression”. We are losing our freedoms, and mobile phone technology is the mechanism taking them away.

In a piece entitled “COVID-19: A Pretext for World Government” Kurt Nimmo warns:

The crazy thing about the COVID-19 “crisis” is how easy it is for the state and its media to frighten the public and manipulate ill-informed citizens into embracing economic and social decapitation.

Blinded by scary headlines based on irrational speculation—subsequently revised downward and published on page C-23 of corporate newspapers demanding a bailout—the American people have embraced authoritarian measures supposedly imposed to win a battle against an invisible enemy.

We are now beyond the point of no return. The inflicted economic and social damage has already taken a heavy toll and it will get worse the longer health bureaucrats, state governors, and a remarkably clueless president and his apparatchiks demand we stay imprisoned in our homes, frightened of a bug the state and its media have fictionally rendered as an insatiable and inescapable Gorgon of Doom.

The COVID-19 aggrandizement and propaganda campaign is not simply a public relations scheme for Big Pharma and its highly dubious—and often deadly—vaccines. It also serves as a cover for authoritarian measures the ruling elite have schemed to put in place for decades, measures designed to monitor and control everything you do.

And as a final dystopic cherry on top of the nightmare sundae, the City of Baltimore is attempting to keep tabs on its 600,000 residents by deploying a tactic previously used by the US military to surveil the populations of occupied Iraq and Afghanistan. The City is proposing the employment of private military contractor Persistent Surveillance Systems (PSS) to fly a heavily outfitted surveillance craft over the city. The drones employ an array of super high-definition cameras to surveil, record and catalogue every bit of outdoor activity citywide. If those indicators weren’t suspicious enough, PSS founder Ross McNutt has named this terrifying surveillance operation “Gorgon Stare”.


But what the increasingly ubiquitous eyes in the sky still can’t see is what’s going on inside our homes. As the fear narrative and its accompanying outrages ratchet up worldwide, governments and NGOs are considering ways to address one of the most prevalent vectors for the spread of the disease: contagion among families.

When we get sick, who is it that takes care of us? In the case of people who live in family units, that duty often remains within the household. As anyone who has ever cared for a sick relative can testify, we run the risk of catching the illness ourselfs just by caring for one another until the virus has run its course.

But for whatever reason, the World Health Organization has decided that the compassionate act of caring for sick loved ones may pose a threat to civilization itself, and must be brought to heel by Orwellian means.

As reported by Tucker Carlson:

Dr. Michael Ryan of the World Health Organization, announced that in response to the spread of this virus, authorities may have to enter people’s homes and remove family members, presumably by force:

“In most parts of the world, due to lockdown, most of the transmission that’s actually happening in many countries now is happening in the household, at family level. In some sense, this transmission has been taken off the streets and pushed back into family units. Now we need to go and look in families to find those people who may be sick and remove them, and isolate them, in a safe and dignified manner.”

Just so you know, we’re coming to your house, seizing your children and “isolating them in a safe and dignified manner.” Whatever that means. Now that’s not something that, under normal circumstances, officials casually drop during briefings. It’s the kind of statement that might trigger violence. People don’t respond well when you threaten to take their kids. But Ryan said it like it was no big deal. And that’s how the media treated it. The threat didn’t make headlines in any of the major newspapers in this country. That’s the kind of moment we’re in.

tucker 4

It’s encouraging to remember that while much of the world employs innumerable shades of unnecessary authoritarianism to “flatten the curve”, Sweden and Taiwan have both responded to this crisis rationally, instructing their citizens to stay home if exhibiting symptoms, and to otherwise simply be careful and practice mindfulness.

Both Sweden and Taiwan kept their schools and businesses open, yet both countries are somehow experiencing substantially lower infection rates and death rates than their quarantined neighbors. This suggests that lockdown measures are not only completely unnecessary; they’re wholly ineffective.


Taiwan has a population of nearly 24 million people, and as of 13 April has only experienced 5 deaths with around 300 total diagnosed infections. In contrast, the US state of Montana has a population of 1 million people, having reported a total of 10 deaths at the time of this writing. Taiwan has over 20 times the population in less than 10% of the area. And due to the close physical proximity to China, Taiwan was one of the first places outside the mainland to face broad exposure to the virus, with daily flights from Wuhan landing in Taipei as the outbreak started.

Explaining the success of Taiwan’s limited response is difficult. One interesting, and likely relevant factor is that a trained epidemiologist currently serves as Taiwan’s Vice President. However, in light of their highly anomalous infection and death statistics, many skeptics insist that such a low statistic indicates manipulation, with authorities under-reporting deaths in order to prevent panic or to keep the economy open. However, those with an understanding of Taiwan’s history and government values understand how Taiwan’s culture and government are very western-facing.

Taiwan has always appealed to the broader international community for recognition as an independent nation, meaning they are culturally open to the West as part of a broad effort to distance themselves from Chinese rule.

The World Health Organization has been accused of exhibiting a pro-Chinese bias in their handling of Taiwan and their broad refusal to address questions about Taiwan’s response to the pandemic. A Hong Kong newscast featured an interview with WHO Assistant Director-General Bruce Aylward in which the interviewer attempted several times to question him about the WHO’s stance toward Taiwanese membership and his thoughts on Taiwan’s minimalist response to the virus.

Aylward consistently refused to even address the topic, at first saying he couldn’t hear the interviewer and asking to move on to the next question, then ending the call when she insisted on discussing Taiwan. When the call was reconnected, Aylward refused to field any questions about Taiwan, saying, “We’ve already talked about China.”

sorry questions

Taiwan’s complicated relationship with China makes them a taboo subject for many global organizations. The People’s Republic of China is well known for extreme responses to media outlets and NGOs that undermine the “One China” policy. Taiwan is the dirty little secret of the international health community. Their response to the virus and its success have been deliberately ignored, in part because the WHO  considers Taiwan’s population in aggregate with China as a whole, which effectively erases their anomalous statistics altogether.

Additionally, were it widely known and discussed that a densely populated nation was continuing life as usual, with schools and businesses open and with gatherings unrestricted, other countries might have a more difficult time justifying their increasingly authoritarian responses.

For its part, Taiwan has voiced a willingness to share lessons learned from their handling of the pandemic. Should the international community find a way around the quagmire of China’s influence, they may find useful information in Taiwan’s decisive response to the virus. And for the many Americans and Europeans struggling with the crushing economic and psychological burden of a nationwide quarantine, the idea of a more measured response that both protects health without molesting our civil liberties may come as a breath of fresh air.


Another country that provides a successful example of effective strategies absent totalitarian insticts is Sweden. Like Taiwan, Sweden has kept its schools and restaurants open and has not instituted a compulsory restriction on gatherings. Sweden instead relies on voluntary measures for social distancing, and self-quarantine in case of illness.

The Public Health Agency’s lead epidemiologist, Anders Tegnell, indicated they were using a different approach than other governments but that the overall goal remained to slow the rate of infection and minimize death:

“Sweden has gone mostly for voluntary measures because that’s how we’re used to working. And we have a long tradition that it works rather well.”

Their efforts have produced a marked success, with a lower per-capita infection rate and death rate than most of Europe, all while avoiding the considerable economic and psychological detriments of authoritarian lockdown. Absent are the dystopic horror stories that have become all too common across the world. Also missing are the despair and desperation-inducing economic consequences of total economic shutdown.

Perhaps the condition of “life must go on” inoculates Sweden’s population against the worst ravages of the CoViD-19 pandemic. In most developed nations, economic factors are consistently one of the largest causes of stress and anxiety. It’s well-documented in the medical community that stress has an extremely detrimental influence on the healthy function of the body, especially the immune system.


So can we take Sweden and Taiwan as proof that global lockdown does more harm than good?

The viruses of fear and poverty pose the greatest risk to those who are already compromised. Millions of families across the United States cannot weather a $500 disaster. Such loss can be catastrophic, potentially leading to a loss of home and employment, spiraling an already-tenuous situation further out of control and turning entire families into statistics.

Many Americans are already walking the razor’s edge of stress and anxiety, partially due to economic desperation, and partially due to the paralyzing epidemic of social media dependence that now directs our collective attention into the mainstream of paranoia. Mental health disorders continue to rise at an accelerating rate as the economic alarms bells of poverty and income inequality ring like never before.

Americans have been poised on the edge of a precipice for a generation. Hundreds of millions work their fingers to the bone with nothing to show for it. The fruits of their labors disappearing into the pockets of an increasingly opulent oligarchy who allow the population just enough wealth to continue working, but not enough to ever take a breath. As a result, the financial stressors of lockdown-austerity will likely kill far more people than the virus does after the despair of bankruptcy, foreclosure, eviction and homelessness has run its course.


The sobering consequences of the lockdown beg us to question which  epidemic is worse: the CoViD-19 pandemic? Or the fear, isolation and torture used to “treat” it?

As the totalitarian conditions of the nationwide lockdown were introduced, we were all told that just by going outside, gathering together and holding our loved ones close, we might be putting others at risk. Our instinct to help was used against us, while the very conditions that abuse and deplete us were marketed as the panacea.

Tyranny by any other name still smells just as despotic. Indeed, it often goes by many other names: “Economic Stimulus”; “Common Good”; “Flatten the Curve”.

In short, Tyranny is called Safety.

By allowing our constitutional rights to be abridged and allowing our economy to be choked out of existence, we threaten the well-being of ourselves, our families and the greater community. We cannot trade our freedom for comfort lest we lose both entirely. We cannot assume that freedoms that are taken away will be automatically returned to us. We must never allow fear to corrupt our reason or rob us of our common sense. We must fight for our precious liberties while we still have them like our lives depend on it, because they do.

An Inconvenient Coincidence: UPDATE for 13 June 2020 #ExposeBillGates Day of Action

Oxitec, a biotech company funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, is moving to release genetically modified mosquitoes on Florida and Texas this summer. They’re touting mosquitoes as the “new syringe” to turn bloodsucking insects into “flying vaccinators.” But as shocking as this information seems, it’s just the latest in a long string of astonishing revelations that expose the seemingly limitless power and influence enjoyed by a man obsessed with population control.

great influence

In the months leading up to the global shutdown crisis of 2020, 1,400 of the world’s most powerful CEO’s of the world’s most influential multinational corporations sold off their stocks and retired from their boards. After months of preparing his endeavors to market vaccines to governments around the world, Microsoft’s CEO Bill Gates finally followed suit, stepping down in March.

It’s probably just a coincidence that his new vaccinations will feature patented Microsoft technology; microchip implants  designed for governments to eventually issue immunity certificates and “keep track” of us, all justified by the classic totalitarian excuse of “keeping us safe”.

Another eye-narrowing coincidence involves Gates’ rather cozy relationship with infamous human trafficker Jeffrey Epstein, who was also fond of the pseudoscience of eugenics. Flight logs confirm that Gates flew with Epstein in 2013, and Epstein actually “directed” Bill Gates to donate $2 million to a research lab in October 2014. On top of it all, Gates’ former chief scientific adviser, Boris Nikolic, is an executor to Jeffrey Epstein’s Last Will and Testament.

But the Epstein connection still only scratches the surface of Gates’ tentacular power grab since the unlimited profit potential of vaccinating every human being on the planet has attracted sociopaths from every corner of our captured “democracy”.

Washington’s CoViD-19 response team is staffed with Big Pharma insiders all connected to Bill Gates; Dr. Fauci sits on the leadership council for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation; The current director of the CDC, Robert Redfield, has received nearly $32 million from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation; The commissioner of the FDA partnered with Bill and Melinda Gates in 2017.

And just about every major organization proposing mandatory vaccinations receives major financial contributions from the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation and it’s proxies. For example, Bill Gates happens to be the World Health Organization’s number one donor, now that the Trump Administration has halted funding to the disgraced organization. And who could blame them? It was W.H.O. Director Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus  who tweeted in mid-January that there was no evidence of human-to-human transmission of Coronavirus. It was the W.H.O. telling us in March that ibuprofen worsens Coronavirus symptoms and lethality, before later walking those claims back and finally dismissing them altogether. And it was W.H.O. “experts” who told us in early April that there is no need for healthy people to wear masks unless exhibiting symptoms before again changing their tune for no coherent reason.


As mentioned, Mr. Gates stepped down from Microsoft just in time to participate in the big show known as Event 201 that took place in New York City on 18 October 2019.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, in collaboration with the John’s Hopkins Center for Health Security and the World Economic Forum, participated in this high-level pandemic exercise which lasted for more than 5 hours, complete with computer models, reporter reels and participant feedback. This simulation included news reports which were fabricated explicitly for this exercise and bear an eerily similar resemblance to real-world reports of Coronavirus outbreak that followed on corporate media.

Not only did the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation participate and set up the simulation, they also funded the very group who owns the patent to the deadly Coronavirus, and are already working on a vaccine to solve the current crisis. Gates has bragged openly about his exciting new implantable microchips that will feature alongside mandatory biometric identification plates inserted under the skin “like a barcode” that were engineered in coordination with the Rockefeller Foundation and establish the enactment of a social credit score system like that used by the Chinese Politburo.

This pandemic simulation known as Event 201 took place just six weeks before the first illness from the Coronavirus was reported in Wuhan, China. And to top it all off, Gates published a Netflix pandemic report which coincided with the outbreak, though it has since been touted as a prophetic prediction that went tragically ignored.

Now that is one hell of a coincidence.

When we’re scared we tend not to think straight or ask meaningful questions. We just want the Boogeyman to go away, in this case, the Boogey-Bug known as CoViD-19. So Bill Gates promises to come riding up on a digital unicorn brandishing his “wonderful” new vaccine to make everything all better. But Neil Ferguson‘s “Chicken Little” computer models that justify Gates’ proposed immunization of every human on earth have proven themselves laughably inaccurate. The zombie apocalypse never happened, but Gates is staying the course to require the imposition of mandatory vaccination anyway, effectively holding the world hostage at needlepoint. Gates is banking on his fear mongering to win the day. He naively believes that a majority of people will actually give everything away to feel safe, even if the cure is worse than the disease (which history indicates will likely be the case).

It seems perfectly reasonable to think that there could be some unexpected consequences from a worldwide distribution of a Gates Foundation vaccine. In fact, it might be dangerous to think that there wouldn’t be unexpected consequences, as the Gates Foundation’s track record with vaccine deployments is far from pristine. When distributing a polio vaccine in India between 2000 and 2017, the Gates Foundation caused 496,000 children to become paralyzed.

Gates Foundation vaccines have also caused millions of sterilizations in Kenya, with comparable accusations coming from across greater Africa. When pressed on the issue the WHO admitted that they had been developing a sterility vaccine for years. Of course sterilization wasn’t what any of these women signed up for. What may be an unexpected “side effect” for us, may actually be a fully intended feature to the shadowy figures who roll out these global vaccination programs.

Likewise in 2017, the Indian Government dialed back Gates’ vaccine regimen and evicted Gates and his cronies from India’s National Advisory Board, and Polio paralysis rates dropped off sharply. In turn, the World Health Organization were forced to admit the global polio explosion was predominantly caused by the Gates’ Vaccine Program.

That same year, in January 2017, just days prior to Trump’s inauguration, Dr. Anthony Fauci warned that a “surprise outbreak” would occur during the Trump administration. Dr. Fauci later plotted theGlobal Vaccine Action Planalongside Bill Gates prior to pushing panic in 2020.


NIAID Director Anthony S. Fauci

Fauci also co-authored an article published on 28 February 2020 in the New England Journal of Medicine predicting the fatality rate of Coronavirus would be “considerably less than 1%” and no worse than that of a “severe seasonal influenza.” So when it comes to the business of scaring the bejesus out of the American people, Fauci, like Hilary Clinton, has a public position that he keeps separate from his private position, especially when the profit margins affect him directly.

At a certain point these problematic facts become so numerous that using the word “coincidence” to describe them is no longer appropriate. You don’t have to be an honor’s graduate in political science to recognize that unpopular and illegal tactics are being shrugged off as happenstance by the corporate media while authentic journalists and whistleblowers are regularly demonized.

And while nationwide unemployment surges to levels greater than the Great Depression, the vast majority of Americans are expected to continue paying rents to the very banks who just got bailed out with Trillions of dollars in the biggest wealth transfer in human history; a wealth transfer that every single “progressive” democrat voted in favor of, regardless of whatever empty rhetoric they may have shouted during their disingenuous grandstanding. This latest stimulus package feigns the appearance of a benevolent gift to the people while distracting away from the trillions in exotic debt instruments that the average citizen will never be able to understand.

And anyone who has a problem with these measures isn’t allowed to hold protests to call attention to the brazen power grab currently afoot, not only because many people feel understandably apprehensive about participating in large congregations, but also because of the increasingly draconian measures employed all around us to permanently suppress literally every single aspect of the 1st Amendment of the United States Constitution.

Unless you’re protesting because of what happened to George Floyd, that is. In a head-spinning 180, America’s media and establishment figures all suddenly support violating the strict social distancing protocols they’ve been hypocritically berating us about for months per the official pandemic narrative. It seems that orthodox incumbents and establishment corporatists endorse disobeying these protocols in favor of lawful assemblies, but only as long as said assemblies involve the potential for exploitable virtue-signaling through  identity politics.

With every reversal, the official narrative grows more schizophrenic, and so too with those who pledge blind faith to it. For many Americans asking how we get back to normal, the breakdown of civil society may make the prospect of a vaccine seem like a welcome and necessary solution. But it’s clear now that the virus constituted little more than a bad seasonal flu, as Fauci himself has repeatedly admitted. It was a false alarm, but we’re told that we’re still going to have to make violent changes to our previously free society anyway.

And for those who think they’d be willing to take a shot in the arm to get their lives back, it might not be that easy. Many epidemiologists have expressed concern from the very beginning about the possibility of the virus mutating, just like the flu does, making it nearly impossible to vaccinate against. For the same reason you can’t simply “get a flu shot” and be done with it, different strains rise and fall in the population, meaning that a new vaccine has to be formulated every year (guaranteeing gargantuan profit potentials for those selling the obsolete vaccines). Viruses mutate, and there’s already evidence that the “novel” Coronavirus is doing just that, making vaccine formulation and distribution much less cut and dried.

A recent scientific paper awaiting peer review claims to have found a significant mutation in a sample of the virus collected in India. This is the first report of an active and functional mutation to the virus that would necessitate a separate vaccine. If confirmed, the 12-24 month time frame for development of a vaccine may be a Sisyphean task, with vaccine researchers laboring all year to roll the boulder up the hill, only to have it tumble back to the bottom as a new mutation sweeps across the global population. The very mutability of Coronavirus is part of the reason there has never been a vaccine for the so-called “common cold”, which many readers are likely aware is another variety of Coronavirus.

Many other inconvenient facts continue to utterly obliterate the mainstream’s orthodox narrative about the global Coronavirus crisis every single day. If we tried to chronicle them all this column would never be finished. And while the corporate media frantically rationalize instances of obvious synchronicity as nothing but happenstance or “coincidence,” entertaining delusions to these ends has become an exercise in futility, if not symptomatic of outright mental illness. There will always be anomalies, but when those oddities consistently sway the odds in favor of the same overlords, we can be sure they’re not random, accidental, or happenstance.

Remember that our government and media have a long-established history of lying to the people, whether it be Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq, or “9 out of 10 doctors recommend Camel cigarettes”, or “DDT is good for me-e-e!


Does anyone honestly believe anymore that the corporate media are earnestly broadcasting truthful information for the good of the people? Does anyone honestly believe at this point that our “leaders” are incapable of malice? And does anyone believe, after all of the illegal wars we’ve waged around the world, that the oligarchic elements steering our society share the same moral outlook on life that we do?

The sociopaths who kicked 5.1 million families out of their homes following the banker bailouts in 2008 and 2009 are the same sociopaths who use our military to provoke one unnecessary war for profit after another all around the world. But these genocidal overlords now care about keeping grandma and grandpa healthy? And are only trampling our freedoms and liberties ‘for our safety’?

It’s taken a long time for these fundamental truths to reach the people because the vast majority of “news” and information blasted at us through the corporate pipeline is owned by just six corporations; Comcast (aka NBC Universal and formerly General Electric), Disney, Time Warner, National Amusements, (formerly Viacom which previously absorbed CBS), Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp., and SONY. And all that media is controlled by just 15 Billionaires including Jeff Bezos (the richest man on earth) who owns the Washington Post, Michael Bloomberg of Bloomberg Media, and real estate mogul Warren Buffett. And as it turns out, Bill Gates has infiltrated the corporate media to such an extent that he now exerts surprising leverage over orthodox medical opinion.

According to James Corbett:

“The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation spends tens of millions of dollars per year on media partnerships, sponsoring coverage of its program areas across the board. Gates funds the Guardian’s Global Development website; Gates funds NPR’s Global Health coverage; Gates funds the Our World and Data website that tracks the latest statistics and research on the Coronavirus pandemic; Gates funds BBC coverage of global health and development issues, both through it’s BBC Media Action organization and the BBC itself; Gates funds World Health coverage on ABC news.

“When the NewsHour with Jim Lehrer was given a $3.5 million Gates Foundation grant to set up a special unit to report on global health issues, NewsHour communications chief Rob Flynn was asked about the potential conflict of interest that such a unit would have in reporting on issues that the Gates Foundation is itself involved in. In some regards I guess you might say that there are not a heck of a lot of things you could touch in global health these days that would not have some kind of Gates tentacle,” Flynn responded.”

These media conglomerates that have merged into each other over the decades have gradually gained more and more of a monopolistic stranglehold over the information that is allowed to disseminate through accessible channels today. In recent years we’ve seen an attack on the free press like never before with Orwellian censorship justified by Kafkaesque rationalizations. As the wheels of censorship turn faster, they grind away the old propensities toward an informed electorate by disallowing socially relevant and deeply necessary conversations altogether. Coupled with the media consolidation by the apex predators at the top of the broadcasting food chain, mass censorship slowly smothers what remains of authentic journalism, muzzling truth tellers and perverting the free press.

So it’s worthy of noting that Youtube, who have already become fanatically censor-happy these past few years, climbed to shocking new heights in 2020 when they began to aggressively remove from their platform any content critical of the official, government-approved narrative of the pandemic Boogey-Bug known as CoViD-19. Our leaders are apparently infallible, therefore no conversation whatsoever shall be allowed to transpire on the subject. This is all for our own good, apparently. We’re just supposed to shut up, wear a mask and follow the herd.

Don’t drink the Kool-Aid. Don’t be fooled by their “safety” rhetoric. Gates and the elites don’t give a fuck about you or your grandparents or the third world, beyond vaccinating us, microchipping us, and in all likelihood euthanizing us.

8,000 people die every single day from a virus called hunger that we already have a cure for. But the hunger virus doesn’t affect the rich, so they don’t give a damn about fixing it. Gates could use his wealth to feed and educate the world, but that doesn’t fall in line with the architecture of control that the overlords wish to construct.

Coronavirus affords our ownership class the tastiest surveillance rib they’ve dined on since the USA PATRIOT Act. And once again they’ve got the country all trussed up like a roast pig and they’re about to stick the apple in our mouth.

In the coming months and years we’ll be offered to sell off the last remnants of our children’s liberties in exchange for the promise of temporary security from individuals and organizations who have a long history of betraying our trust and exploiting our suffering to profiteer from disaster. But if we fumble the ball this time, there won’t be a free society to return to when things eventually get “back to normal.”


EMF Radiation Demonstrably Harmful To Human Health

In this time of universal isolation, the talking heads in the corporate media will increasingly emphasize the need to accelerate electronic communications technologies so that everyone can stay in touch. But these technologies are provably harmful to our health, a fact maintained by scientists and health professionals for decades and corroborated by additional evidence each passing day.

In November 2019 a retired Harvard scientist of applied physics named Ronald Powell Ph.D. noted that “there is NO SAFE WAY to implement 5G in our communities”. And Scientific American published an opinion piece in October 2019 entitled “We Have No Reason to Believe 5G Is Safe,”  warning us of the consequences we can expect from this technology:

Citing this large body of research, more than 240 scientists who have published peer-reviewed research on the biologic and health effects of nonionizing electromagnetic fields (EMF) signed the International EMF Scientist Appeal, which calls for stronger exposure limits. The appeal makes the following assertions:

“Numerous recent scientific publications have shown that EMF affects living organisms at levels well below most international and national guidelines. Effects include increased cancer risk, cellular stress, increase in harmful free radicals, genetic damages, structural and functional changes of the reproductive system, learning and memory deficits, neurological disorders, and negative impacts on general well-being in humans. Damage goes well beyond the human race, as there is growing evidence of harmful effects to both plant and animal life.”

Citing health concerns, Switzerland put a stop to the rollout of 5G this January. And by February more than 200,000 people from 204 countries signed an appeal tostop the deployment of millions of 5G antennas on Earth and 50,000 5G satellites in space, and to secure emergency high-level meetings with officials in governments and international governmental organizations including the European Union, the United Nations, and the World Health Organization.”


By January Switzerland halted 5G over health concerns, demanding further study on the impacts of EMF radiation. And as of February more than 200,000 people from 204 countries had signed an appeal to “stop the deployment of millions of 5G antennas on Earth and 50,000 5G satellites in space, and to secure emergency high-level meetings with officials in governments and international governmental organizations including the European Union, the United Nations, and the World Health Organization.”

In fact, more than 240 scientists, all of whom have published peer-reviewed research on the biologic and health effects of nonionizing electromagnetic fields, signed the International EMF Scientist Appeal, calling for stronger exposure limits to EMF radiation:

“Numerous recent scientific publications have shown that EMF affects living organisms at levels well below most international and national guidelines. Effects include increased cancer risk, cellular stress, increase in harmful free radicals, genetic damage, structural and functional changes of the reproductive system, learning and memory deficits, neurological disorders, and negative impacts on general well-being in humans. Damage goes well beyond the human race, as there is growing evidence of harmful effects to both plant and animal life.”

But the writing has been on the wall for a long time. Back in march of 2018 Wired Magazine ran with the headline, “5G Smartphones Cause Cancer; Big Wireless Doesn’t Want You To Know.”

Right now, as the world is distracted by media panic and when everything is supposed to be stopped, the telecoms are installing 5G transmitters as quickly as they can. We’ll be told that this revolution in wireless technology is necessary for keeping everyone in touch because unprecedented internet usage is taxing the current bandwidth. But just like everything else we’ve been told, the official story begins to break down the instant one begins merely scrutinizing its particulars.

Since merging last year, Sprint and T-Mobile have worked furiously to get the Fifth Generation of wireless technology up and running, even though scores of scientists and health professionals the world over have warned that the health consequences of toxic millimeter frequencies are provably profound. Now because of the Coronavirus scare, these telecoms can install this toxic technology, unimpeded by the pesky eyes of the public, installing their 5G transmitters every 2 to 10 houses. And they’ve got the perfect excuse if people start getting sick as a result of their toxic tech: they can simply blame the virus.

Similarly, if people start having heart attacks because the stress of this apocalypse is just too much to take, authorities may not hesitate to blame the deaths on the virus. They may do the same with the suicides that occur as well. Really, it’s a blank check to extract maximum profit from the most ruthless deployment of the Shock Doctrine the world has ever known.


5G “Small Cells” installed onto a street light in Baltimore

If these weaponized frequencies are so dangerous, why are we activating them at all?

Firstly, 5G can enable the smart trucks with guided AI that will make human truck drivers completely obsolete by and large, but for a few exceptions.

Next, the 5G surveillance Panopticon provides technocrats with a ubiquitous “smart grid” to monitor every square inch of the planet by streetlight, satellite and maintenance-hole cover. So they’re going to watch our every move and listen to our every spoken utterance.

And the fact that 5G is provably harmful to human health might actually be a feature, rather than a bug.

Discounting the insurance vultures circling ‘round the rotting carcass of America’s privatized health care industry, the big-time elites pulling all the strings have become more outspoken about their concerns regarding “overpopulation” in recent decades. As our society becomes ever more “advanced” our food, water and air become increasingly toxic, giving rise to a whole range of diseases unknown just a generation ago. In part this is due to the normalization of toxification the American experiment has allowed for.

For example, Monsanto seemed relatively prosecution proof throughout their entire century-long history of knowingly peddling harmful products that they publicly insisted were safe until they were repeatedly exposed as the merchants of death they really are. Big Tobacco exploited similar “scientific” measures to demonstrate the safety of their products, which kill 400,000 Americans annually.

When we consider the corruption of the very regulatory bodies tasked with enforcing safety and health standards throughout the civilized world, we can see that safety is never a priority if it impedes on profits. GM proved this with their infamous recall scandal, failing to initiate life-saving recalls for defective and deadly cars unless the estimated cost of cumulative lawsuits began to affect their bottom line. From trading derivatives on child slaves in sweat shops to selling weapons of war to bloodthirsty regimes, there’s nothing the captains of industry won’t do to expand their profits and preserve their power.

If present trends continue unchecked, the world that surrounds us one day in the distant future when things finally return to “normal” may not be a world any of us want to live in. If we allow the virus of fear to distract us during this critical time, we won’t be able to forgive ourselves later for the world we allowed to rise up before our very eyes.

Jeromy Johnson was a technology enthusiast with a masters degree in engineering who worked in Silicon Valley for many years until he eventually developed electrohypersensitivity from his overexposure to EMF radiation fields. The exposure resulted in symptomatic headaches, ringing in the ears, disorientation, insomnia, fatigue and brain fog, changing his life forever.

In this TED Talk delivered at Berkeley, Johnson eloquently illustrates how we can no longer trust the Telecom Industry’s claims regarding the safety of their toxic products.

A full transcript of Jeromy’s talk appears below.


I’d like to begin by asking a few questions.

Who knows if they have a wireless smart meter on their home? And who has their smartphone in their pocket right now? And who’s read the fine prints in your owner’s manual that says that the smartphone should never be within about an inch of the body?

I’m going to speak to why we can no longer assume that our wireless technology is safe. Technology has allowed us many benefits. It has connected us to people and to places and it has brought us convenience that few could have imagined just 10 years ago. It’s also brought us tremendous economic benefits. If we can look at how technology has increased in our lives in just the last eight years it started with the iPhone, and then tablet computing, ubiquitous Wi-Fi, the smart meter and the smart home and wearable tech, and now the Internet of Things.

If we could imagine how this would look, it would actually look like this — this is an artist’s rendition of what Wi-Fi in our public spaces looks like.

artists rendition

We could actually hear what microwave radiation sounds like with a device like this. So if anybody would like to hear what their smartphone or their smartwatch sounds like, come and see me at the end and I can show you.

But how does this affect our bodies?

That’s the question I want to ask because this exponential rise in microwave radiation can have effects. And that’s what scientists and medical doctors around the world are now saying, especially when it comes to children, because they’re going to be affected by this their entire lives. But today I also want to share a few solutions. I want to give everyone here things that you can do in your own lives in order to reduce this type of exposure.

So I actually got into this topic about five years ago. Before then I was a young technology enthusiast. I always used my smartphone and Wi-Fi. I’ve worked in Silicon Valley and have a master’s degree in engineering.

So if anyone had told me that wireless technology could have health effects I would have thought they’re crazy. So if you’re thinking that right now, I can relate. But this all changed for me over the period of about one week. I started to experience headaches, ringing in the ears, insomnia, and a fatigue and brain fog that I’d never experienced before.

And I shared this with a colleague at work. And she said the exact same thing happened to her husband when a wireless smart meter was installed in their home. So I went home that evening and I checked downstairs. And sure enough, we had a bank of wireless smart meters installed right below our bedroom in San Francisco.


So this started me on a journey to learn as much about this topic as I possibly could. I now have a website about this and I’m contacted by people all around the world every day who are experiencing the exact same things. It can be when they have a wireless smart meter installed, or a new Wi-Fi router, or even a cell tower placed across the street from their home. These are the common symptoms that people start to experience. This is actually from a published paper on the health effects of wireless smart meters.

Just here in the Bay Area, I’m in touch with dozens of people who’ve had their lives changed by this: medical doctors, high school principals, teachers and students, IT professionals, and even entrepreneurs. These are people who had a normal life and then over a short period of time went to where they could no longer work; where they could no longer go to an office. Some of them actually have had to move out of their homes because they can’t be in an environment which is normal now for most people. I’ve been in touch with people around the world who’ve become homeless because of this. There are many people that’s actually happened to.

And unfortunately, I know of people who’ve actually taken their lives because there’s essentially no place they can go. And this is something that society does not yet recognize.

My own life has been tremendously changed by this. After that first exposure to wireless smart meters, now I can no longer be in an environment with strong Wi-Fi for very long. So I can’t go to my work the way I used to be able to. Most environments are now essentially toxic to me. So even finding a safe place to live has become very difficult. Imagine not being able to live in an apartment building where everyone has Wi-Fi, or to be able to live next to a cell tower.

This is actually a proposed cell tower here in Berkeley. The residents have actually stopped it for now, but most churches and most schools now have cell towers on them. And so it exposes the people around them and of course the students who go to those schools.


This is a cell tower in San Francisco: that brown thimble on top of the telephone pole is a cell tower. And these are being placed every couple of blocks. So you could have an amazing home, and then one week a company can come and put a cell tower right outside your window.


So this is something that’s happening throughout the Bay Area and it’s going to be happening throughout the United States. So it makes it so that people like myself have a hard time finding a place to live, but it also is ratcheting up the exposure of the entire population.

So you might be asking, ‘perhaps some people are being injured by this, but if you’re not feeling it, it’s probably not that big of a deal’. And I think that’s a very common experience.

But it’s not as simple as saying that just a few unfortunate people are being affected by this. Because what the science shows is that we’re all affected on some level whether we can feel it or not. And the reason is because essentially, our bodies are electric. Every cell in our body communicates using tiny electric signals. It’s how our nervous system operates. So to think that we could put an exponential amount of microwave radiation into our environment and not feel effects is simply false.

To illustrate this I actually had many friends come to me when I started to experience this and they would say, “Jeromy, are you sure you aren’t making this up in your head?” And I thought this too myself. At the beginning.

But then, a year or two later, they would come to me and they’d say, “You won’t believe it, but now I’m feeling pain in my arm when I use my cell phone,” or “when I put it to the head,” or “when a new Wi-Fi router is installed.” So this is something where when people have more of an exposure, more people are being affected. And it’s not just headaches and insomnia. It’s much more serious things such as infertility, DNA damage, and eventually cancer. This is what the research is starting to show.

And you don’t have to take my word for it. I encourage you to start researching this for yourselves. If you simply Google “EMF research,” this is a screenshot of what you’ll find. The World Health Organization is the first link there. And they actually, in 2011, came out and said this wireless technology is possibly carcinogenic. Now there are scientists around the world that say it’s most likely carcinogenic.


The third link there is actually my own website. It’s there because the last five years I’ve gathered research from around the world that shows that we now have enough evidence to at least take precaution when it comes to this technology.

Isn’t this regulated? And this is one of the most interesting things I’ve found. The Federal Communications Commission is who is supposed to be regulating wireless technology, but if you look at the regulations they’re almost 20 years old. So that means our most advanced technology is using science that’s at least 20 years old.

But not only that, they’re based on a concept which is nearly 50 years old which says “if microwave radiation does not heat us, then it can’t possibly hurt us”. But there are now hundreds of studies that show that this is false.

So how is it that we have a regulatory body that’s not protecting the public? Like many public health issues in our country you end up having industry influencing the regulatory body. And that’s what’s happening here. So you have a revolving door between the wireless lobby and the FCC Commission. That’s what’s happening.

Plus, the science is heavily influenced by industry funding. This is a study by Dr. Henry Lai. He looked at 326 studies based on the biological effects of cell phone radiation. He found that about half of the studies showed effects and half didn’t. That’s pretty normal for this type of research. But what he found that was interesting was that if you looked at who funded the studies, 70% of the independent studies showed effects, and only 32% of the industry-funded studies showed effects.

berkely5So you see that there’s an influence in money on this topic, just like many other topics. Tobacco is another one where essentially the industry funded science that was going to show their products were safe. So, that’s the bad news.

Now I want to share some good news, and that is that there are solutions for this. We are going to have to have the industry start to create safer products, but there are ways that we can both protect ourselves and move industry forward. So one of the primary things we can do is to move towards fiber optics because this is a way that we can make our homes safer; our businesses and our schools. Fiber optics are safe, they’re secure, and they’re one of the fastest things we can use.

Another way we can go is to design products which are safer. So currently we have product designers and engineers working together, but we could bring in biophysicists and biologists to work together to create products that don’t just emit right underneath the FCC regulations, but emit the least amount of any type of electromagnetic fields as possible.

If smart meters had been designed to use either fiber optics or to emit just once or twice a day rather than the 10,000 times they do emit, then I wouldn’t be standing here today, and thousands upon thousands of people around the world would not have been injured by smart meters.

So what are some things that all of us can do? This is one of the most important things because everyone wants to know how to essentially protect themselves and their families. The first thing is to make sure we use our cell phones wisely. I mentioned that you don’t want to put the cell phone within about an inch of the body. The industry is telling us this now. So make sure you use speakerphone, get an air-tube headset; and when it’s on the body, make sure that you put it on airplane mode when it’s either in the pocket or sometimes in the bra. And when it comes to kids, we don’t want to have kids use cell phones. But if they must, then please teach them how use these wisely.

We can wire our homes. Most people don’t need Wi-Fi in their home. So move towards Ethernet; move towards fiber optics. And if you must have Wi-Fi, make sure you turn it off at night. You can get a simple timer so you don’t even have to think about it.

When it comes to kids, we want to reduce their exposures as much as possible. So if they use an iPad, put all of the data on the iPad and then turn the Wi-Fi off. In schools, I simply do not think we need to have Wi-Fi in schools because we’re filling those classroom with microwave radiation. We can have amazing technology, but it can be wired. And this is where I think we’re going to have to go.

When it comes to the smart meter and the smart home I recommend you to opt out. I’ve had wealthy early-adopting families contact me who went all-in on the smart home, and they ended up getting sick within a few months. So this is something that affects families. And I just recommend that you don’t go down this path because it’s a technology we do not need.

And one of the last solutions I want to get today is to create a safe place to sleep. Because this is one of the most important things. Because this is when your body rejuvenates. And it’s when you can make sure that everything’s off. So turn off all your wireless devices; unplug things. If you have a baby monitor I actually recommend that you turn that off, especially at night. I just do not recommend those for kids. And if you do these things, I know many people who’ve ended up sleeping better. They are much clearer during the day and their fatigue is much less. So this is something which I recommend everyone can do.

So in conclusion I want to say that this is a problem that we can solve. There’s tremendous people around the world working on this right now. And I believe we’re coming to a tipping point where enough people realize that this is an important topic and that there are solutions. So I recommend that you share this with the people who are closest to you. Because if enough people wake up to this issue then industry will start creating safe technology. And once they do that our entire society can move towards a healthier future.



Our listeners in Montana may be encouraged to know that the Constitution of the State of Montana, Article IX, Section 1 states:

“(1) The state and each person shall maintain and improve a clean and healthful environment in Montana for present and future generations.

(2) The legislature shall provide for the administration and enforcement of this duty.

(3) The legislature shall provide adequate remedies for the protection of the environmental life support system from degradation and provide adequate remedies to prevent unreasonable depletion and degradation of natural resources.”

It seems that the installation of untested wireless technologies, which are contested as extremely dangerous to human health by countless medical and scientific professionals the world over, directly violates Article IX of the Montana State Constitution.

If we have a right to a clean and healthful environment then we shouldn’t be guinea-pigged in an experiment that involves a technology associated with irreversible negative health consequences, even if those consequences are only a potentiality. As the provable carcinogenic effects of Monsanto’s Roundup plainly illustrate, it should be studied and we should be able to make an informed decision about our exposure to it, and that decision should be vetted by our communities by intention.

As with Monsanto’s Roundup, the telecoms tell everyone the product is safe while third-party studies are wholly ignored, and while activists sound the alarm to local officials who all-too-often dismiss their concerns until it’s too late. Monsanto were facing more than 800 lawsuits for their cancer-causing products when they were absorbed by Bayer AG. One of those lawsuits just resulted in a Missouri farmer declaring victory with a $265 Million verdict this February. And like Monsanto, the telecoms have employed “Preemption Clauses” which prohibit smaller legislative bodies from passing laws, statutes or ordinances that regulate, limit or prohibit toxic products for the explicit purpose of protecting the health and safety of their own communities.

But community rights activist Paul Cienfuegos has demonstrated on multiple occasions that corporate executives can’t lawfully make decisions about the health of our communities without our consent. He shows how Anti Corporate Farming Ordinances became the landmark acts which began to return control of communities to the locals that inhabit them. And in spite of preemption clauses, courts have consistently upheld the constitutionality of anti-corporate statutes:

We can no longer afford to endure the consequences that occur from outsourcing the management of our communities to external corporate interests.

Montana Doctor Blows Whistle on CDC’s Misleading Coronavirus Statistics

Dr. Annie Bukacek is a board-certified internal medicine physician and sole proprietor of Hosanna Health Care in Kalispell, Montana. Practicing medicine for over 30 years, Dr. Bukacek received her medical degree from the University of Illinois in Chicago, completing her internship and residency of internal medicine at Oregon Health Sciences University. Dr. Annie is a council member and fellow of the American College of Physicians, Montana Chapter, and in 2019 won the ACP laureate Award for Commitment to Excellence in Medical Care. She is a member of the Montana Medical Association Legislative Committee, was voted Best Family Physician in Flathead County in 2012 and 2019, and is a member of the Flathead County Board of Health.

Dr. Bukacek is now sounding the alarm about manipulated Coronavirus death statistics and warning Montanans not to believe everything we read, hear and see from so-called health “experts” who have proven themselves as unforgivably unreliable shills since this pandemic began.

She asserts that based on how death certificates are being filled out, we can be certain the number of COVID-19 deaths are substantially lower than what we are being told by the hysterical talking heads in our corporate media. As the rise of authoritarian rule threatens our civil liberties and basic human rights, citizens everywhere are realizing that the manipulation of Coronavirus death statistics is the engine of opportunity for certain individuals, institutions and organizations who exploit catastrophe as a means for securing profit and power.

We’ve included a complete transcript of her address below.


The decision for unprecedented, government-mandated lockdowns has been based on the alleged death rate of COVID-19. Is this death rate based on truth?

I posted the following question on facebook yesterday: “Know anybody personally with baseline good health who has been hospitalized for COVID-19 alone, or allegedly died from COVID-19?”

I asked the question this way because if you know someone personally, you may know their baseline health status and some details of the case. And being tested positive for COVID-19 does not mean you have the disease.

Even asking the question this specifically, I still got some people saying their spouse knows a friend of a friend of a nephew in New York, and some who answered “yes” but didn’t give the details, even though I asked them, “could you please submit some more details?” I got over 350 comments and received dozens of “no” answers, if not scores. Last I counted, there were 3 or 4 who answered “yes” and said their case fit the criteria, and they gave me some details. But even those 3 or 4, giving them the benefit of the doubt that they were answering honestly to the best of their knowledge, does that mean that the person they described was actually stricken with COVID-19?

Inquiring minds want to know, “Are the reported deaths from COVID-19 truly deaths from COVID-19?”

To address this question we need to discuss death certificates, since death certificates are the basic source for information about mortality. The discussion of death certificates is not a fun one. We have all grieved so many losses in our lifetimes. Still, we need to talk about it because they are the basis of the so-called death rate of COVID-19. History-changing decisions are being made due to these figures, despite the fact that they are flat-out wrong, based on data that is insufficient and often inaccurate.

Few people know how much individual power and leeway is given to the physician, coroner or medical examiner signing the death certificate. How do I know this? I’ve been filling out death certificates for over 30 years. More often than we want to admit, we don’t know with certainty the cause of death when we fill out death certificates. That is just life. We are doctors, not God. Autopsies are rarely performed, and even when an autopsy is done, the actual cause of death is not always clear. Physicians make their best guesstimate and fill out the form. Then that listed cause of death, whatever we list, is entered into a vital records data bank to use for statistical analysis, which then gives out inaccurate numbers, as you can imagine. Those inaccurate numbers then become accepted as factual information even though much of it is false.

So, even before we heard of COVID-19, death certificates were based on assumptions and educated guesses that go unquestioned.

When it comes to COVID-19, there is the additional data skewer, that is, get this – there is no universal definition of COVID-19 death. The Center for Disease Control updated from yesterday, April 4th, still states that “mortality data includes both confirmed and presumptive positive cases of COVID-19.” That’s from their website.

Translation: The CDC counts both true COVID-19 and speculative guesses of COVID-19 the same. They call it ‘death by COVID-19.’ They automatically overestimate the real death numbers by their own admission.

Prior to COVID-19, people were more likely to get an accurate cause of death written on their death certificate if they died in the hospital. Why more accurate when a patient dies in a hospital? Because hospital staff has physical exam findings, labs, radiologic studies, et cetera, to make a good, educated guess.

It is estimated that 60% of people die in the hospital. But even those in-hospital deaths, the cause of death is not always clear, especially in someone with multiple health conditions, each of which could cause the death. Clear cut causes of death might include traumatic brain injury (say from a car accident), intractable seizures or asthma, sepsis from overwhelming infections, respiratory arrest from a COPD exacerbation, ruptured aneurysm, metastatic cancer, massive acute heart attack, stroke or pulmonary embolism.

I will talk more in a little bit about why inaccuracy in the cause of death has declined for hospital deaths with the introduction of COVID-19 testing.

There are also unclear causes of death in ambulances. That’s a reality.

An example would be someone with multiple deadly conditions who gets short of breath and dies before evaluation can be done. Was it the patient’s underlying lung disease or heart disease that caused the shortness of breath that caused them to call the ambulance? Or was there a concomitant pneumonia or other problem? We don’t know because the patient died before the incident could be evaluated.

So an estimated 60% of people die in the hospital. As to the other 40%, it is estimated about 20% of people die at home and 20% in nursing homes in this country. The true cause of death in these situations usually remains unknown. The death certificate is filled out with the best educated guess. Unknown causes of death include elderly people or younger people with known heart disease who died peacefully in their sleep.

It is not acceptable to list “old age” as a cause of death, even though that may be more accurate than the cause of death we often list on the death certificate. We are allowed to state as a cause of death atherosclerosis or cardiovascular disease and that may be our best guess in a lot of these cases. But is it the truly the cause? Who knows. Only God in heaven knows.

So allow me to give a real world example.

One of my patients’ fathers died about 17 years ago. He was old and in the final days of terminal cancer. He also had heart disease but was too old and too sick to get heart bypass surgery. As he got near the end of his life, he came down with what appeared to be pneumonia. As my patient, this man’s son stood by his father’s sick bed at home, the man died. No one else was there. The mortician was called and removed the body at about two in the morning. The next day the funeral home called and asked my patient, the son of this man, what time did he die and what was the cause? The death certificate listed the man’s son’s best guess. The cause of death made by the diseased man’s son was made official. He was cremated so there was no second opinion. This man didn’t even have any medical training that gave the diagnosis to the mortician. This happens all the time, especially in poor urban areas, casual country towns and rural areas.

In the case of my patient’s father, did an accurate cause of death matter? Not really. But today, when governments are making massive changes that affect our Constitutional rights, and those changes are based on inaccurate statistics, it does matter.

There’s a US standard for death certificates that includes a line for immediate cause of death, followed by two to three lines of antecedent causes giving rise to the immediate cause, then one to two lines of other significant conditions contributing to the death, but not causally related to the immediate cause.

For an example:

Immediate cause of death:    sepsis.
Antecedent cause:    pneumococcal pneumonia.
Other significant conditions:     COPD

Let’s combine the information I’ve give you so far about the guesswork involved in filling out death certificates and apply it to COVID-19.

The analysis that follows requires the presupposition that in today’s medical climate, many, if not most patients sick enough to be hospitalized will be checked for COVID-19. It also requires an understanding of what we know at this point: that most people who test positive for COVID-19 have mild or no symptoms. Therefore, testing positive for COVID-19 does not mean a person is sick with it, or if the person died, that they died from it.

To drive this home, we need to understand how the CDC – a national vital statistics system – are instructing physicians to fill out death certificates related to COVID-19. Brace yourselves and please pay attention, and let what I am about to tell you sink in.

The assumption of COVID-19 death could be made even without testing. Based on assumption alone, the death can be reported to the public as another COVID-19 casualty.

The March 24th, 2020 National Vital Statistics System Memo states:

“The rules for coding and selection of the underlying cause of death are expected to result in COVID-19 being the underlying cause more often than not.”

The CDC report of cases in the US memo from yesterday states the death numbers are “preliminary and have not been confirmed”. That’s from the CDC website.

Here’s a quote even more laden with meaning. Steven Schwartz, national director of the Division of Vital Statistics says an answer to the question as stated in the organization’s COVID-19 alert, “Should COVID-19 be reported on the death certificate only with a confirmed test?”

Check out his answer, and I quote from this memo of which I have a copy:

“COVID-19 should be reported on the death certificate for all decedents where the disease caused, or is assumed to have caused, or contributed to death. Certifiers should include as much detail as possible based on their knowledge of the case, medical records, laboratory testing, etc.”

I’m sure you all feel so reassured the government is asking doctors to provide their very best guess work. Not.

Fact: “COVID-19 caused death” and “assumed death by COVID-19” are not the same thing. And for those who died from something else and had an incidental finding of COVID-19 positivity, dying with COVID-19 is not the same as dying from COVID-19.

I’m almost done, but want to clarify the process with another patient example. This is something that could happen commonly. It’s not a specific patient I’m thinking of.

Let’s say it’s a sick patient who goes into respiratory arrest at home, he is intubated at home by EMT’s, they put a tube down his throat to help him breathe, he’s taken to the hospital by ambulance, put on a ventilator in the ICU, put on antibiotics for presumed sepsis, given IV fluids because his blood pressure has bottomed out. The bacteria pneumococcus is found in the blood in sputum cultures, and pneumonia is seen on the chest x-ray. Despite the staff’s best efforts, he dies two days after admission.

Like I said, this is not an uncommon scenario.

The patient was found to be COVID-19 positive, and the doctor has the option of listing on the death certificate that COVID-19 is the immediate or antecedent cause because the doctor theorizes that COVID-19 contributed. Either way, it goes into the data bank as “caused by COVID-19.”

To reiterate, if a patient tests positive for COVID-19 and dies from another cause such as pneumococcal sepsis, it may be considered accurate to say that person died with COVID-19, not from COVID-19. Yet, the CDC guidelines list this case as one more COVID-19 death and they go to the next questionable death, they label that as COVID-19, and it goes on and on.

You can see how these statistics have been made to look really scary when it is so easy to add false numbers to the official database. Those false numbers are sanctioned by the CDC as of their memo yesterday, April 4th. I have made physical copies of those memos in case more people start looking at their website and they decide it’s too much truth for us.

I hope I was able to make my point. The real number of COVID-19 deaths are not what most people are told and what they then think. How many people have actually died from COVID-19 is anyone’s guess. Again, God only knows. But based on how death certificates are being filled out, you can be certain the number is substantially lower than what we are being told. Based on inaccurate, incomplete data, people are being terrorized by fear mongers into relinquishing cherished freedoms.

You can’t have a true case fatality rate without testing massive numbers of people. But that is another topic. What is that old saying? Something along the line of ‘figures don’t lie, but liars sure can figure.’

Thank you.

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