One Giant Hoax For Mankind

As the corporate media focuses international attention on the 50-year anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, our knowledge of modern technological limitations forces us to ask how a live television broadcast was possible from 240,000 miles away in 1969. We’ve all seen live broadcasts where parties experience significant delay time between question and response as the live signal crawls thousands of miles between them, then back to viewers. Yet, we’re expected to believe that CBS was capable of broadcasting live footage from the moon, fifty years ago, without any delay whatsoever. Unfortunately most who question the official narrative of the Apollo program insist that the image alteration and obviously faked television footage are evidence enough to prove NASA never went to the moon. Is it possible that NASA did successfully complete its mission, but concealed the truth with the magic of the silver screen by showing the world staged movie sets instead of the authentic mission footage?



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