America’s technological obsessions take a toll on our health. Our bodies were not designed to deal with the explosion of EMF activity currently pulsing with microwave radiation everywhere in our environment via cell towers, Wi-Fi, smart meters and the Internet of Things. Your heart and brain are sensitive electrical organs that can be disrupted by exposure to EMFs. Pregnant women in China are required to wear Faraday clothing to shield the unborn from EMFs. Overwhelming evidence illustrates strong correlations between EMFs and infertility, DNA damage, cancer, cardiomyopathy and neuropsychiatric conditions. Meanwhile, individuals with electrohypersensitivity report headaches, ringing in the ears, insomnia, fatigue, migraines, indigestion, chest pain, and confusion. But not everyone who is sensitive feels it right away.

We should treat electrosensitive individuals as the canaries in the coal mine that they are, and seriously question our dependency on wireless technology. Just because the rest of us can’t feel the harmful effects yet doesn’t mean they aren’t affecting us.

Diabetes and heart failure are also linked to EMF exposures because electromagnetic fields and dirty electricity are associated with elevated blood sugar and diabetes. Thus, the closer you live to a cell tower, the higher your blood glucose.

Not only are children addicted to their smartphones, but public schools are now increasingly filled with laptops, tablets and online homework because Silicon Valley pushed tech heavily on schools to make an easy profit. And as public school children daily bathe in an ocean of wireless radiation, the tech elites make sure to keep screens out of their own children’s schools.

As with DDT and tobacco or asbestos and lead, captured regulators and scientists assure us EMFs are safe. And EMF pollution is unique from cigarettes and DDT in that its invisibility makes it easy to dismiss. But the effects are very real. Wealthy families who went all-in on Smart Homes ended up getting sick within just a few months, suggesting that we simply do not need wireless technology.


Even the wireless industry itself has begun acknowledging that users should not use their devices within an inch of the body, while encouraging the use use of speaker phone and air tube headsets.

Nobody should keep a phone in their pocket when it’s on. If tucking your phone on into a pocket or near the body, keep it on airplane mode to suspend the signal transmission of the multiple antennas.

You can visit Antenna Search to find out how close you live to cell towers in your area.

To further minimize your overall exposure, wire your internet with shielded Ethernet cables and move towards fiber optics.

Since your body rejuvenates during sleep, deactivate Wi-Fi at night.

Help reduce exposure to adolescents and children as much as possible. If your kids use an iPad, put the data on the device and turn the Wi-Fi off.

You can also seek out Faraday clothing to help reduce your exposure to the constant bombardment of EMFs currently in our environment.

Taking these steps can help to make our homes, businesses and schools safer.

The Telecom lobby might be well-funded and politically powerful, but we have enough evidence to at least take precautions when using this technology. If enough of us wake up to the health risks associated with wireless technology, industry will start making safe technology and our entire society can move towards a healthier future.

If smart meters were designed to use fiber optics, thousands upon thousands around the world would not have been injured by them. We should make sure that as we move forward with new technologies we make them made safe for biological life, and test them legitimately to make sure that they’re safe.


Search for cell towers near you at Antenna Search:

See which politicians receive donations from Big Telecom here:Open-Secrets


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