Bracing For Impact

Even in the intensely personal matter of choosing whether or not to go on living, the ideas and beliefs of others can be a deciding factor. Thus it is critical that people are aware, alongside arguments in favor of the right to suicide, of the argument that we must endeavor to live. To stem the awful rise of suicide in our time, many things are needed, from economic security and an end to illegal wars to easier access to mental health care. Yet some of the problem can be addressed just by talking about it. But if we try to suppress the whole subject, if we quarantine suicide from our consciousness and from public discourse, we run the risk of suddenly confronting it alone and unarmed when we are most vulnerable. None of us can truly know what we mean to others, and none of us can know what our future selves will experience. Bear witness to the night side of being human, the bravery it entails, and wait for the sun. And if you are struggling today, don’t wait until tomorrow to get help.




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