Lessons From The Nevada Desert

In 1989 a brilliant young technician named Bob Lazar snuck some friends into a top secret test flight at a classified military base no one had ever heard of. The juvenile mistake infuriated his superiors, and would lead him to become one of the greatest whistleblowers of all time. Lazar’s legendary television appearance with George Knapp made “Area 51” the household name it is today. He told of an underground military base deep in the Nevada desert where science fiction becomes science fact: corporate military operations involving the back-engineering of captured flying saucers. Many dismissed the story as a hoax. The trouble with Bob is, the more you look into his story, the more obvious it becomes that he’s telling the truth. Several proofs haunt skeptics, and additional evidence continues to corroborate what Bob said from day one: that he worked on “an anti-matter reactor that allows spaceships to produce their own gravitational fields.” A technology that could change the world.


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