You’re Saying It Wrong

Words have the power to shape thought. They form the basis of society from everyday interactions to our hightest ideals. Since our ability to think and communitcate clearly is what most directly separates egalitarian nations from totalitarian dictaorships, attacks on language always constitute attempts toward authoritarian overreach. The Corporate mercenaries running our world get away with their pillaging by burying their crimes in eupehmismsm and convoluted sentence structures, thereby making terrible atrocities sound accpetable. The word torture becomes Enhanced Interrogation; theft becomes Civil Asset Forfeiture; genocide becomes Ethnic Cleansing; kidnapping becomes Extraordinary Rendition; assassinations becomes Extrajudicial Killing; military invasions are deemed Humanitarian Interventions; provoking a war is termed Crisis Initiation; and the list goes on an on. Such deliberate irony corrupts the very ideas our words refer to, leaving us in a hypnotic state of cognitivce dissonance in which we are compelled to disregard our own perception in place of the officially dictated version of events. The result is a world in which even the privacy of one’s own thought process is violated.

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