The 5G “Kill Grid”


Big Telecom funds the studies that tell us their toxic tech is safe. Now they’re rolling out an untested application of a weapons-grade technology to actualize smart cars and the Internet of Things. 5G is designed to deliver concentrated and focused electromagnetic radiation in excess of 100 times current levels, in the same manner as directed energy weapons. 5G is being unveiled in America first because the U.S. allows radiation thresholds that are orders of magnitude higher than other civilized western countries that acknowledge the cancer and health risks associated with wireless signals.

It’s no longer a subject for debate that wireless radiation is carcinogenic, neurotoxic, and genotoxic for humans. And it’s irresponsible to begin unrolling another untested technology when we’re not even measuring what our exposures are to existing networks. But thanks to the industry-owned FCC, the deployment of small cells and 5G cannot legally be slowed by local legislation.

America is presently enthralled in three epidemics that all funnel into a single epidemic; Suicide, violent crime, and opioid overdose all plague the United States and point towards an overall deterioration of mental health. If we examine these epidemics in the context of our EMF exposure we can see a clear correlation. But since the National Toxicology Program’s research only assesses the risk of a single cell phone, we have no way to evaluate our total exposure. Meanwhile we’re daily exposed to multiple wireless networks, cell towers, smart meters, and cell phones.

Dr. Sharon Goldberg warns that putting small cells closer to people’s homes and bedrooms is scientifically and economically dangerous. We’re told that 5G will allow lots of data to be transmitted over high frequency radio waves, which have designated for weapons but not communications because the signals are so easily disrupted by walls, trees, and even weather. Assuming that antennas will need a clear line-of-sight and require tighter spacing, carriers envision dense overlapping networks of small cells. Because existing utility poles and street lights can’t always support the heavy equipment, forests of unnecessary new poles are planned.

America’s radiation levels are not determined by the EPA or CDC or any organization that deals with health. Instead, America’s radiation levels are determined by the FCC, which does not assess human health impacts because the agency became completely captured by the wireless industry decades ago thanks to the Telecommunications Act of 1996.

Since the FCC is staffed by former members of the Telecom industry, Big Telecom influences our regulatory bodies to ensure that further expansion of their dangerous technologies goes on unmolested. This also means that much of the available science is heavily influenced by industry funding.

You can’t just roll out a research project on human beings unless you have their informed consent, as well as the approval of independent experts who have examined the research and are convinced of the safety of emerging technologies.


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