We Cannot Vote Our Way To Safer Railroads

The environmental catastrophe unfolding in East Palestine, Ohio has helped remove doubt about withdrawing misplaced faith in a failing system. The repeated bold-faced lying of officials, from EPA Administrator Regan to Ohio Governor DeWine and Transportation Secretary Buttigieg, has laid bare Democrats’ appalling indifference to the preservation of the natural world. All of the statements and actions by the industry and their puppets have made the indifference, contempt and hostility of the political class and their donors toward poor and working class Americans, not only perfectly obvious, but impossible to ignore. While God fearing, tax paying, rule following citizens continue obeying laws that are selectively enforced and naively asking their representatives to “do something about this,” the industrialists who own those politicians are slowly killing our children and laughing all the way to the bank.

Anyone remotely close to Ground Zero East Palestine knows that their loved ones are under attack, that the criminals responsible are lying right to their faces, and the responses predictably benefit those in power. Does anybody honestly expect daddy government to come and take care of them at this late stage of the game? Recent polls suggest that a majority are indeed savvy to the harsh reality that Daddy Government only caters to rich donors. Those in power can be depended upon to look the other way as long as they’re getting paid to. That means they’re complicit in helping these companies poison you and everyone you know.

Many Americans are beginning to discover that peaceful protest only works if your enemy has a conscience.

The people of East Palestine (and surrounding affected areas) are rightfully very pissed off right now, because they know they’re being lied to. They’re puking blood while bureaucrats tell them the air is clean. Jackals are swooping in with gaslight fairy tales written by criminal negligence. The locals are getting sicker and sicker and are well aware that the regulators and politicians are in the back pocket of big business.

When criminals write laws, people of conscience must stop cooperating. Lest they become criminals as well by aiding and abetting criminal activity through the implied consent of perpetual silence. The Nuremberg defense that “I was just following orders” has never been an adequate one and those who used it in the trial for which it is named were hung for their complacency. On the ethical question of who ultimately bears the karmic weight between the executioner and his political bosses who order the executions, courts have historically ruled against the former.

But what are we supposed to do about it?

Friedrich Nietzche famously observed that, “To predict the behavior of ordinary people in advance, you only have to assume that they will always try to escape a disagreeable situation with the smallest possible expenditure of intelligence.” The oligarchs running the country know this as well. And they test the obedience of their citizen subjects daily through our willingness to act against our own interests.

Anger is the appropriate response to violation. There is nothing more fearsome than a mother bear defending her young, but human society has become so inundated with propaganda messaging that we’ve actually been conditioned to feel shame and guilt for having an angry response to a violation. Our politically correct corral has cowed the surfs into thinking we aren’t “allowed” to get upset about injustice because that’s just unnecessary “negativity.” By this logic, poisoning entire regions isn’t considered negative, but calling out the fact that it happened is.

Americans’ pathological aversion to conflict has caused us to conflate cowardice with pacifism.

What are you supposed to do when your family are suffering and dying from untreatable illnesses that were deliberately imposed into the environment by greedy executives who then profit from the disaster? If someone comes into a house with a weapon and looking to rob and rape, are the residents of that home not allowed to defend themselves? And if so, what about when a corporation robs them of their health and finances and future?


The problem isn’t that there aren’t enough laws. The problem is they’re selectively enforced. Writing more laws disproportionately impacts small businesses and the non-wealthy. Mafioso oligarchs and corporate criminals have no respect for existing laws, and they aren’t about to obey new laws that don’t favor their interests. And when regulators have done their job and taken the maximum actions they’re allowed by law against the big companies responsible for horrible disasters and deliberate exploitation, nobody ever goes to jail. Instead, companies are given relatively inconsequential fines that amount to nothing more than a drop in the bucket – the cost of doing business – and the wheels of industry keep chugging right along. Since industry began infiltrating and capturing regulatory agencies, the revolving door policy corrupts regulatory power as a matter of standard policy.

The system isn’t broken. It’s fixed.

As this system is currently structured, nobody in power has any obligation to follow any of the laws, whether its cops, judges, lawyers, politicians or corporations. If your neighbor decides to burn a pile of tires on their property, the enforcement boot of the state would show up instantly to stomp on their throat. But a railroad corporation is allowed to do something thousands of times as harmful and maybe pay a little fine later on down the line.

Why do the citizens of the “freest country in the world” continue to bear the brunt of such evident tyranny?

If a poor food service worker makes a mistake on their income taxes (which are unlawful to begin with), they’re smashed in the face with a sledgehammer and branded a “tax cheat” while huge companies like Verizon and General Electric don’t pay a cent into the same kitty. If citizens continue to remain calm and follow the rules of this rigged game while their children literally puke blood, the criminals have already won.

We cannot solve these problems politically. We got here by thinking that the citizen’s obligation to the management of their communities begins and ends in the voting booth. It doesn’t. Industry controls the outcome of every election by donating to both mainstream political parties. It’s not broken. It’s fixed. And we must stop voting ourselves further into tyranny.

Citizens must stop pretending we can solve our problems incrementally or by piecemeal reform when all the levers of democratic power have been seized by snakes in suits.

Cancer cells can only thrive in our bodies when our immune systems drop the ball and fail to identify and exterminate them. In exactly the same way, America’s metaphorical immune system of the warrior class has been severely weakened by decades of endless wars that have sent the defenders of our communities overseas to fight and die at the behest of the same corporate forces now attacking the midwest. Those who had the instinct to protect their homes and survived that effort came back so broken that huge numbers of them took their own lives. How can communities defend themselves now? The cancer of corporatism has completely taken over the country, just like Thomas Jefferson said it would.

Train workers have voiced concern for years and even predicted something like this would happen. And it doesn’t take an advanced degree in engineering to understand that heavier trains carrying longer loads with fewer employees on tracks that aren’t being maintained properly constitutes a perfect-storm recipe for disaster. When railroad workers planned a strike to get the word out about these concerns, the Biden Administration passed legislation to stop them.

According to Free West Media,

US commentators also point to a possible link between the train disaster and the ongoing conflict between US railroad workers’ unions and the Biden administration. The unions have been on strike for months, one of the main reasons being rationalization measures associated with the acronym PSR: Precision Scheduled Railroading. According to railroad workers, PSR results in fewer staff, less maintenance, fewer vacation days, longer trains and questionable business practices, with railroad companies being forced to keep their trains moving as much as possible for profit reasons.”

But Biden is just the latest Wall Street puppet to sit ceremoniously in the Oval Office. Both corporate parties did this over a period of the past three decades at the behest of the unified engine of industry that has seized control of the government by paying off both sides. Both wall-street sponsored teams bear responsibility for the mushroom cloud of poison death, including Biden, Trump, and Obama. Administration after administration characterized by industry lobbying and deregulation. There used to be a law requiring the labeling and declaration of hazardous materials on transportation manifests, but the industry lobbied congress to get that law nixed. Train 32N that derailed in East Palestine, Ohio was carrying highly toxic chemicals that nobody in a position of power was aware of because it wasn’t declared; it wasn’t declared because the industry had successfully lobbied congress to remove the requirement. And these aren’t partisan decisions.

Norfolk Southern gave millions of dollars to dozens of politicians in key strategic locations to exert maximum and absolute influence over the governing policies. The result yielded mass layoffs amid share buybacks and executive bonuses. It’s also part of the reason Norfolk Southern exists as a regional monopoly. Nobody can compete with them. And while they bragged about electronic braking systems to excite their shareholders, they simultaneously fought against government regulations requiring them.

Interestingly, the Bezos-owned Washington Post could not find “a single regulatory change made by the Trump administration [that] caused the derailment to happen.” Of the several administrative decisions analyzed by Glenn Kessler, the only one that’s even remotely relevant has to do with Electronically Controlled Pneumatic brakes (ECP). While it is true that the Trump Administration’s Department of Transportation found the costs of EPC brakes “outweighed the benefits,” the liberal WaPo shares the conclusions made by the current NTSB Chairwoman:

NTSB chair Jennifer Homendy said on Twitter that the repealed rule was not relevant to the accident. “The ECP braking rule would’ve applied ONLY to HIGH HAZARD FLAMMABLE TRAINS. The train that derailed in East Palestine was a MIXED FREIGHT TRAIN containing only 3 placarded Class 3 flammable liquids cars,” she wrote. “This means even if the rule had gone into effect, this train wouldn’t have had ECP brakes.”

And while it is certainly true that Trump bragged quite a bit to industry donors about his administration’s efforts to remove the pesky burden of regulations, it’s also true that his predecessor bragged about it too:

“Now there’s no question that some regulations are outdated, unnecessary or too costly. In fact I have approved fewer regulations in the first three years of my presidency than my republican predecessor did in his. I’ve ordered every federal agency to eliminate rules that don’t make sense. We’ve already announced over 500 reforms and just a fraction of them will save business and citizens over ten billion dollars over the next five years.” ~President Obama

Even if these political players were conceivably honest, Buttigeig and the Biden Bros are powerless to regulate these companies because these companies have bought and sold the US government and all its puppet politicians 100 times over for countless years. The last time Biden was at the helm was after the Citibank memo, where bankers decided and directed every cabinet position within the Obama White House. Webster Tarpley observed in 2009 that never before in the history of the country had an administration been composed entirely of and exclusively from the Wall Street ilk.


Waving pom-poms for either side of the Coke/Pepsi dog-and-pony show is no longer acceptable for anyone sincerely interested in solving the problems of this failed state.

When the twin towers collapsed into their own footprint in 2001, George “Dubya” Bush was on the scene three days later. Yet, the worst ecological disaster in American history wasn’t worth a presidential visit in 2023. Instead, Biden went the other direction and left the country. Then later he couldn’t recall whether he’d spoken to the mayor of East Palestine or not.

Biden’s Administration have ignored the crisis in Ohio and daily make their priorities clear by not even mentioning it. In fact, when the crisis initially reared its ugly head, Joe Biden’s handlers got him out of the United States, launching his demented face to Ukraine, scuttling him as far away as humanly possible while the toxic dioxin cloud began to settle over the east coast. Biden arrived in Ukraine to midwife the exchange of billions of dollars in foreign aid that could otherwise be spent assisting with the domestic disaster. Meanwhile, the presidential tweets and statements seem to reveal that the official POTUS handlers may not have even let him become aware of the tragedy, as every single statement uttered from the White House drips with inconsequential nonsense.

The job of a politician used to involve lying and cajoling the masses on behalf of huge corporate donors; to screw the masses over while simultaneously making the hoi polloi fond of the chosen politician. And though seemingly of good intentions, this new savior’s hands are always tied by the inequities of yesteryear’s leaders and bad decisions made by previous administrations. To secure votes, the politician’s job was to make the voters at least feel like their owners care about them. Donald Trump seems to still understand this, as evidenced by his gesture of delivering truckloads of supplies to the recently traumatized people of East Palestine, Ohio including pallets of water emblazoned with the Trump logo followed by free meals at McDonalds. Whether Mr. Trump sincerely empathizes with the people of Ohio seems less relevant than the fact that he’s at least making the effort. So the former president is doing a better PR job than the current boss, meaning Biden and the democrats won’t even act like corrupt politicians anymore. They’ve somehow mutated into something even lower.

We cannot solve this problem with the same level of thinking that created it.

The belief that we can outsource the management of our communities by electing venal politicians who consistently deliver similar results has led our civilization down a blind alley where we are led by the least capable and most corrupt among us. Unless and until we put appropriate pressure on the captains of industry who own the politicians through the legalized bribery laundering program of campaign financing, nothing can ever get better for America’s poor and working class.

As was the case with Wal-Mart’s dead peasant insurance policies, the corporate state profits off of our death free of consequence by paying the watchdogs to look the other way. Norfolk Southern lobbied the 2022 midterm elections with $1.8 million. Shortly after the East Palestine disaster, Michigan Governor Whitmer announced plans to give $15 million of taxpayer dollars to Norfolk Southern, officially so they can expand their operations. Undoubtedly the company could sure use the cash right now to help pay off those fines they’ll be on the hook for soon.

Governor DeWine too must act in the interests of Norfolk Southern, but so many people are afraid of having their reputation ridiculed by notions of “conspiracy theory.” The sobering fact remains that Governor DeWine is obligated to serve his donors. Industry captains bribe politicians to squash worker strikes. The system isn’t broken. It’s fixed.

There are no political solutions.

Railroad Workers United had planned a strike at the beginning of this year to protest this very problem, but the Biden Administration declared the strike illegal. More than ever our collective survival requires people of conscience disobey unjust laws written by irrational authorities.

It is the duty and obligation of relevant workers to stop this from happening anymore and to cease working until reforms are made. Resign your office. Abandon your post.

If employees know that showing up to work might cost thousands of innocent lives, it is their duty to stop the potential of further harm, and it is the responsibility of their colleagues to support them. If rail workers are armed with the knowledge that clocking in will permanently poison an entire ecosystem as well as the drinking water of millions of people, it would be inconceivable to show up for work until drastic changes occur, no matter what the legal consequences may be. Those in power made the general strike illegal for a reason. It remains the obligation of freedom loving people to defy unjust laws.

Communities can and ought to adopt local ordinances that make this kind of corporate pillaging impossible. East Palestine could adopt a temporary injunction on the rail, shutting it down until the cleanup has been completed and verified by third party companies lacking industry ties. They could supplant industry preemption clauses by implementing community ordinances with force that’s exerted by residents who are deputized to enforce the anti-corporate laws. There’s also been talk of nationalizing the rail in a similar way to the US Highway system.

But none of the good ideas can ever take root unless the barriers to reform are forcibly removed, and that’s never going to happen in the voting booth. Waiting for the world to get better every four years has consistently resulted in more corruption, more pollution, and more tyranny.

Status Coup News interviewed an East Palestine grandmother named Stella who told them the railroad is worth $58 billion:

And they’ve already bought and paid for the government. They are the government. You know the billions of dollars that their lobbyists have spent buying our officials? … There is nobody to save us from this. We are going to be buried under a rock just like every other place that this ever happened to. And the ramifications from it are going to go way further than East Palestine. … We’re just another sacrifice that they’re willing to make.”

And now after nearly two months of ongoing reports from Ground Zero Ohio, the corporate media have stepped up the damage control efforts into full overdrive mode with a new round of Russiaphobia.

The Associated Press further minimize the situation by accusing anyone reporting the truth as an anti-American propaganda stooge attempting to destabilize the country through fear. If someone opposes the regime publicly the corporate media push their damage control operations into overdrive with ad hominem attacks accusing the disloyal sympathizer of betraying their country to America’s officially declared enemies, whether they be communists or terrorists or Russians. Even Bernie Sanders was accused of colluding with Russian interests and Rachel Maddow’s broadcast of fear made Russian attacks on North Dakotan infrastructure seem imminent: “What would happen if Russia killed the power in Fargo today?” When backed into a corner, corporate sociopaths triple down on their lies with easily disprovable logical fallacies, transparent political attacks and feeble misdirection. Among the most truly pathetic responses is the McCarthyite tendency.

Given the present late-stage of America’s infrastructural decay, and given the out-of-control greed exhibited by the captains of late-stage capitalism, and given the impotence of our bought-and-paid-for bureaucrats helpless to respond in the face of a crisis that was created by their campaign donors, this latest chapter in America’s ongoing disaster saga seems like a canary in the proverbial coal mine that if we choose to ignore, we do so at our peril. The people making the world worse have names and addresses. Since they own the mechanisms of enforcement, different kinds of incentives will be required if their behavior is ever to be adjusted.

In the context of bomb trains, it’s ultimately up to rail workers to defend the lives of their neighbors’ children and strike. Because the next toxic contamination could very easily happen in your back yard, and then it will be too late to protect your loved ones from exposure. Go on strike, for the love of God.

Shock Resistance



We all love stories. The story is vital to our cultural cohesion… But there is a story written in the blood of humanity that defies ethnicity, race and national boundaries squeezing the life from our cultures, stealing the natural wealth of our lands, entrapping us in prisons of fear, deceit, paranoia, and unjust hatred. The only key to free us from this prison is deciphering the story that we share; the story that the profiteers fear; the story that will dismantle this terrible illusion and inspire us to find we are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

As large-scale natural disasters proliferate in a frightening acceleration, how we deal with calamity is ultimately what defines us. Whether it’s a natural disaster or a premeditated war, what is the natural human response to catastrophic situations? Is it to exploit human suffering, or to help alleviate it? What is the natural human nature to tragedy and loss?

Before any discussion of human nature can begin, we first must take into account two absolutely critical factors with regards to our species:

1)  There is more than one kind of human nature

2)  In order to understand human nature, we must first take into account the fundamental human needs

On the second point, we cannot assert that humans are inherently violent creatures when so many cultures (i.e. the Hutterites, the Monnonites &c.) have demonstrated an intollerance of violence so absolute, that over the course of centuries they attain zero recorded cases of homicide. We likewise cannot refer to starving sectors of the human population forced to steal their food to survive, as criminals, because any organism that is hungry will find a way to eat, and if the society has dissolved any genuine economic opportunities to the point that poverty becomes mainstreamed for large sectors of the population (as is the case today), humans are not exempt from the drive to survive by necessarily overcoming obstacles that stand in the way.

Therein we can begin to get a glimpse into the real nature of human nature. Our precise nature, is to not be confined by our nature. Whatever our environmental circumstances are, the human organism thrives by overcoming those boundaries. Whether it is incorporating the use of new tools into our knowledge base, developing a resistance to advertising lures, or cultivating an adaptation to the limits of computer capabilities by ‘hacking’ various system limitations, human beings demonstrate a remarkable ability to overcome their initial environmental conditions.

In a similar way, the historical record illustrates quite thoroughly that in disaster situations, the natural human inclination is to overcome misfortune and help ease the suffering of others. Following 9_11, for example, most Americans were driven by a desire to talk, to be together, to grieve and to share their stories with one another. But to reiterate the first point of human nature – that there is more than one kind of human nature – not everyone saw the 9_11 event as a tragedy. Indeed there are disaster opportunists; a demographic of individuals within the sphere of the ownership-class who capitalize on catastrophe and profit from the misfortune of everyone else.


Viewing disaster as a clean slate that opens the floodgates for business is a response so violently counter to compassion and the natural tendencies of human nature, it has been coined by author and journalist Naomi Klein as the mentality of “Disaster Capitalists.” During emergency events, while the majority of people are distracted alleviating individual tragedies within the midst of the fog and confusion on the ground, legislators take the opportunity to implement anti-human policies and privatize public utilities before the dead have even been buried: Airlines, Telephone, Water and Electricity services are all taken out of the public sector and handed over to private corporations; school systems are re-engineered; populations are relocated while public housing projects are demolished to make way for expensive condominiums or luxury resorts.

Because the public sector would under normal circumstances, never allow their public utilities to fall into the hands of private corporations, profiteers require crises to fuel consent for the changes they want. When 9_11 threw our country into a state of shock, our collective story was ruptured and we’ve been sold a cartoon fairytale of our history ever since. When the natural human tendency was to grieve, the advice from America’s Commander In Chief, George W. Bush, was to “go shopping.” The message from our media was universally one of blood lust accompanied by an arrogant certainty of who were responsible within hours of the event. Overwhelmingly Americans were coerced into accepting that we were entering into a new phase of existence in which history and previous ideologies no longer applied; that the Constitution is “just a piece of paper.”

By losing track of the narrative, we’ve lost our sense of who we are collectively. We’ve ever since witnessed the rise of the police/surveillance state like never before. And at every turn we’re meant to believe that everything we see are the consequences of an incompetent government. This lie is nothing more than an elegant smokescreen, because it is preferable to be seen as incompetent when the alternative is to be viewed as insidiously evil. The War on Terror is not a disaster – not for everyone – in exactly the same way that “No Child Left Behind” is not a failure of a program, in exactly the same way that the Drug War is not a colossal malfunction for everyone. These policies and programs are incredibly beneficial to the elite, and extraordinarily lucrative for the ownership-class.

It is said that “Compassion Isn’t Profitable,” but imagine, if you will, two cars smashing together right in front of your house, followed by the screams of those injured in the collision. Is it your natural tendency to close the blinds, turn up your stereo and carry on as if nothing at all is happening right outside your door? Is it your natural tendency to watch what happens through the window but never interact with the victims themselves? Is it your natural tendency to go out there and take the wallets out of the pockets of those who are incapacitated? Or is your natural human tendency to go outside and help mitigate the pain of those involved? Whether it’s pulling people from piles of twisted metal, calling the authorities or simply being present and talking with those affected, it is more than likely that your natural inclination is far from doing nothing, or trying to take advantage of the situation for personal gain – that is, if you are a human being.

Similarly, if an avalanche buries a neighborhood near you, the natural human tendency is for the community to band together, rescue survivors and do whatever possible to help repair fragmented lives. Whether it’s attending funerals, administering fundraisers or digging through rubble for survivors, our natural inclination is not apathy or exploitation, but compassion.

So what are we to make of the mind that sees these situations as opportunities to exploit the vulnerability of the victimized?

Perhaps the most perplexing question of all is:

Where do the natural human tendencies for empathy and compassion fit into a system that is predicated upon a dependence of human suffering for its very perpetuation?


In the modern monetarily driven society the majority of us spend our daily lives in a constant and often fruitless quest to “make money.” This is an absurdity first and foremost because in order to “make money” one requires a printing press and some ink, because the business of “making money” is the exclusive prerogative of the U.S. Mint. But simply on the basis of utility, it seems a sobering reminder that we no longer live in a society wherein the individual places themselves into a niche based on their own personal talents and knowledge, ultimately to “make shoes” or “cook food” for the benefit of the majority. No. We now live in a world of individuals all driven to the obsessive absurdity of earning something which has no inherent value and is actually worth nothing. Moreover, if we’ve taken a wage it means that we’re more than likely working to build up the dreams of others while abandoning our own.

In a scarcity driven economic system, scraping together to simply make ends meet sustains a state of anxiety within the masses that effectively distracts us from socially relevant issues. After all, how can be become sufficiently educated about Corporate Exploitation if our already limited political energy is restricted to those times of the day that we’re not working jobs we hate merely to afford the housing and food we require to continue surviving?

Thus, the modern Corporate State has cultivated a society of individuals segregated from each other in every way imaginable, all living in individual houses watching individual television sets collectively ignoring ongoing damage sustained onto themselves, their neighbors and the planet as a whole. And whenever we stick our heads out of our individual boxes, the problems of the world seem so frightfully overwhelming that the new natural tendency of today’s post- 9_11 era is to forget what we saw and return to distracting ourselves with the meaningless entertainment – to continue placating our formerly inquisitive minds with messages of denial and egotistic hedonism.

We’ve somehow been convinced to draw our focus exclusively onto things that make us feel good and ignore the elephants in the room with the kind of pathological denial that misinterprets wishful thinking for positivity, confuses reality for negativity, and uses this misconception to sell anti-depressant drugs; Pharmaceuticals that can actually make us feel good about the suffering transpiring all around and injustices spiraling out of control; Pharmaceuticals that coerce us to be well-adjusted to living in a profoundly sick society. Their message is that if you feel depressed, it’s not because depression is the natural emotional state accompanying slavery, meaninglessness, injustice, exploitation and genocide, but because there is something wrong with your brain – a “possible chemical imbalance” they call it. There is no room left for humanity in such a Brave New World that institutionalizes insanity as the societal norm and marginalizes anyone who questions the offical narrative as a kook

As Dresden James famously stated:

“When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic.”


Because the takeover of our minds and the conquest of formerly free societies seems all pervasive, it is not difficult to understand why many of us have become tragically apathetic when it comes to even endeavoring to begin solving the major problems that befall our world. It has become more appealing to take the victim mentality cop-out and proclaim that, “There isn’t anything we can do about it,” because the alternative requires a courage that we’ve forgotten we possess in order to embrace. So the popular solution to solving large-scale problems has been commonly accepted to be political for a long time, as generation after generation is drawn like moths to the flame into alluring advertising campaigns that have actually convinced us that the correct persons voted into the correct offices can bring an end to the debacle. Many still cling to this perspective because it’s easier to shift the blame onto a single politician (who’s ability to limit the power of corporations that fund the very elections that got him/her into office in the first place is practically nonexistent), or shift the blame onto the disenfranchised who chose not to vote because they see the facade for what it is – a dinosaur that consistently fails to deliver beneficial results to anyone but the elite. We’re consistently seduced by the notion that we need only spend one day out of the year voting at our Elections to get a father/God-figure into power who will dictate the difficult decisions for us, and it is seductive because we actually believe that the world is too complicated for us to handle the responsibilities ourselves.

But what happened to the natural human tendency to help others in all of this? When did the natural human tendency to help alleviate the suffering of others transform itself into the egotistical individualism we see as the dominant social paradigm of the western hemisphere today? What happens to our humanity when the extent of emergency circumstances is so vast that it extends into every human life on the visible horizon, including our own?

This paradigm has spawned a new kind of genocide that forces people into a game of musical chairs, pushing them toward suicide when they inevitably lose  – because musical chairs, like monetarily driven governments, puts a lot of people on the curb, and benefits a tiny minority of the total population. It is a genocide that thrives on the “Pull yourself up by your bootstraps,” narrative; the “If I can do it, you can,” myth of individualistic triumph over adversity that instills guilt in anyone who fails to triumph in what we are told is the “freest and most prosperous society in the world.” Those who espouse this view usually conveniently fail to mention the 40 million homeless Americans walking the streets of our collapsing nation, which is a major part of what drives so many people to commit suicide today. Whereas Nazi Gestapo officers in the 1930’s would outwardly encourage Ghetto residents to kill themselves (thereby instilling a will to overcome the circumstances by means of reverse psychology) our system is far more insidious. Our system demands that anyone who works hard can make it, and that if you haven’t become successful it’s due to your own laziness and inadequacies.

The obvious flaw in this kind of logic was perhaps best articulated by George Monbiot, who stated that “If wealth was the inevitable result of hard work and enterprise, every woman in Africa would be a millionaire.” It’s the same failure in reason that somehow makes it easier to believe that 150,000,000 Americans are lazy instead of accepting the simple truth that 400 Americans are addicted to greed and power.

So on the strategic theatre, those currently in power depend on the Friedman model of infrastructure and societal breakdown to line their pockets and acquire additional power. They depend on our own learned helplessness to accept the world as it is – to internalize the lie that there’s nothing we can do about this because this is just “the way things are.”

Baby elephants tied to large trees learn that they are completely immobilized if they are tied to a stick in the ground, and this programming sticks with them into adulthood. The technique is so effective, that large adult elephants who trained by this kind of conditioning early in life, will not attempt a move to free themselves of their captivity, even if tied to a weak stick poked a few inches into the ground. Metaphorically speaking, our human societies are exactly like the elephant, our systems of government akin to the rope, the money that funds government analogous to the stick, and the corporate oligarchs comparable to the circus trainer. As the elephant could easily overpower the restraint of the stick without even breaking a sweat, so too can humanity easily overcome its enslavement. Just as the stick mentally traps the elephant in a state of perceived hopeless imprisonment, so too are humanity held in place by a rickety infrastructure of lies, scare tactics and propaganda so pathetic, that it can be toppled effortlessly if only we could band together as one worldwide organism and shake the shackles free. Two things hold us back from ever doing this – a fear of the unknown, and the false, implanted denial of our own power that maintains within us that we can’t do anything about the way things are.

Those who benefit from things being “the way they are” maintain a constant barrage of messages that keep the rest of us all locked into a mentality of victimization and helplessness that prevent us from ever conceiving we might have the power to rise up and change this exploitative status quo into something better.

Once the seeds of this strategic mentality are firmly planted into the minds of the masses, those minds are rendered sufficiently malleable into accepting the manipulative tactical execution of resource theft.


Tactically speaking, Corporate fascism requires sudden shocks to secure its agenda. This “Shock Therapy” secures radical gains in the visible short-term, making one of the slogans of the Disaster Capitalist (championed by Obama Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel) to: “Never let a good crisis go to waste.” Profiteers need crises to fuel consent for the changes they want. They require calamity to “wipe the slate clean” and declare previously sovereign societies open for corporate exploitation. Disaster Capitalism doesn’t simply profit from disaster – it hinges on it to maintain its infinite growth paradigm to the extent that the ownership class will go as far as creating disasters and intentionally destabilizing formerly secure regions in order to exploit their resources.

But for their tactics to work, they depend on our ignorance of the modus operandi. Their Shock-Doctrine profit model depends first and foremost that the people be unaware of the method. In this way, simply being aware of our history is a shock resistance against Disaster Capitalism.

So if the first step to turning this story around is to be aware, what is the second? Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty. If we’re aware of the Problem-Reaction-Solution tactic of Disaster Capitalism and remain on the alert for symptoms of the Totalitarian-Tip-Toe, the Corporate agenda falls apart like a house of cards.

To keep the disasters coming, all we have to do is nothing. But if we develop some shock resistance through historical awareness, it becomes more difficult for us to continue to be herded.


Gabrielle Lafayette is a journalist, writer, and executive producer for the Outer Limits Radio Show.
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