Tar Sands Tyranny: Big Oil’s Keystone Distraction


In January 2015, the 114th Congress convened for a quick-draw decision, exclaiming an exuberant”Yay!” in favor of completing the proposed Keystone XL pipeline. The proposed pipeline, if built, would funnel the world’s dirtiest oil – bitumen tar – from Alberta, Canada to the Koch Brothers’ refineries in Texas. Koch-funded Politicians in Washington vicariously spout “Jobs. Jobs! JOBS!” in a move to win hearts and minds, greasing up Americans with the promise of economic prosperity and energy independence. All they ask in return is that we shake hands with the devil, and turn a blind eye to an industry pushing the most toxic oil on the planet.

Piped into the United States from Canada, Tar Sands oil would be refined by Multinational Billionaires at Texas refineries that happen to be co-owned by Saudi Arabia, before being sold on the Global Market to the highest bidder. As Montanans lament the second major oil spill into the Yellowstone River in five years, we’re reminded that when it comes to oil pipelines, leaks are not merely a possibility. They are an inevitability. Since the expansion of Tar Sands brings an accelerated risk of spilling crude oil into one of the largest aquifers in the world, the kind of employment they’re peddling will likely devastate future generations the way that every other oil spill in recent history has dimmed the legacy of this planet’s formerly bright future for our children.

But while we squabble over the decision of our representatives to approve or deny this major pipeline, the entire Keystone XL debate may turn out to be a Red Herring orchestrated to distract our outrage while a vast network of other pipelines begin snaking their way through the political approval process, out of sight, out of mind, and under the radar.



Right now, an area of Alberta’s wilderness the size of Florida is being turned into a barren sacrifice zone. The Alberta Tar Sands is one of Big Oil’s solution to peak oil – that awkward moment when we realize that all of the crude oil that’s easy to extract has already been pumped, refined and burned. Their solution to the world’s energy woes isn’t to allow more advanced technologies to emerge and flourish unmolested, but to try to get at this rapidly diminishing resource with greater effort and more effective propaganda.

Referring to this process as “oil extraction” is tantamount to the “urban renewal process” of Nagasaki. But such euphemisms are necessary for public perception because this oil isn’t something that can be pumped, like it is in Texas or Saudi Arabia. Tar Sands oil is extracted by clear-cutting forests, digging down dozens of feet into the earth, then distilling that earth down by blending toxic cocktails of chemicals together with unfathomable amounts of hot water. Two tons of earth undergo this process to produce just one barrel of oil.


In order to make the profits they desire, the Oil companies aren’t just going to extract, refine and market their dirty Tar Sands fuel – they’re going to need to export it all to China, or at least to the highest bidder. Unfortunately for them, British Columbia, the country that stands between the Alberta Tar Sands and access to transportation to the necessary refineries, aren’t going to allow another leaky oil pipeline to be built through their country. So Big Oil’s next solution is to pipe the Tar Sands oil Southward to be refined in Texas for export.

KXL Exxport

And as the first order of business this week our intrepid representatives meet in Washington DC to discuss the approval of this pipeline. Speaking on behalf of Montanans is representative Steve Daines, who claimed this week that Montanans are universally in favor of the pipeline’s construction because of the apparent job creation it will provide. Daines proposes that the pipeline will create 42,100 jobs. And since economic opportunities are so scarce, such proclamations are likely expected to inspire hungry Montanans starved for work to stampede toward the industry. But Daines’ numbers seem to be in stark contrast with what the US State Department reported: a mere 6,000 jobs. Ironically, plummeting oil prices have adversely effected what jobs are already supported by the industry.

Of course, no matter how many jobs this actually creates is irrelevant. First of all, it’s not at all surprising that the word “jobs” appeals to a country of unemployed and homeless Americans. When we’re broke we’ll do just about anything to make a buck. What they’re not telling us in their multi-million dollar advertising campaigns regarding these so-called permanent jobs is how their definition of “permanent” entails any paid work lasting 365 days. In fact, Trans Canada counts any job created by the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline lasting up to 3 years as 3 permanent jobs (How Many Jobs Would a Pipeline Bring, if a Pipeline Could Bring Jobs? – Flackcheck.org). So if Joe Six-Pack is hired on as a construction worker for three years, they’ll count that as three permanent jobs, even though at the end of those three years, Joe will get laid off as soon as the construction of the pipeline is complete. So once the pipeline is built, how many of these so-called permanent jobs will remain? About 35. Not 35 thousand. Thirty-Five, as in one more than Thirty-Four.

When the pipeline is finished, the tradesmen who were conned into selling their children’s future for a dollar will be laid off. Will they pat themselves on the back for enabling the Koch brothers to import dirty Canadian Tar Sands oil to be piped down to their Tar refineries in Texas for transport to the Gulf for export to China (Koch Brothers Driving Keystone XL Pipeline from Canada to Cut Out Venezuelan Oil)? Will they be proud of their contribution to the clear-cutting of entire land masses, the deforestation of an entire country, the dwindling biodiversity, all in the name of extracting relatively small amounts of hydrocarbon energy that contribute to climate change and spiking rates of cancer? Many among us seem perfectly willing to engage in ecocidal insanity in the name of “Jobs. Jobs! JOBS!” as long as their home is located far away from their sins.  You can get a job with Blackwater as a murderous mercenary, or with Monsanto or Lockheed, but if you sell your soul for a bucket of coal, a road to hell you’ve paved for the whole.

Despite the mindless chanting of “Jobs. Jobs! JOBS!,” the only Americans who will see a dime of genuinely profitable monetary benefit from the exportation of this dirty sludge are named Charles and David Koch. But for their operation to work at maximum capacity, they have to pipe the oil down to the gulf of Mexico. British Columbia has prevented prior attempts by the Koch’s to transport the sludge to the Pacific, and with good reason. On average there is a major oil spill every month. As of January 2015, 24 major oil spills were documented in the preceding 24 months (Oil Spill Coverage).

But regardless of the ethical problems associated with these dirty oil jobs – that are likely to give cancer to workers exposed to them, how did Mr. Daines arrive at the number 42,100 if the US State Department’s already inflated numbers are barely one-seventh of that? Does he suffer from poor arithmetic? Or could he have a vested interest in getting people behind the Koch brothers’ pipeline? To find out, let’s take a look at his campaign contributors. According to OPENSECRETS.ORG, Steve Daines spent over Six-and-a-half million dollars to get elected, and the Koch Brothers were number two on his list of contributors, bested only by a Hedge Fund management company called Elliott Management. In fact, according to Heather Taylor-Miesle of the Natural Resource Defense Council Action Fund, Daines is so entangled with the Koch Brothers that Daines’ former campaign manager was hired to lead the new Montana office of the Koch-sponsored Americans for Prosperity.

And the Koch brothers are getting what they paid for. Daines has been a reliable vote in favor of dirty energy interests, sponsoring bills that rewrite the Clean Air Act to prohibit EPA from limiting carbon pollution at new or existing coal-fired power plants. Koch policies bleed into public policy vicariously through Daines who votes for legislation that would threaten Montana public lands by prioritizing drilling above conservation, and favors subsidizing dirty fossil fuels over investing in renewables, or even examining increased energy efficiency. That’s probably why Steve Daines was quoted by the Missoulian as saying: “Montanans want to see the pipeline approved and we’re going to keep doing the work of the people,” despite the fact that there are scores of vociferous Montanans demanding the prohibition of the proposed pipeline.




When it comes to lies, the crude cancerous boil that this is all somehow for our benefit or that we want to see this happen, really takes the cake. It’s predicated on the lie that we need jobs to get money; it’s predicated on the lie that we can’t live without money; the lie that we can’t live without oil; the lie that we can’t manufacture plastics without oil; and the lie that there are no alternative sources to oil. Perhaps one of my favorite pro-Keystone XL arguments that keeps coming up is, “How are we going to make plastics without oil?” Did you know that a 16 year-old Turkish girl figured out how to make cellophane out of banana peels?

The point here is that we can make plastic and fuel out of just about anything – it’s just a matter of chemistry. And if we actually educated our American children instead of brainwashing them to screw and drink, we might just discover that anything we want to create is possible, instead of relying on old-hat methods and stone-age technology.

The statistics, facts and information the mainstream networks are hypnotizing the people with is skewed by politicians, manipulated by money, and counterfeit propaganda by design. The hypnotic mantra “Jobs. Jobs! JOBS!” is effectively regurgitated by a populace facing poverty and unsure where to turn. The millions of starving, homeless Americans  asking for our pocket change is enough to scare many of us into accepting these jobs, regardless of the consequences. So the semi-conscious masses repeat this shortsighted, suicidal slogan ad infinitum.

But television viewership is dwindling, and the millions who formerly ate up the lies with a spoon and ask for seconds are beginning to change their tune and asking the important questions. How long do we have to walk this road before we see where it leads? Will we really sell our children’s future down the river and kick the can down the oil-soaked roads just far enough to keep from having to deal with the hard truths of reality? Aren’t the cancer statistics sobering enough? Or do we suffer from the delusion that, even if half of us can expect a cancer affliction, it won’t happen to me? No single drop believes it is responsible for the flood, or susceptible to the consequences.

And why is so much time, money and energy being spent developing this headache for North America? Why are we so obsessed with burning toxic fuels for energy when countless other methods of acquiring energy clearly exist? How have oil industry leaders successfully convinced us that THIS is somehow a better way to go than say, bio-diesel? How could we internalize the lie that ethanol made from wide varieties of organic crops for less than a dollar a gallon is an indisputable disaster when compared to the Alberta Tar Sands? How exactly did they convince everyone that Ethanol can only be sourced from Corn (which is the most inefficient means of obtaining ethanol there is)? How did they kill the electric car? Why do so many Americans think that Free-Energy technology is some kind of hoax perpetrated by wishful thinkers? And here is the 400 trillion-dollar question that absolutely must be asked: if oil is so goddam precious, why is it being squandered, wasted and allowed to spill so consistently?


Here we are in the “new millennium” masquerading as an advanced civilization with our iPhones and GPS-guided automobiles when just about all of it, every appliance, every vehicle, every computer, every stereo, every television, every microwave, and every radio station, are powered by the controlled explosions of burning dirty coal, dirty gas and dirty oil (but for Chattanooga’s Volkswagen factory)? It’s 2016 and we’re using prehistoric means to power our ever-expanding world technologies, and somehow we see ourselves as more advanced than the Mayans? -as more advanced than the mushroom?  The internal combustion engine is so pathetically outdated its continued use is a shameless outrage when innumerable replacement technologies exist and are repressed on a daily basis in the name of big oil profits and a continued monopoly of force by a petroleum-fueled military industrial complex. And it wasn’t even oil that originally ran the ancient technology of internal combustion – Henry Ford’s original internal combustion engine was powered by alcohol, not gasoline.

That hypnotic word “jobs” appeals to so many because we’ve lost our ability to generate income without selling our lives by the hour to corporations that are all-too willing to enslave us (and our children) for their own profit expansion. This proposed pipeline will leak as all pipelines do, and everywhere the pipeline touches, the aquifers will be compromised, drinking water poisoned, environments toxified, our futures sacrificed so some guy in a suit can put a handful of dollars in his pocket and feel powerful and superior for another fleeting day. They’ve dried up the economy leaving everyone chomping at the bit to make a buck to feed themselves and house their families. With or without the Keystone XL pipeline, if we continue to allow the Tar Sands to exist, they will continue to cause cancer for the people that breathe the air, cancer for the workers exposed to the tar sands, cancer for all forms of biological life that drink waters guaranteed to be poisoned by inevitably contaminated water systems, deforestation of apocalyptic proportions for the forests of Canada, and a climate of guaranteed rampant oil spills across this great nation.

And they have actually convinced a large number of well-meaning people that this will somehow benefit them in the long term. All of this requires a profound lack of imagination of pathological proportions, and an inability to remember even the most short-term history of recent oil spills and the permanent, devastating effects they had on people, animals and ecosystems exposed to the black sludge. Have we forgotten already the Deep Water Horizon explosion of 2010 that oil companies cleaned up by pouring degreaser chemicals into the gulf? Have we forgotten already the 2013 Mayflower spill that dumped Alberta Tar Sands oil from Exxon’s Pegasus pipeline and devastated neighborhoods in Arkansas? Have we forgotten already how the Yellowstone River was contaminated when an Exxon Mobil oil pipeline ruptured in 2011? When will enough be enough?



Is it just me, or is it becoming increasingly difficult to ignore the way our hair and clothes smell after stepping outside? Every fiber is impregnated with the stench of carcinogenic chemicals that permeate every square meter of air we’re exposed to, by virtue of the billions of gallons of fossil fuels being burned every moment of every day. Did you know that the World Health Organization considers second-hand tobacco smoke to be far healthier than diesel fumes? Just as a matter of volume, think about all of the smoke created by all of the tobacco smokers in Missoula combined. How can that volume of smoke even remotely compete with the amount of toxic filth pumped into the air around us by a single exhaust pipe? A lungful of tobacco smoke expelled into the air pails in comparison to an exhaust pipe continuously filling the air, and there are thousands of exhaust pipes continuously transforming our surroundings into an inhospitable superfund zone. And although we’re aware of how much damage this is causing us, we accept it as “Just the way things are.” For the lobbyists who might defend the toxicity of oil fumes as harmless, I encourage them to pipe in the exhaust from a car’s tailpipe into their living rooms for just a few minutes, or simply sit in a running car inside of an enclosed garage for a few moments and tell me then how harmless it is.

In school we learn that carbon dioxide and water are byproducts emitted via tailpipes from burning gasoline, but that’s not the whole story – how could it be? We’re also exposed to benzene, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, and a plethora of other sinister carcinogens, most of them unknown to the people because we’re burning so much more than just gasoline in our engines. Did you know that Chemical companies make deals with major oil corporations to get rid of toxic waste chemicals by adding them to the global supply of oil instead of addressing them responsibly? It started with the notion that we could improve car performance by adding lubricants, anti-rust agents and anti-icing agents, but it’s really a clever way for chemical companies to make a buck off of their waste products. 100,000 gallons of chemical X added to a few million barrels of oil seems inconsequential at first, but so many chemical companies are doing this now that we’re all burning toxic cocktails of mystery chemicals that mix together and burn together the results of which, we get to breathe together every day, as do our children and every other living organism exposed to them. We have no way of even knowing what we’re breathing in because when these chemicals are burned together they create new byproducts that have never been documented. We’re terraforming the planet into an environment that will no longer be suitable for humans to inhabit, and I’m not even going to bother getting into the discussion about climate change, because the fact of the matter is that the direct effects of oil are easy to measure because they’re so extremely toxic no matter how you slice it. An oil spill here, a few million cases of cancer over there – let’s focus on the toxins that we’re all breathing on the surface of the planet that are being expelled by the combustion of this extremely toxic fuel. Let’s focus on the systemic effects of spilling crude oil into our water systems. Even here in town, hundreds of miles from any oil extraction site, rainbow colored swaths of toxic petroleum glaze cover the streets. Those toxins inevitably end up in our aquifer – the lifeblood of our fragile existence here. All as a result of a small leak here, and a small leak there.

And one thing is for sure – its already the case that one in three of us will be affected by cancer some time in our lifetimes, and that statistic is becoming more desperate every day. It will not be long before most of us come down with cancerous tumors if present trends continue. If you’re reading this you have probably either yourself been directly effected by cancer, or know someone who has. I’m not saying that oil is the only cause of cancer, but its a massive factor when we consider how much of this carcinogenic sludge we’re breathing, drinking, eating and absorbing – oil is in everything. It’s ubiquitous. There are ten calories of hydrocarbon energy in every calorie of food you and I eat in the industrialized world: Fertilizers are made from natural gas, pesticides are made from oil, then we drive oil-powered machines to plant, plow, irrigate, harvest, transport and package the food in plastics made from oil. There are seven gallons of oil in every tire. Oil is in an overwhelming number of cosmetic products, from shampoos to nail polish.

Cancer is a relatively new disease. There are no records of indigenous peoples perishing from cancer, but I can name many personal acquaintances in my own life who have come down with some form of cancer in the last ten years, and many of these cases happened prior to the age of 30 – and the statistics are growing scarier every day. That’s an emergency epidemic, but we fail to hear the alarm bells for some reason. Perhaps we can’t hear them over the drone of “Jobs jobs jobs, jobs jobs, jobs jobs.”

But beings as we live in a fractal universe, the rule that “As Above, So Below” applies to a surprising number of situations within our own lives. Since we are inexorably intertwined with Mother Earth and the energies that bind the universe together, we, being microcosms of her, exhibit the symptoms of whatever she is going through. Therefore if the planet is in crisis, we are in crisis. Hence, if these festering scabs and cancerous boils that are the Tar Sands appear as tumor-like lesions on the planet’s surface, so too will we begin to exhibit unexplainable cysts and growths on our very bodies, even if we falsely believe we are truly disconnected from the whole.

Tar Sands oil is the dirtiest oil on Earth, and the promise of this pipeline creating long-term employment for you and I is nothing but a Pipe-Dream unless you end up being one of the thirty-five leak inspectors hired on for the long-term, which is outrageous in itself – only 35 inspectors to patrol over a thousand miles of pipeline for leaks. It isn’t difficult to see why many consider the construction of this pipeline an outright act of war.

manarrestedkeystone 20121119_tarsandsblockaders massaction-treesit11-191 XL-Dissent-Picture image.adapt.480.low human-chain-climate-white-house_jpg_492x0_q85_crop-smart

At the end of the day, this isn’t about powering our automobiles, or plastics making it possible, or any of the other garbage they feed us through the media networks. Even if all of us stopped driving our cars tomorrow, we’d make a relatively inconsequential dent in America’s consumption of oil. 75% of all the oil consumed by America is consumed by our military which are engaged in helping a few oligarchs take over the entire goddam world. This makes sense when we consider how many gallons of fuel it takes to get a single F-16 airborne, or how many gallons of diesel it takes to move a Bradley Fighting Vehicle just a single mile. The last time I checked, there are no solar-powered jets. And those oil-powered military vehicles invade countries that have resources – like oil – so they can perpetuate the cycle of puerile world domination until there is nothing left. Since the military machine runs on oil, and all of the easy-to-access oil near the surface of the crust has already been extracted, the desperation of the Tar Sands exemplifies the final gasps of an oil empire on the decline following two centuries of imperialistic domination written in the blood of all things sacred, finally stamping it’s period in the sands of Afghanistan – the Graveyard of Empires. They’re out of oil and cannot maintain their tactical edge without it, so now they’re going to literally eat up the entire earth to get at what little is left, and the “race for what is left” begins.

Oil is how we got here, and we’re not going to get out of these messes by doing more of the same.



non-keystone5-972x635The Keystone XL Pipeline has proven to be a classic bait-and-switch scheme as clever as it is insidious. Since the issue is multifaceted and complex, the Keystone case has acted like a Matryoshka doll, nesting layer upon layer of confusion with the aim of manufacturing apathy toward this issue. By threatening to run a ridiculously brazen pipeline through the Heartland of America, they’ve brilliantly distracted the masses with a divisive nontroversy, shifting the public focus away from the many smaller pipelines that they were planning in the first place while the people squabble about the effects of CO2.

While we ponder the dangers of contaminating the second-largest aquifer in the world; while we argue about whether  burning petroleum is responsible for the changing climate of Earth; while we observe that a major oil pipeline running through sacred Native American territory could potentially spark a Civil War, the Oil Barons were working quickly and quietly to assemble an expansive array of other Pipelines to transport their Tar Sands oil. From the “Trans Mountain Expansion” and “Northern Gateway” that are sure to infuriate British Colombians who learn of them, to the “Sandpiper Pipeline” and “Alberta Clipper” that undermine the efforts of Keystone activists throughout the continent, there are ten additional pipelines in various stages of construction and various stages of political approval, already spreading their dark tentacles across North America like a rapidly metastasizing cancer.

The only saving grace to this situation is that Big Oil’s attempt to fool the public may prove a risky gamble. As Katie Valentine of thinkprogress.org reported nearly a year ago:

Carl Weimer, executive director of the Pipeline Safety Trust said that while Keystone has served as a distraction from these other pipelines, it’s also increased the public’s awareness of the dangers of transporting tar sands crude. But post-Keystone decision, he said, he’s not sure whether that interest will wane, or whether activists will pick right back up where they left off on Keystone and tackle other pipeline proposals.” (While America Spars Over Keystone XL, A Vast Network Of Pipelines Is Being Quietly Approved.)

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. expressed a concern that shares Weimer’s sentiments:

“Those who love peace must learn to organize as effectively as those who love war.”

Ultimately the activist community had to know that they were in for a very long journey in dismantling the oil empire. The Oligarchs do whatever they want, whenever they want, and never accept “no” for an answer from a mass of people they consider to be useless eaters. The attitude of the Ownership Class is, “We’re going to do this one way or another; we’re moving forward with the Tar Sands with or without your support; you’re either with us or you are with the terrorists.”

The dominator mentality exemplifies itself best in recent history vis-a-vis internet control bills. They’ve never taken “no” for an answer on internet control regardless of how much resistance they encounter from the masses. When they pushed SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) the internet community rallied together and shouted “No!” When they pushed PIPA (Protect IP Act) the masses mobilized and bellowed, “No!” When they pushed CISPA (Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act) the people united together and roared “No!” And even when they pushed ACTA down our throats (Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement) our reaction was no different. Legislative attempts to shackle the free flow of information have failed because the nation and indeed the world have consistently stood up together against tyranny and denounced internet control.

Despite the myth that politicians work in Washington as representatives working on behalf of the people, the fact that they have never accepted “no” for an answer on internet controls should clearly expose the true power behind the throne of politics. It should solidify in the Nation’s consciousness the fact that politicians have paymasters who wield far greater power than the horse-and-pony show of the political forum ever can. Because, as the subject of internet control clearly demonstrates, instead of taking “no” for an answer on innumerable occasions, our masters copied entire paragraphs from CISPA and pasted them directly into the super-secret Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement in another deceitful attempt to achieve their internet censorship goals. Since Wikileaks spilled the beans on the TPP, now Tom Wheeler’s FCC is threatening an end to Net Neutrality. It never ends.

The point is that they will not cease their assaults on the internet until they have succeeded in controlling it. In exactly the same manner, they will never slow their efforts to garner the legislative approval of additional oil pipelines, just as they will not kindly halt the ominous ecocide of the Tar Sands until they have devoured the entire Earth. Backed by infinitely bottomless budgets, their dauntless armies of lobbyists will never terminate their efforts to fill the emptiness within their very souls with the material wealth that so reliably provides them with the spoils of resource exploitation.

And whether they realize it or not, they are doing to this planet that which many have observed may have been done to Mars: transformation through aggregate destruction. As we play constant defense against an endless barrage of bills, lobbyists, police actions and construction projects, all cunningly coordinated and choreographed to dodge any oppositional action that activists can convene, we doom ourselves to a losing, uphill battle. The only way to stop them is to go on the offensive.

As Morpheus told us in The Matrix:

“They are guarding all the doors,
they are holding all the keys.
Which means that sooner or later,
someone is going to have to fight them.”


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Transcanada Keystone XL PSA (Reality Remix)
2 March 2014

http://www.motherjones.com/environment/2014/05/exxon-chevron-oil-fixers-silverstein?fb_action_ids=765078553523622&fb_action_types=og.likes -Bribes, Favors and a Billion Dollar Yacht…

http://www.latimes.com/nation/la-na-utah-baby-deaths-20150111-story.html#page=1 -Utah Oil Town Turns Against Midwife Who Asked About Infant Deaths

http://roarmag.org/2015/01/faircoop-cooperation-new-economy/ -Fair Coop: Virus of cooperation infects a new economy

http://www.ifpinfo.com/asa/asa-news.php?news_id=5459 – Renewable Energy is Powering Saudi Arabia

http://www.takepart.com/article/2015/01/05/scotland-germany-renewables-wind-power-successes?cmpid=san -Scotland takes lead in race for the world’s first fossil-fuel free electric grid

http://www.nationofchange.org/2015/01/11/caribbean-island-says-goodbye-fossil-fuels-hello-100-renewable-electricity/ -Caribbean Island says Goodbye Fossil Fuels, Hello 100% Renewable Energy


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