The Antidote To Despair

America is plagued by an array of pathologies that arise from hopelessness, despair, and the seizure of civil society. The suicide epidemic is a direct manifestation of a society ravaged by corporate pillaging. Neither of the two corporate-owned political parties address our systemic problems, and the obscene concentration of resources in an incredibly small number of hands reveals America’s greatest hypocrisy. Competition disappears before our eyes as Amazon secures total monopoly over online commerce and distribution. If Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods and the Washington Post didn’t frighten us, their wider move into the global business of law enforcement and security certainly should. Our antitrust commissions abdicate their responsibilities by allowing this level of consolidation of power to continue when 70% of the population can no longer generate enough income to afford basic necessities. Until our corporate coup d’état is reversed these diseases will only grow.


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