Garden City Guide to the Little Bigtown

In his classic, A River Runs Through It, Norman Maclean writes, “The world is full of bastards, the number increasing rapidly the further one gets from Missoula, Montana.” Though historians don’t agree unanimously on the exact translation of the word “Missoula”, the trading post that started out as the “Hellgate Village” has come to be known by many names over the decades, including the City-with-Soul, Zootown, the Hub of Five Valleys, and the Garden City. It’s also been referred to as the Little Bigtown, not only in reference to the Custer Battleground in eastern Montana, but because Missoula is the best of both worlds. It’s a bustling urban area with deer frolicking in the streets and Osprey hovering over Missoula’s many rivers, all teaming with fish. This emerald of the Rockies is the Golden Mean between urban and rural; progressive and classical. Missoula’s modern influence is world renowned, attracting worldwide attention from a wide range of audiences for it’s university, biodiversity, artistic relevance, outdoor enthusiasm, cultural tolerance, community focus, and stunning beauty. And while the community has been compared to places like Berkeley and Amsterdam, there really is nowhere quite as weird or as free as Missoula, Montana.

It’s Time To Abolish Wall Street

How is it possible that amid a $94-Trillion economy, median wages are in decline? America’s economic policy constitutes a kind of structural genocide, killing 18 million people per year worldwide through the violence of poverty and socioeconomic inequality. Economic busts are good for the rich because they create cheap labor and allow banks to seize properties the poor can’t pay for anymore. All that wealth consolidates at the top to the point where 70% of the population can no longer generate enough income to afford basic necessities without taking on ever-increasing levels of debt that they will never be able to pay back under current economic policy because the financial opportunities necessary to generate the income do not exist. The entire economy is based on unnecessary consumption that relies on advertising to create artificial demand, and rewards manufactured scarcity, be it arbitrarily priced pharmaceuticals or polluting watersheds to increase bottled water sales.

Of the 213 million working-age Americans, there are only 100.6 million full-time workers, leaving 107 million people to fight over 28 million part-time jobs, usually without benefits and usually at minimum wage.

The stock market is so big it’s now worth $30 trillion, but there is only $3.8 Trillion of hard cash circulating in the US economy. And any money you make from stocks comes from other investors pumping new money in.

The SEC defines a Ponzi Scheme as:

“an investment fraud that involves the payment of purported returns to existing investors from funds contributed by new investors”

The goal is to make money out of nothing, sell it to people, and then when the people can’t pay, to take their property. 83% of the stocks are owned by 1% of the population and constitute nothing but speculative gambling. The $700-Billion float of Apple has nothing to do with what that company actually produces at all. It’s simply a figure representing the speculations of traders. And for some reason, retirement funds are connected to this inflationary-driven market, coercing the whole society into participating in a siphoning machine that takes money from the lower class and delivers it to the upper class through different mechanisms.

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You’re Saying It Wrong

Words have the power to shape thought. They form the basis of society from everyday interactions to our hightest ideals. Since our ability to think and communitcate clearly is what most directly separates egalitarian nations from totalitarian dictaorships, attacks on language always constitute attempts toward authoritarian overreach. The Corporate mercenaries running our world get away with their pillaging by burying their crimes in eupehmismsm and convoluted sentence structures, thereby making terrible atrocities sound accpetable. The word torture becomes Enhanced Interrogation; theft becomes Civil Asset Forfeiture; genocide becomes Ethnic Cleansing; kidnapping becomes Extraordinary Rendition; assassinations becomes Extrajudicial Killing; military invasions are deemed Humanitarian Interventions; provoking a war is termed Crisis Initiation; and the list goes on an on. Such deliberate irony corrupts the very ideas our words refer to, leaving us in a hypnotic state of cognitivce dissonance in which we are compelled to disregard our own perception in place of the officially dictated version of events. The result is a world in which even the privacy of one’s own thought process is violated.

Publishing Is Not A Crime

Until now, the Justice Department has always distinguished between government employees who leak classified information and outlets that publish it, due to protections guaranteed by the First Amendment. The purpose of the First Amendment was never to lionize The Press into a privileged institution. It protects all persons in their right to print, speak, write, report and publish what they will. But the DOJ’s unprecedented decision to indict Wikileaks’ founder Julian Assange for violating the Espionage Act seeks to penalize Assange for simply “Encouraging and Inducing” Chelsea Manning’s disclosures. Despite rampant innuendo from the corporate media, the charges against Assange have nothing to do with Wikileaks’ publication of Emails from the DNC and Hillary’s private server, but for revealing the war crimes of the Bush Administration. The Espionage Act has always been used as a weapon used to attack free speech and dissent, but now threatens to finally bring about Orwellian censorship. We are all Julian Assange.


Everything Is True, Unless It Isn’t

Mind is the matrix of all matter. Merging modern discoveries of science with ancient teachings from civilizations the world over, how we define reality and collective consciousness has grown from merely what we can interpret through our sense organs into a holistic incorporation of intellect, intuition and instinct. The dogmas of Religion and Science have begun to dissolve into a comprehensive equilibrium of knowledge based not on the naïve skepticism and fruitless competition of determining who is right and who is wrong, but an integrated accumulation of all available information. Presuppositions about what reality is are usually based on singular perceptions and limited life experiences. Because fractals are composed of representations of themselves, the smallest alteration to the pattern changes the entire matrix. Learning something new changes your mind and resonates throughout an empty-space reality that we perceive as matter. There is no spoon. There is only yourself.

Why Your Commander-In-Chief Should Be A Veteran


Combat-Veteran Congresswoman and Army Major Tulsi Gabbard appeared on Joe Rogan this week to confirm her candidacy for President of America, proving to be the only candidate articulating the vociferous anti-war sentiments of war-fatigued American soldiers. During her 16 years in military service, Major Gabbard has deployed twice to the Middle East as a combat medic, and today continues to serve in the Hawaii National Guard. Unlike virtually everyone else running for the Oval Office in 2020, Tulsi understands from first-hand experience and sacrifice what it actually means to be in war. She has also served for over 6 years on the Foreign Affairs and Armed Services Committees, working intimately on issues related to National Security and Foreign Policy. It seems only logical that anyone tasked with the responsibility of serving as Commander-In-Chief of the most powerful military in the world should be required to be a veteran of the awesome forces they command.