Everything Is True, Unless It Isn’t

Mind is the matrix of all matter. Merging modern discoveries of science with ancient teachings from civilizations the world over, how we define reality and collective consciousness has grown from merely what we can interpret through our sense organs into a holistic incorporation of intellect, intuition and instinct. The dogmas of Religion and Science have begun to dissolve into a comprehensive equilibrium of knowledge based not on the naïve skepticism and fruitless competition of determining who is right and who is wrong, but an integrated accumulation of all available information. Presuppositions about what reality is are usually based on singular perceptions and limited life experiences. Because fractals are composed of representations of themselves, the smallest alteration to the pattern changes the entire matrix. Learning something new changes your mind and resonates throughout an empty-space reality that we perceive as matter. There is no spoon. There is only yourself.

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