Tar Sands Tyranny: Big Oil’s Keystone Distraction


In January 2015, the 114th Congress convened for a quick-draw decision, exclaiming an exuberant”Yay!” in favor of completing the proposed Keystone XL pipeline. The proposed pipeline, if built, would funnel the world’s dirtiest oil – bitumen tar – from Alberta, Canada to the Koch Brothers’ refineries in Texas. Koch-funded Politicians in Washington vicariously spout “Jobs. Jobs! JOBS!” in a move to win hearts and minds, greasing up Americans with the promise of economic prosperity and energy independence. All they ask in return is that we shake hands with the devil, and turn a blind eye to an industry pushing the most toxic oil on the planet.

Piped into the United States from Canada, Tar Sands oil would be refined by Multinational Billionaires at Texas refineries that happen to be co-owned by Saudi Arabia, before being sold on the Global Market to the highest bidder. As Montanans lament the second major oil spill into the Yellowstone River in five years, we’re reminded that when it comes to oil pipelines, leaks are not merely a possibility. They are an inevitability. Since the expansion of Tar Sands brings an accelerated risk of spilling crude oil into one of the largest aquifers in the world, the kind of employment they’re peddling will likely devastate future generations the way that every other oil spill in recent history has dimmed the legacy of this planet’s formerly bright future for our children.

But while we squabble over the decision of our representatives to approve or deny this major pipeline, the entire Keystone XL debate may turn out to be a Red Herring orchestrated to distract our outrage while a vast network of other pipelines begin snaking their way through the political approval process, out of sight, out of mind, and under the radar.



Right now, an area of Alberta’s wilderness the size of Florida is being turned into a barren sacrifice zone. The Alberta Tar Sands is one of Big Oil’s solution to peak oil – that awkward moment when we realize that all of the crude oil that’s easy to extract has already been pumped, refined and burned. Their solution to the world’s energy woes isn’t to allow more advanced technologies to emerge and flourish unmolested, but to try to get at this rapidly diminishing resource with greater effort and more effective propaganda.

Referring to this process as “oil extraction” is tantamount to the “urban renewal process” of Nagasaki. But such euphemisms are necessary for public perception because this oil isn’t something that can be pumped, like it is in Texas or Saudi Arabia. Tar Sands oil is extracted by clear-cutting forests, digging down dozens of feet into the earth, then distilling that earth down by blending toxic cocktails of chemicals together with unfathomable amounts of hot water. Two tons of earth undergo this process to produce just one barrel of oil.


In order to make the profits they desire, the Oil companies aren’t just going to extract, refine and market their dirty Tar Sands fuel – they’re going to need to export it all to China, or at least to the highest bidder. Unfortunately for them, British Columbia, the country that stands between the Alberta Tar Sands and access to transportation to the necessary refineries, aren’t going to allow another leaky oil pipeline to be built through their country. So Big Oil’s next solution is to pipe the Tar Sands oil Southward to be refined in Texas for export.

KXL Exxport

And as the first order of business this week our intrepid representatives meet in Washington DC to discuss the approval of this pipeline. Speaking on behalf of Montanans is representative Steve Daines, who claimed this week that Montanans are universally in favor of the pipeline’s construction because of the apparent job creation it will provide. Daines proposes that the pipeline will create 42,100 jobs. And since economic opportunities are so scarce, such proclamations are likely expected to inspire hungry Montanans starved for work to stampede toward the industry. But Daines’ numbers seem to be in stark contrast with what the US State Department reported: a mere 6,000 jobs. Ironically, plummeting oil prices have adversely effected what jobs are already supported by the industry.

Of course, no matter how many jobs this actually creates is irrelevant. First of all, it’s not at all surprising that the word “jobs” appeals to a country of unemployed and homeless Americans. When we’re broke we’ll do just about anything to make a buck. What they’re not telling us in their multi-million dollar advertising campaigns regarding these so-called permanent jobs is how their definition of “permanent” entails any paid work lasting 365 days. In fact, Trans Canada counts any job created by the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline lasting up to 3 years as 3 permanent jobs (How Many Jobs Would a Pipeline Bring, if a Pipeline Could Bring Jobs? – Flackcheck.org). So if Joe Six-Pack is hired on as a construction worker for three years, they’ll count that as three permanent jobs, even though at the end of those three years, Joe will get laid off as soon as the construction of the pipeline is complete. So once the pipeline is built, how many of these so-called permanent jobs will remain? About 35. Not 35 thousand. Thirty-Five, as in one more than Thirty-Four.

When the pipeline is finished, the tradesmen who were conned into selling their children’s future for a dollar will be laid off. Will they pat themselves on the back for enabling the Koch brothers to import dirty Canadian Tar Sands oil to be piped down to their Tar refineries in Texas for transport to the Gulf for export to China (Koch Brothers Driving Keystone XL Pipeline from Canada to Cut Out Venezuelan Oil)? Will they be proud of their contribution to the clear-cutting of entire land masses, the deforestation of an entire country, the dwindling biodiversity, all in the name of extracting relatively small amounts of hydrocarbon energy that contribute to climate change and spiking rates of cancer? Many among us seem perfectly willing to engage in ecocidal insanity in the name of “Jobs. Jobs! JOBS!” as long as their home is located far away from their sins.  You can get a job with Blackwater as a murderous mercenary, or with Monsanto or Lockheed, but if you sell your soul for a bucket of coal, a road to hell you’ve paved for the whole.

Despite the mindless chanting of “Jobs. Jobs! JOBS!,” the only Americans who will see a dime of genuinely profitable monetary benefit from the exportation of this dirty sludge are named Charles and David Koch. But for their operation to work at maximum capacity, they have to pipe the oil down to the gulf of Mexico. British Columbia has prevented prior attempts by the Koch’s to transport the sludge to the Pacific, and with good reason. On average there is a major oil spill every month. As of January 2015, 24 major oil spills were documented in the preceding 24 months (Oil Spill Coverage).

But regardless of the ethical problems associated with these dirty oil jobs – that are likely to give cancer to workers exposed to them, how did Mr. Daines arrive at the number 42,100 if the US State Department’s already inflated numbers are barely one-seventh of that? Does he suffer from poor arithmetic? Or could he have a vested interest in getting people behind the Koch brothers’ pipeline? To find out, let’s take a look at his campaign contributors. According to OPENSECRETS.ORG, Steve Daines spent over Six-and-a-half million dollars to get elected, and the Koch Brothers were number two on his list of contributors, bested only by a Hedge Fund management company called Elliott Management. In fact, according to Heather Taylor-Miesle of the Natural Resource Defense Council Action Fund, Daines is so entangled with the Koch Brothers that Daines’ former campaign manager was hired to lead the new Montana office of the Koch-sponsored Americans for Prosperity.

And the Koch brothers are getting what they paid for. Daines has been a reliable vote in favor of dirty energy interests, sponsoring bills that rewrite the Clean Air Act to prohibit EPA from limiting carbon pollution at new or existing coal-fired power plants. Koch policies bleed into public policy vicariously through Daines who votes for legislation that would threaten Montana public lands by prioritizing drilling above conservation, and favors subsidizing dirty fossil fuels over investing in renewables, or even examining increased energy efficiency. That’s probably why Steve Daines was quoted by the Missoulian as saying: “Montanans want to see the pipeline approved and we’re going to keep doing the work of the people,” despite the fact that there are scores of vociferous Montanans demanding the prohibition of the proposed pipeline.




When it comes to lies, the crude cancerous boil that this is all somehow for our benefit or that we want to see this happen, really takes the cake. It’s predicated on the lie that we need jobs to get money; it’s predicated on the lie that we can’t live without money; the lie that we can’t live without oil; the lie that we can’t manufacture plastics without oil; and the lie that there are no alternative sources to oil. Perhaps one of my favorite pro-Keystone XL arguments that keeps coming up is, “How are we going to make plastics without oil?” Did you know that a 16 year-old Turkish girl figured out how to make cellophane out of banana peels?

The point here is that we can make plastic and fuel out of just about anything – it’s just a matter of chemistry. And if we actually educated our American children instead of brainwashing them to screw and drink, we might just discover that anything we want to create is possible, instead of relying on old-hat methods and stone-age technology.

The statistics, facts and information the mainstream networks are hypnotizing the people with is skewed by politicians, manipulated by money, and counterfeit propaganda by design. The hypnotic mantra “Jobs. Jobs! JOBS!” is effectively regurgitated by a populace facing poverty and unsure where to turn. The millions of starving, homeless Americans  asking for our pocket change is enough to scare many of us into accepting these jobs, regardless of the consequences. So the semi-conscious masses repeat this shortsighted, suicidal slogan ad infinitum.

But television viewership is dwindling, and the millions who formerly ate up the lies with a spoon and ask for seconds are beginning to change their tune and asking the important questions. How long do we have to walk this road before we see where it leads? Will we really sell our children’s future down the river and kick the can down the oil-soaked roads just far enough to keep from having to deal with the hard truths of reality? Aren’t the cancer statistics sobering enough? Or do we suffer from the delusion that, even if half of us can expect a cancer affliction, it won’t happen to me? No single drop believes it is responsible for the flood, or susceptible to the consequences.

And why is so much time, money and energy being spent developing this headache for North America? Why are we so obsessed with burning toxic fuels for energy when countless other methods of acquiring energy clearly exist? How have oil industry leaders successfully convinced us that THIS is somehow a better way to go than say, bio-diesel? How could we internalize the lie that ethanol made from wide varieties of organic crops for less than a dollar a gallon is an indisputable disaster when compared to the Alberta Tar Sands? How exactly did they convince everyone that Ethanol can only be sourced from Corn (which is the most inefficient means of obtaining ethanol there is)? How did they kill the electric car? Why do so many Americans think that Free-Energy technology is some kind of hoax perpetrated by wishful thinkers? And here is the 400 trillion-dollar question that absolutely must be asked: if oil is so goddam precious, why is it being squandered, wasted and allowed to spill so consistently?


Here we are in the “new millennium” masquerading as an advanced civilization with our iPhones and GPS-guided automobiles when just about all of it, every appliance, every vehicle, every computer, every stereo, every television, every microwave, and every radio station, are powered by the controlled explosions of burning dirty coal, dirty gas and dirty oil (but for Chattanooga’s Volkswagen factory)? It’s 2016 and we’re using prehistoric means to power our ever-expanding world technologies, and somehow we see ourselves as more advanced than the Mayans? -as more advanced than the mushroom?  The internal combustion engine is so pathetically outdated its continued use is a shameless outrage when innumerable replacement technologies exist and are repressed on a daily basis in the name of big oil profits and a continued monopoly of force by a petroleum-fueled military industrial complex. And it wasn’t even oil that originally ran the ancient technology of internal combustion – Henry Ford’s original internal combustion engine was powered by alcohol, not gasoline.

That hypnotic word “jobs” appeals to so many because we’ve lost our ability to generate income without selling our lives by the hour to corporations that are all-too willing to enslave us (and our children) for their own profit expansion. This proposed pipeline will leak as all pipelines do, and everywhere the pipeline touches, the aquifers will be compromised, drinking water poisoned, environments toxified, our futures sacrificed so some guy in a suit can put a handful of dollars in his pocket and feel powerful and superior for another fleeting day. They’ve dried up the economy leaving everyone chomping at the bit to make a buck to feed themselves and house their families. With or without the Keystone XL pipeline, if we continue to allow the Tar Sands to exist, they will continue to cause cancer for the people that breathe the air, cancer for the workers exposed to the tar sands, cancer for all forms of biological life that drink waters guaranteed to be poisoned by inevitably contaminated water systems, deforestation of apocalyptic proportions for the forests of Canada, and a climate of guaranteed rampant oil spills across this great nation.

And they have actually convinced a large number of well-meaning people that this will somehow benefit them in the long term. All of this requires a profound lack of imagination of pathological proportions, and an inability to remember even the most short-term history of recent oil spills and the permanent, devastating effects they had on people, animals and ecosystems exposed to the black sludge. Have we forgotten already the Deep Water Horizon explosion of 2010 that oil companies cleaned up by pouring degreaser chemicals into the gulf? Have we forgotten already the 2013 Mayflower spill that dumped Alberta Tar Sands oil from Exxon’s Pegasus pipeline and devastated neighborhoods in Arkansas? Have we forgotten already how the Yellowstone River was contaminated when an Exxon Mobil oil pipeline ruptured in 2011? When will enough be enough?



Is it just me, or is it becoming increasingly difficult to ignore the way our hair and clothes smell after stepping outside? Every fiber is impregnated with the stench of carcinogenic chemicals that permeate every square meter of air we’re exposed to, by virtue of the billions of gallons of fossil fuels being burned every moment of every day. Did you know that the World Health Organization considers second-hand tobacco smoke to be far healthier than diesel fumes? Just as a matter of volume, think about all of the smoke created by all of the tobacco smokers in Missoula combined. How can that volume of smoke even remotely compete with the amount of toxic filth pumped into the air around us by a single exhaust pipe? A lungful of tobacco smoke expelled into the air pails in comparison to an exhaust pipe continuously filling the air, and there are thousands of exhaust pipes continuously transforming our surroundings into an inhospitable superfund zone. And although we’re aware of how much damage this is causing us, we accept it as “Just the way things are.” For the lobbyists who might defend the toxicity of oil fumes as harmless, I encourage them to pipe in the exhaust from a car’s tailpipe into their living rooms for just a few minutes, or simply sit in a running car inside of an enclosed garage for a few moments and tell me then how harmless it is.

In school we learn that carbon dioxide and water are byproducts emitted via tailpipes from burning gasoline, but that’s not the whole story – how could it be? We’re also exposed to benzene, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, and a plethora of other sinister carcinogens, most of them unknown to the people because we’re burning so much more than just gasoline in our engines. Did you know that Chemical companies make deals with major oil corporations to get rid of toxic waste chemicals by adding them to the global supply of oil instead of addressing them responsibly? It started with the notion that we could improve car performance by adding lubricants, anti-rust agents and anti-icing agents, but it’s really a clever way for chemical companies to make a buck off of their waste products. 100,000 gallons of chemical X added to a few million barrels of oil seems inconsequential at first, but so many chemical companies are doing this now that we’re all burning toxic cocktails of mystery chemicals that mix together and burn together the results of which, we get to breathe together every day, as do our children and every other living organism exposed to them. We have no way of even knowing what we’re breathing in because when these chemicals are burned together they create new byproducts that have never been documented. We’re terraforming the planet into an environment that will no longer be suitable for humans to inhabit, and I’m not even going to bother getting into the discussion about climate change, because the fact of the matter is that the direct effects of oil are easy to measure because they’re so extremely toxic no matter how you slice it. An oil spill here, a few million cases of cancer over there – let’s focus on the toxins that we’re all breathing on the surface of the planet that are being expelled by the combustion of this extremely toxic fuel. Let’s focus on the systemic effects of spilling crude oil into our water systems. Even here in town, hundreds of miles from any oil extraction site, rainbow colored swaths of toxic petroleum glaze cover the streets. Those toxins inevitably end up in our aquifer – the lifeblood of our fragile existence here. All as a result of a small leak here, and a small leak there.

And one thing is for sure – its already the case that one in three of us will be affected by cancer some time in our lifetimes, and that statistic is becoming more desperate every day. It will not be long before most of us come down with cancerous tumors if present trends continue. If you’re reading this you have probably either yourself been directly effected by cancer, or know someone who has. I’m not saying that oil is the only cause of cancer, but its a massive factor when we consider how much of this carcinogenic sludge we’re breathing, drinking, eating and absorbing – oil is in everything. It’s ubiquitous. There are ten calories of hydrocarbon energy in every calorie of food you and I eat in the industrialized world: Fertilizers are made from natural gas, pesticides are made from oil, then we drive oil-powered machines to plant, plow, irrigate, harvest, transport and package the food in plastics made from oil. There are seven gallons of oil in every tire. Oil is in an overwhelming number of cosmetic products, from shampoos to nail polish.

Cancer is a relatively new disease. There are no records of indigenous peoples perishing from cancer, but I can name many personal acquaintances in my own life who have come down with some form of cancer in the last ten years, and many of these cases happened prior to the age of 30 – and the statistics are growing scarier every day. That’s an emergency epidemic, but we fail to hear the alarm bells for some reason. Perhaps we can’t hear them over the drone of “Jobs jobs jobs, jobs jobs, jobs jobs.”

But beings as we live in a fractal universe, the rule that “As Above, So Below” applies to a surprising number of situations within our own lives. Since we are inexorably intertwined with Mother Earth and the energies that bind the universe together, we, being microcosms of her, exhibit the symptoms of whatever she is going through. Therefore if the planet is in crisis, we are in crisis. Hence, if these festering scabs and cancerous boils that are the Tar Sands appear as tumor-like lesions on the planet’s surface, so too will we begin to exhibit unexplainable cysts and growths on our very bodies, even if we falsely believe we are truly disconnected from the whole.

Tar Sands oil is the dirtiest oil on Earth, and the promise of this pipeline creating long-term employment for you and I is nothing but a Pipe-Dream unless you end up being one of the thirty-five leak inspectors hired on for the long-term, which is outrageous in itself – only 35 inspectors to patrol over a thousand miles of pipeline for leaks. It isn’t difficult to see why many consider the construction of this pipeline an outright act of war.

manarrestedkeystone 20121119_tarsandsblockaders massaction-treesit11-191 XL-Dissent-Picture image.adapt.480.low human-chain-climate-white-house_jpg_492x0_q85_crop-smart

At the end of the day, this isn’t about powering our automobiles, or plastics making it possible, or any of the other garbage they feed us through the media networks. Even if all of us stopped driving our cars tomorrow, we’d make a relatively inconsequential dent in America’s consumption of oil. 75% of all the oil consumed by America is consumed by our military which are engaged in helping a few oligarchs take over the entire goddam world. This makes sense when we consider how many gallons of fuel it takes to get a single F-16 airborne, or how many gallons of diesel it takes to move a Bradley Fighting Vehicle just a single mile. The last time I checked, there are no solar-powered jets. And those oil-powered military vehicles invade countries that have resources – like oil – so they can perpetuate the cycle of puerile world domination until there is nothing left. Since the military machine runs on oil, and all of the easy-to-access oil near the surface of the crust has already been extracted, the desperation of the Tar Sands exemplifies the final gasps of an oil empire on the decline following two centuries of imperialistic domination written in the blood of all things sacred, finally stamping it’s period in the sands of Afghanistan – the Graveyard of Empires. They’re out of oil and cannot maintain their tactical edge without it, so now they’re going to literally eat up the entire earth to get at what little is left, and the “race for what is left” begins.

Oil is how we got here, and we’re not going to get out of these messes by doing more of the same.



non-keystone5-972x635The Keystone XL Pipeline has proven to be a classic bait-and-switch scheme as clever as it is insidious. Since the issue is multifaceted and complex, the Keystone case has acted like a Matryoshka doll, nesting layer upon layer of confusion with the aim of manufacturing apathy toward this issue. By threatening to run a ridiculously brazen pipeline through the Heartland of America, they’ve brilliantly distracted the masses with a divisive nontroversy, shifting the public focus away from the many smaller pipelines that they were planning in the first place while the people squabble about the effects of CO2.

While we ponder the dangers of contaminating the second-largest aquifer in the world; while we argue about whether  burning petroleum is responsible for the changing climate of Earth; while we observe that a major oil pipeline running through sacred Native American territory could potentially spark a Civil War, the Oil Barons were working quickly and quietly to assemble an expansive array of other Pipelines to transport their Tar Sands oil. From the “Trans Mountain Expansion” and “Northern Gateway” that are sure to infuriate British Colombians who learn of them, to the “Sandpiper Pipeline” and “Alberta Clipper” that undermine the efforts of Keystone activists throughout the continent, there are ten additional pipelines in various stages of construction and various stages of political approval, already spreading their dark tentacles across North America like a rapidly metastasizing cancer.

The only saving grace to this situation is that Big Oil’s attempt to fool the public may prove a risky gamble. As Katie Valentine of thinkprogress.org reported nearly a year ago:

Carl Weimer, executive director of the Pipeline Safety Trust said that while Keystone has served as a distraction from these other pipelines, it’s also increased the public’s awareness of the dangers of transporting tar sands crude. But post-Keystone decision, he said, he’s not sure whether that interest will wane, or whether activists will pick right back up where they left off on Keystone and tackle other pipeline proposals.” (While America Spars Over Keystone XL, A Vast Network Of Pipelines Is Being Quietly Approved.)

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. expressed a concern that shares Weimer’s sentiments:

“Those who love peace must learn to organize as effectively as those who love war.”

Ultimately the activist community had to know that they were in for a very long journey in dismantling the oil empire. The Oligarchs do whatever they want, whenever they want, and never accept “no” for an answer from a mass of people they consider to be useless eaters. The attitude of the Ownership Class is, “We’re going to do this one way or another; we’re moving forward with the Tar Sands with or without your support; you’re either with us or you are with the terrorists.”

The dominator mentality exemplifies itself best in recent history vis-a-vis internet control bills. They’ve never taken “no” for an answer on internet control regardless of how much resistance they encounter from the masses. When they pushed SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) the internet community rallied together and shouted “No!” When they pushed PIPA (Protect IP Act) the masses mobilized and bellowed, “No!” When they pushed CISPA (Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act) the people united together and roared “No!” And even when they pushed ACTA down our throats (Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement) our reaction was no different. Legislative attempts to shackle the free flow of information have failed because the nation and indeed the world have consistently stood up together against tyranny and denounced internet control.

Despite the myth that politicians work in Washington as representatives working on behalf of the people, the fact that they have never accepted “no” for an answer on internet controls should clearly expose the true power behind the throne of politics. It should solidify in the Nation’s consciousness the fact that politicians have paymasters who wield far greater power than the horse-and-pony show of the political forum ever can. Because, as the subject of internet control clearly demonstrates, instead of taking “no” for an answer on innumerable occasions, our masters copied entire paragraphs from CISPA and pasted them directly into the super-secret Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement in another deceitful attempt to achieve their internet censorship goals. Since Wikileaks spilled the beans on the TPP, now Tom Wheeler’s FCC is threatening an end to Net Neutrality. It never ends.

The point is that they will not cease their assaults on the internet until they have succeeded in controlling it. In exactly the same manner, they will never slow their efforts to garner the legislative approval of additional oil pipelines, just as they will not kindly halt the ominous ecocide of the Tar Sands until they have devoured the entire Earth. Backed by infinitely bottomless budgets, their dauntless armies of lobbyists will never terminate their efforts to fill the emptiness within their very souls with the material wealth that so reliably provides them with the spoils of resource exploitation.

And whether they realize it or not, they are doing to this planet that which many have observed may have been done to Mars: transformation through aggregate destruction. As we play constant defense against an endless barrage of bills, lobbyists, police actions and construction projects, all cunningly coordinated and choreographed to dodge any oppositional action that activists can convene, we doom ourselves to a losing, uphill battle. The only way to stop them is to go on the offensive.

As Morpheus told us in The Matrix:

“They are guarding all the doors,
they are holding all the keys.
Which means that sooner or later,
someone is going to have to fight them.”


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How Deep Does This Rabbit Hole Go?


UPDATED: 21 year-old Matty Roberts didn’t think his “Storm Area 51” facebook page would result in a visit from the FBI, but 2 million online RSVP’s prompted an emergency response from authorities. Though the organizers of Alienstock announced the cancellation of the festival, curiosity regarding Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBs) continues to grow. Well-known installations like Area 51 are only the tip of a monumental iceberg. At least 129 DUMBs occupy the United States, constituting a subterranean empire that costs trillions of dollars per year, reaches miles below the earth’s surface, and employs an army of contractors, soldiers and intelligence personnel. What is taking place at these bases that is so secretive it must be kept underground? Researcher Richard Dolan describes the level of technological inequality enjoyed by the military-industrial-complex as a “runaway civilization” so far ahead of known industrialized capabilities as to be unrecognizable by most American citizens today.



Approximately 83 miles (or 134 KM) north-northwest of downtown Las Vegas, Nevada,  exists a top secret U.S. military installation dubbed by pop culture as Area 51 but insiders refer to it as Dreamland, the Nevada Test and Training Range, Watertown, Home Base, Homey Airport, or specific sites. This air base has the longest air traffic runway on planet Earth, and that’s just what’s visible on the Earth’s surface.


This base was originally named “Paradise Ranch” in the 1950’s to make it more appealing to construction workers and attract personnel. Located on a remote portion of land along the southern shore of Groom Lake, this detachment of Edwards Air Force Base was originally utilized for the testing of the U-2 Spy Plane. The Special use airspace around the field is referred to as Restricted Area 4808 North (R-4808N). Known as the “Groom box”, this restricted air space measures 23 by 25 miles.

janet-area-51The Janet fleet of the US Air Force flies employees into the base on a daily basis from McCarran International Airport and Nellis Air Force Base.  Groom Lake Road descends eastward to the floor of the Tikaboo Valley, passing the dirt-road entrances to several small ranches, before converging with State Route 375, the “Extraterrestrial Highway”, south of Rachel. At the entrance to Groom Lake sits a warning sign stating that “photography is prohibited” and that “use of deadly force is authorized” under the terms of the 1950 McCarran Internal Security Act.

Warning sigh 2The area surrounding the lake is permanently off-limits both to civilian and normal military air traffic. Security clearances are checked regularly; cameras and weaponry are not allowed. Even military pilots training in the area risk disciplinary action if they stray into the exclusionary “box” surrounding Groom’s Dreamland airspace. Surveillance is supplemented using buried motion sensors and the perimeter is patrolled by private military contractors. Projects developed at Dreamland include the development of the F-117 Steal Fighter Aircraft, Project Looking Glass, Project Sidekick and Project Aquarius just to name a few of the more well known operations.

The U.S. Government finally admitted to the existence of the Groom Lake Complex in 2013, although the CIA claims it was just a test facility for aerial and surveillance technology. This disclosure comes as much of the facility has been decommissioned and sensitive operations transported to other Deep Underground Military Bases around the country that are less well known, which is our primary focus.


With more than 130 DUMBs Nationwide, examples of other facilities include Cheyenne Mountain in Colorado, Camp David in Maryland, Los Alamos Laboratories in Dulce, New Mexico, National Security Agency (NSA) Headquarters At Fort Mead and the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) Command Center at Mount Weather in Northern Virginia just to name a few. But there are more than 1,477 DUMBs worldwide that we know of, and since the military was constructing more than two DUMBs per year in the 1990’s, and since this statistic is nearly two decades old, there could be more than 1,500 DUMBs on Earth as of 2014.


So when we consider the bottomless abyss of the black budget; when we consider the phenomenon of sinkholes becoming more prevalent the world over; when we take into consideration that every Underground Base requires nearly 20 Billion dollars of funding to construct; and when we consider that while none of these monetary figures exist on any accounting books, trillions of dollars go missing on a yearly basis from the Pentagon and the Defense Department – we need only consider what is beneath our feet, to understand that greed is not the end game for the elite.


The amount of information the United States government has been willing to provide regarding Groom Lake and other DUMBs has generally been minimal due to the highly questionable happenings of these subterranean operations, and insiders who go public with their information risk their lives in doing so. Former employees who have gone public include but are not limited to Bob Lazar, Dan Berge, David Adair, Derek Hennessey, Bill Uhouse, Milton William Cooper and Phil Schneider, who all confirm the existence of the Groom Lake facility, and have provided the public with detailed information regarding the contents and happenings within the S-4 complex and other Deep Underground Military installations. For exposing this enigma, whistleblowers have sacrificed their comfort, their social status, their economic welfare, and in most cases they have paid for their revelations with the ultimate price. These whistleblowers all possess two very important things: They realize that keeping this a secret undermines everything our republic is supposed to stand for, and they have the intestinal fortitude to shed light on this subject.



5 - Underground Military Access0





This is a $13 million tunnel boring machine (TBM) used for tunneling at the Nevada Test Site and other DUMBs. Many other types of TBMs are used by many government agencies, including the ‘nuclear powered TBM’ [NTBM] that melts solid rock and leaves behind glass-like walls. They are capable of tunneling up to two miles per day.





METROLINX  - Tunnel Boring Machine


Most tunneling activity is under military installations and all information is highly restricted. Former employees of said facilities have surfaced over the years to talk of massive underground installations in places like the Northrop facility in Antelope Valley, California (rumored to have 42 levels), and the Lockheed installation near Edwards, California.












The ‘Black Budget’ currently consumes $1.25 trillion per year, and since each DUMB costs anywhere from $18 Billion – $26 Billion just to construct, these underground facilities are a major factor. Presently, there are 131 deep underground military bases in the United States that we know of. They have been building these bases day and night since the early 1940’s. These bases are basically large cities underground connected by high-speed magneto-leviton trains that have speeds up to Mach 2.





The following interview with Bob Lazar aired on Las Vegas television station KLAS on 14 November 1989

Tucked inside the test tubes of a hidden government base, the secrets of the  universe may be unfolding.  The area is designated S-4,  and according to one man who claims to have worked there, S-4 harbors scientific   achievements   that  would astonish   our   deepest thinkers.  It is technology that, if it exists, could change  the world, but is allegedly bottled up by military minds.

Lazar:   “It’s  not  an overall  government  project.   It’s  not something that Congress appropriates money for.  2 billion is for this; 15 billion for flying saucers; 8 billion for Star Wars.  It doesn’t  go  like  that.   I don’t believe  that  they  have  any knowledge of it at all.”

The technology that Bob Lazar says he saw extends far beyond flying saucers.  An anti-matter reactor allows the spaceships  to produce   their  own gravitational  fields,  he  says,  such   a technology,  if  real, would answer UFO skeptics who  argue  that aliens  could  never visit Earth because  the distances  between worlds are too great, even at the speed of light.

Lazar:  “Gravity distorts time and space.  Just like if you had a water bed and put a bowling ball in the middle.  It warps it down like  that  — that’s exactly what happens to  space.   Imagining that  you  were  in a spacecraft that could  exert  a  tremendous gravitational  field  by itself you could sit on  any  particular place  and turn on the gravity generator and actually warp space and  time, and fold it.  By shutting that off, you’d  click  back and you’d be a tremendous distance from where you were but  time would not have even moved because you essentially shut it off.  I mean it is so far fetched, people….it’s difficult for people to grasp,  and  as stubborn as the scientific community  is  they’ll never buy it, but this is, in fact, that’s just what happens.”

Actually,  Lazar’s explanation is very close  to  mainstream scientific thought, and can be traced directly to Einstein.   The difference is scientists regard it as theory only.  There is much that science still doesn’t know.

Dale  Etheridge (Scientist):  “There are people who say that  our main  problem with that is we don’t know what gravity  is.   It’s this magical force that acts at a distance.  We can describe  how it  behaves — that’s what the law of gravity is — it’s  just  a description  of  how it behaves, but it says nothing  about  what gravity really is.”

We’ll use Etheridge as our barometer of scientific  thought. He says we cannot produce gravity; that there’s no such thing  as a working anti-matter reactor, and that we have yet to figure out a  way  to  get around the speed of light.   He  also  concedes, though, such things are possible.

Etheridge:   “Yeah.  And really we don’t know what’s possible  as there  could be other civilizations out  there  several  hundred years  or so — a thousand years, even a million years  ahead  of us  — that have found a way to circumvent this.  We have no  way of knowing for sure.”

Lazar:  “Well, the thing is when you harness gravity, you harness everything. It’s  the missing piece in physics right  now.   We really know very little about gravity.”

At  least  that’s  the way it used to be.   Lazar  says  the technology to harness gravity not only exists but is being tested at S-4.  And, if such
technology is beyond human capabilities, it must  have come from someplace else.  It’s more than  conjecture, he  says, because he also saw an element that cannot be found  on the  periodic chart.  The element, called 115, can be stored  in lead  casings  much  like  this  one  [showing  a  lead  circular container].  Lazar says the government has 500 pounds of it,  and it cannot be made on earth.

Lazar:  “It would be almost impossible; well, it is impossible to synthesize an element that heavy here on Earth.”

Interviewer:  “At least right now.”

Lazar:   “I  don’t think that you can ever  synthesize  it.   The amount of….you essentially have to assemble it by bombarding it with protons if….atom by atom, it would take an infinite amount of  power and an infinite amount of time.  The substance  has  to come  from  a place where super-heavy elements  could  have  been produced naturally.

And what sort of place is that?

Lazar:   “Next to a much larger sun where there would be  greater mass.   Maybe a binary star system — a super-nova  —  somewhere where  there  is just a bigger release of  energy  to  synthesize these  things  naturally.   It has to be  a  naturally  occurring element.”

115  is the fuel for the anti-matter reactors, he says.   By bombarding 115 anti-matter is produced.  A kilo  of  anti-matter could  produce the energy equivalent of 46  ten-megaton  hydrogen bombs, and comparing the energy potential of anti-matter to, say, the Hoover Dam would be like comparing planets to grains of sand. 115 could also make one heck of a bomb.

Lazar:   “We’re talking about hundreds and hundreds  of  megatons off  a  small piece  of it.  It  sounds  incredible,  but  total conversion  of  matter  to energy would release  that  amount  of power.  And it isn’t that difficult to take….get the energy out of  it.  So it’s not something you’d ever want to fall  anyone’s hands.”

The  dangers associated with 115 and anti-matter may be  the reason Lazar was hired to work at S-4.  There was an accident, he says, back in April 1987. An accident that was passed off as  an unannounced nuclear test.

Lazar:   “Some people got killed.  I was told flat out I was  one of the people that were to replace these guys.”


Is this why the government might be keeping the whole matter a secret? Because of the military potential of alien technology? Lazar  says  he believes the Soviet Union was once  part  of  our research  on  the  flying disks, but that  the  U.S.  kicked  the Soviets  out  after  making  some sort  of discovery.   He  also believes  the program at S-4 is operated with funds allocated  to Star  Wars  research,  but  says he can’t  prove  it.   Some  UFO researchers suspect the government is test flying alien craft  so that  it can one day master the technology and claim it was  made in  the good old U.S.A., thus obscuring the possibility of  alien visitations.

Stanton  T. Friedman:  “I think they have the duty to inform  us. At  least  to the bare bones of what’s going on.   I  don’t  want technological  stuff put out on the table.  I mean, I  worked  on classified  projects  for  15 years, and I don’t  think  we  need another  weapon’s  delivery system.  But I think the  government does have the responsibility to release information that, indeed, the  planet  is  being visited.  Probably it should  be  done  in conjunction with the Soviets.”

Lazar:   “I don’t think that it will get to that level.   They’re not  going to have a fleet of them and fly them  around  and….I don’t think you need to do that.  If you’re looking at them  from a weapons point of view, you’re looking at an incredibly powerful device.   You only need one to operate.  You don’t ever  need  to come public with it.  You may want to learn more about it should it ever break which is….might be what they’re doing.  Uh….”

Interviewer:  “They’ve got one….”

Lazar:  “Oh, they’ve got a few.  Yeah.”

Lazar  is  the  first to admit that his story  is  tough  to swallow.   He submitted  to  polygraph  exams  that  opened   up sensitive  parts  of his
personal life, and fully expects  to  be ridiculed or perhaps punished for his revelations.  His desire to explain  what  really happened at S-4 took us to Layne  Keck,  a licensed  experienced  hypnotherapist who quietly  and privately tried to help Lazar remember details of the many briefing  papers he says he read.

Keck:   “I  have no clue as to what we were getting  to,  and  he started saying  that there were pictures of what I  thought  was desks  on the wall. Well as it turned out, it was disks that  he was  referring to.  And, at that moment, I realized we were  into something that was pretty heavy.”

Keck  does  not  exaggerate his  claims  for  hypnosis.   He regards it as a useful tool for uncovering some lost memory.   He says  people are quite capable of lying under hypnosis, but  says the  technique can be of help in determining truth.   What’s  his opinion of Lazar’s truthfulness?

Keck:   “It tells me that his subconscious mind believes  totally all of these things.”

Lazar has long suspected that his government employers  used some  sort of  mind  control  technique  to  prevent  him   from disclosing  too  much about S-4.  While he  says  he  has  vivid conscious memories of the saucers and other technology there were other  memories, that even now, remained locked, which is why  he sought  out  Keck  in the first place.  Keck  is convinced  that someone really did mess with Lazar’s head.

Keck:  “Also they used primitive fear in threatening those in his environment if  he did bring this information forth.   Also,  it appears that maybe there were some chemicals used.”

Lazar:  “Nah, I’m not going to change anyone’s mind.  That not my intention. I’m  just relaying the experience.  The job  that  I went through.  It is a fantastic thing.  It’s a fantastic  story. I can’t take people there to show them what was going on, and uh, you know, I don’t expect anyone to believe it.”



An Interview with space technology consultant David Adair, compliments of writer and researcher Robert M. Stanley. David went on the record about his extraordinary experiences at Area 51 when he was testing one of his electromagnetic fusion engine prototypes. He was just a teenager.

ROBERT STANLEY: Tell me about the government disclosure letter you are circulating.

DAVID ADAIR: That letter is based on a series of events that occurred when I first testified for Dr Steven Greer in 1997. It’s very simple what we want: a congressional hearing that will grant covert operatives total immunity from their national security oath. Dr Greer is telling us that he has hundreds of witnesses. I know he is not blowing smoke regarding this issue, because in 1971 I saw a lot of people working on these things.

ROBERT: At Area 51?

DAVID: Right. I saw them underground working on all these different craft and back-engineering lots of stuff. I believe there are people that have spent 30 years or more working on these types of projects. Imagine what they could tell us! But more importantly, they would be able to tell us who paid them, who signed the checks.

ROBERT: So you are pushing for public hearings?

DAVID: Absolutely. I really want the world to hear what these hard-core engineers have to say.

ROBERT: You told me in our pre-interview that this event would radically change our lives, that we could begin integrating some of the more advanced technologies into our infrastructure.

DAVID: Exactly, but unraveling everything poses a problem. I know that while I was at Area 51 and was being taken through offices that were off to the side of the hangars and labs, they took me to a room and locked me in it. And that’s where I stayed until General LeMay came and got me. But I saw a lot of people working down there as we were walking past these offices.

ROBERT: Wait a minute. General Curtis LeMay personally came to get you out?

DAVID: Yes. If you read his autobiographical book called Iron Eagle, he was a former commander of SAC [Strategic Air Command]. “General Curtis E. LeMay: retired February 1, 1965; died October 3, 1990. LeMay was the fifth Chief of Staff of the US Air Force.” You will see, in the back of the book, he talks about his parents. They lived in Mount Vernon, Ohio. I lived in Mount Vernon, Ohio, when I built my first fusion rockets. I was on the cover of the local newspaper.

ROBERT: How did that happen?

DAVID: Well, because his parents’ caregiver was my mother, Evangeline Adair.

ROBERT: What a strange coincidence!

DAVID: Yes, and that’s how LeMay came to know me personally. And when our local congressman started funding my second rocket, that’s when the Mount Vernon News got wind of the story. It was the fastest vehicle ever built on Earth.

ROBERT: Is this a picture of the second rocket I’m looking at?

DAVID: Yeah; there were all kinds of newspaper stories printed about me that I have saved. I was being funded by Congressman John Ashbrook. He was chairman of the Internal Security committees of Congress. That’s a pretty powerful place to be. He was also on the Education and Labor committees, which is how he funded my work – through the Department of Education. Then when the Air Force showed up to inspect my second rocket, they were totally gung-ho for all the formulas and the prototype I built from scratch. They knew I was on to something, so they funded me through the NSF [National Science Foundation]. Then my mother got concerned because the government people were really getting involved in our lives. So she went and talked to General LeMay. Curtis really liked my mother a lot and he had seen the newspaper stories, so he came over to talk with me. Later he talked with Congressman Ashbrook. The next thing I know, LeMay told me: “David. I am going to be your buddy. I am going to be your project manager.” And actually, that was the greatest thing that could have happened to me because I found out much later that it was LeMay that saved my ass.

david adair

ROBERT: That’s some powerful protection.

DAVID: Yeah, but what’s really interesting is an investigator pulled the records for Congressman Ashbrook from the Library of Congress and found all this documentation. The investigator was shocked to learn that I was telling the truth. In one letter I told the Air Force that without the right electronics and the right formulas to compress and scale down the fusion engine I was building, I would need a really big vehicle to put the engine in and it was going to be a damn big engine! Eventually I found an ICBM, a Titan III, that had been pulled out of mothballs and had been given to the Center for Science and Industry in Ohio. They had recently pulled all the fuel out of it and parked this thing in a storage area. It was flight ready. After a while, I got the Titan. During that time, I had more information-based dreams and from that I eventually reconfigured the fusion engine down to a workable size. Everybody loved that, because hauling a Titan rocket around is pretty tough to do – it’s 30 stories tall! After I told them I could compress this thing down to an engine that would fit in a 12-foot-tall rocket housing, I had to build everything from scratch.

ROBERT: Didn’t you tell me there were two rockets?

DAVID: Yes. You’re right. There were two of these prototypes. This one went to the science fair. But here is the one that no one ever saw publicly.

ROBERT: The one you told me was “stealth”?

DAVID: Right. We built one just for the local people to see what we were working on. The Air Force guys came over to my house every day. They took their uniforms off and walked around in T-shirts and shorts so the locals would think they were just average people helping out with all the rocket stuff I was building. So when the town folks came by, they just thought, “Boy, he’s building a big one this time.” But we had two of them in production. I set up one that I used to win the science fairs with, but here is the design we used to move past the prototype stage with. Anyway, we had a front operation and another in the back. And it worked well. That was my introduction to covert activities. All this documentation that I am showing you here, I brought with me to Congress, I didn’t want to testify because I was really treading the fine line of National Security. However, I could tell this particular story because I was only 17 years old when that happened. According to constitutional law, the federal government is prohibited from signing a minor to a National Security Oath. Strom Thurman said to me one time, “You’re the biggest loose cannon on the deck, boy.”

ROBERT: Let’s go back to your experience at Area 51 with General Curtis LeMay.

DAVID: Okay. What happened was, well, it was very simple. I had blown up my own engine. I sabotaged my rocket after it landed at Area 51. I blew it into a billion pieces. After they showed me the engine downstairs, I knew what they were after from my engine.

ROBERT: Which engine?

DAVID: The Electromagnetic Fusion Containment Engine, because they are so fast. There is nothing like it. The liquid fuel and solid propellant engines are like Model Ts compared to a Lamborghini. This thing took off so fast. It went from zero mph to 8,754 mph in about 4.6 seconds. It was so fast that you couldn’t even see it.

ROBERT: It went that fast from a standing start?

DAVID: Right. You couldn’t even see it. It would be like trying to watch a bullet leave a rifle barrel.

ROBERT: That’s not possible to see with the naked eye.

DAVID: Right. So everyone else at the launch site thought it blew up. I built most of it out of titanium. We also used inconel and carbonite. We had every kind of known material for lightness and strength incorporated in that rocket. And because of the extreme g-force of the launch, everything inside was just warped.

ROBERT: But the engine was still intact when the rocket landed at Area 51?

DAVID: Exactly. It came down on a parachute. And that is where it got weird, because there are a lot of characters in this story. The man that was really on my case, he was a bad guy. Dr Wernher von Braun warned me. As a child, I knew von Braun because I was doing all this work with rockets in the early 1970s when we were landing men on the Moon. An hour-and-a-half’s drive from my house was Wapakenneta, which is where Neil Armstrong lived. His mother Viola and I became friends. She became like a surrogate mother to me. So I was hanging out with her and I would see Neil around the house. And many times I would go over to her house and I would run right past Neil and go hang out with Viola. And Neil loved that about me because I wasn’t interested in his fame; I just loved his mother. Neil was a very reclusive person, almost like a hermit, because when he came back from the Moon mission he literally just disappeared.

Anyway, because I was in that kind of environment, I got to attend parties where all the original Apollo VII astronauts would show up, and von Braun showed up. And that’s how we all crossed paths and I started interfacing with him. The thing is, von Braun warned me that if, during my rocket work, I should encounter a man named Dr Arthur Rudolph, I should be extremely careful because he was so dangerous.

Dr Arthur Rudolph was the chief architect of the Saturn 5 engines of our Apollo Moon rocket. He came into the US with von Braun and other German scientists under Operation Paperclip. Rudolph was a full colonel in the Gestapo. He had killed hundreds of Jews personally during the building of the V-2 rockets and Peenemünde. If you made a mistake, he would put a cable around your neck and slowly lift you up, which would strangle you. Then he would disembowel you and leave you hanging there for everyone to see. There were rotted corpses hanging all over the place. They would also feed you sawdust and water. This would take the hunger out of your stomach until you fell over dead, then they would just replace you with more fresh people. This man was the winner of the Most Distinguished Service award – the highest award NASA can give. The Mossad caught up with Dr Rudolph on May 25, 1984. Due to war crimes, he was deported out of LAX to Munich, Germany, where he died [in jail].

Anyway, General LeMay had sent me from Mount Vernon, Ohio, to Wright-Patterson in Dayton, Ohio, where the SAC headquarters was located. From there, me and my rocket and some other colonels all got on board a C-141 transport and flew to White Sands. Soon after we arrived at White Sands, a black DC-9 plane showed up. LeMay had told me that if this plane showed up, it would represent a real problem for me. Anyway, out stepped these guys wearing suits and mirrored sunglasses. And among them was this one little guy wearing khaki uniform. I knew that was Dr Rudolph because Dr von Braun had showed me his picture.

ROBERT: Whom was Dr Rudolph working for?

DAVID: I’m not sure, one of those alphabet-soup intelligence agencies. But he was primarily working for NASA. And as soon as he got off the plane, he asked to see my rocket. When I asked him who he was, he told me, “Oh, I’m just a guy that inspects rockets for the government.” Then I asked him if he was from NASA, and he said he had never worked there.


So we walked over to my rocket and I opened up a side panel. And when he leaned over to look at the engine, he began mumbling to himself and he seemed really upset – probably because I had built something he thought was impossible to do. So I took that opportunity to lean over and whisper in his ear, “Do you know that in proportional size, this engine has 10,000 times the thrust of the F-1, Saturn V engines, Dr Rudolph?” And he stood up and was furious. He wanted to know who I was and how I knew so much. And I told him, “I’m just a kid that launches rockets in the cow fields of Ohio.” [Laughter] Anyway, I had friends around me who were Air Force colonels that LeMay had assigned to take care of me.

And I got upset when Dr Rudolph told me that he wanted to change the landing coordinates on my rocket. He was really nasty about it. The navigation system I was using was off-the-shelf stuff. Back in those days, it was all analogue. But I had my system programmed to where the rocket would come back down within a two-mile radius of the launch site. Dr Rudolph had me reprogram the coordinates so that my rocket would land 456 miles northwest of White Sands in an area called Groom Lake, in Nevada.

Well, I immediately pulled out my national survey maps and I looked at Groom Lake and thought, “My God! Why are we launching up to a dry lake bed in Nevada? It’s so far away.” That’s when Dr Rudolph told me, “Just do it!” He was really hostile. And I had been warned many times by von Braun and LeMay that if I ran into Dr Rudolph, not to push his buttons.

So I reset the coordinates on the guidance system and we launched my rocket and it took off perfectly. And sure enough, it landed right on target. And you know, it wasn’t until they made the movie Independence Day that I ever heard the term “Area 51”.

ROBERT: How could that be?

DAVID: I always knew this place as Groom Lake. It was the only name I had ever heard for that place, growing up. So we were getting ready to board the plane to go and recover the rocket and I said, “Hey, do you see these rubber tires on this plane? Would you please tell me how you are going to land this thing on a dry lake bed? This thing is going to plow into the ground and never leave.” Someone yelled at me to shut up and get into the plane.

After a while, we arrived in Nevada. And as we flew over the landing site, I looked down at these twin 10,000-foot runways and I said, “My God! There’s a huge base down there!”

So we landed at this place that doesn’t exist on any map, and that’s when I started getting really concerned. I was trying to locate any Air Force emblems, Navy emblems, any kind of logos or emblems that would identify the commanding authority, but there was nothing anywhere on any of the buildings. Normally, standard universal painting of water towers at an airstrip is an orange-and-white checkerboard pattern. But here, everything was painted either solid white or solid black. So they were not conforming to any code.

After we got out of the plane, we got on this go-cart-looking thing. It looked kind of like the electric carts that you see at airports. Then we drove from the landing strip to a series of hangars and headed into the centre one. It was really cool, the way this place was built. There were all these really big lights at the top that had louvres on them so the light will shine down. And when I got close to the buildings, they looked old and ratty, but underneath it was alloy, unlike any alloy I had ever seen. It was an incredible-looking stainless steel type of metal that I thought was really unusual to use for buildings of that size.

When we got inside the hangar, we went down to the basement area. Actually, we drove into the hanger and there were little yellow lights flashing and big hangar doors, and out of the ground came all these little pipes with chains attached that blocked off all the doorways. Then the whole floor – about the size of a football field – slowly dropped down. The entire hangar was an unenclosed elevator.

ROBERT: So, it was more like a hydraulic lift in a garage?

DAVID: Yeah, but it was built to carry some really heavy stuff. The floor was made of concrete. God knows how much weight that was. The whole thing went up and down on giant worm-screws.

ROBERT: I see. That’s a lot more stable than using a hydraulic system.

DAVID: Nothing can take the load like a worm screw. These things were the size of sequoia trees, and there were at least 12 of them lifting the floor! We went down at least 200 feet until we rested flush with the floor of an underground hangar that was huge. It had a huge arched ceiling, but it went so far that you couldn’t see the end of it. It just went forever. And I thought, “My God! You could park a hundred 747s in here and they wouldn’t even be in the way!” At that point I asked, “What in God’s name did you do with all the dirt?” And they just looked really strangely at me. I guess they didn’t expect me to try and figure things like that out. The walls were at least 30 feet high, and all along them were different workshops and laboratories and periodically there were big, huge, work bays. So we kept driving down past all kinds of aircraft that I had never seen. Some of them I had seen, like the XB-70.

ROBERT: Was this area carved out of dirt or was it rock?

DAVID: I don’t know. Everything was coated with a ceramic- like material.

ROBERT: I thought there were mountains surrounding the dry lake bed? Those must be fairly solid?

DAVID: Yeah. There are all kinds of mountain ranges around that area. I never saw any “dirt”, though, because everything had concrete over it or was covered with some type of ceramic material. The most interesting thing about this to me still is how well lit the underground area was. There were no shadows, anywhere. And there were no light fixtures, anywhere. I was wondering how they generated that much light. It didn’t look like the walls were glowing, or the floor or the ceiling. But every square inch of this place was lit, and yet there was no visible source of light.

And after we had been driving for a while and we had passed a lot of different aircraft, we took a road to the left that took us away from a lot of the other activities. I could see a lot of people working on stuff. These aircraft appeared to be operational. Some of them I have never seen before or since. They were shaped like a reverse teardrop. And there were others that looked similar to the flying wing. One aircraft, the XB-70, was a delta-wing bomber built in 1959.

ROBERT: And you were at Area 51 in 1971?

DAVID: Right. June 20, 1971. So, we get there and it was just amazing, because we drove up to the side of these big steel doors and one of the officers got out and put his hand on a scanner-type thing and it flashed a light at him. I thought it took his picture. In hindsight, I would have to guess that it was a retina scanning device. And after the guy was scanned, the door opened up, so I knew this was a security system of a kind. This was 1971.

Let me put this into perspective. In 1971, we had no laptops, no modems, no fax, no VCR, no cellphones; we didn’t even have handheld calculators. Texas Instruments developed those about five years later. So where in the hell did these guys get all this technology?

As soon as we went into the room, I immediately noticed the temperature drop, because it was warm in the big open areas we had just come from. It was very cool in this room. You could almost see your breath. And as we entered the room, the lights – wherever they were coming from – came on. And again there were no shadows being cast, anywhere.

Then someone threw a switch and activated a hoist attached to some cables that were attached to a big tarp. The tarp was lifted straight up, and sitting on this huge steel platform was a giant electromagnetic fusion containment engine! And I immediately knew that, because its configuration was similar to mine but it was the size of a Greyhound bus. Mine was about the size of a large watermelon!

You can recognize engines that are comparable. If I had an internal combustion engine taken out of a Model A Ford and had it sitting on the ground and you pulled an engine out of a Viper today and placed it alongside, you would recognize that they operate on the same principle of internal combustion. However, the difference in performance between the two is unbelievable.

It was the same situation with my little engine and this thing they had stored underground. They both ran on the same principle, the same configuration, but the level of sophistication is like that of the Model A compared to the Viper engine. This thing they had was so powerful. There were so many design features that I didn’t recognize, for reasons that became clear.

ROBERT: At this point you were just looking at the engine. Where was the rest of the craft?

DAVID: Well, that’s where the argument started. They asked me if I liked what I saw. I said, “Well, yeah, but I’m confused. I thought I was the first one to build one of these engines.”

And this is where things really started getting odd. The colonel that was with Dr Rudolph said, “Son, you want to help us with this design here since yours is very similar to it. You do want to help your country, don’t you?”

Well, I had an American flag blanket. And I listened to Anita Bryant’s record before I went to sleep. I was a real patriotic flag-waver even in the ’70s. Of course, it wasn’t real popular to do that then because the war in Vietnam was still raging. My peers couldn’t understand why I loved America so much, but it was just the way I was raised.

So at first I agreed with the colonel that I wanted to help. However, I was very curious and asked, “Where are your people that built this engine?” He paused for a moment, then told me, “Well, they are on vacation right now. You’re off on summer vacation, right?” And I said, “Okay! That’s good. Did they leave any notes on their work that I can look at?” Then I was told, “Well, they took them with them as homework. You get homework.” And I was thinking, “You know, this is really condescending. I am 17 years old.” But that’s how they treated 17-year-olds back then. So I thought, “Okay; I will play along with this asshole.”

I agreed to help them, but told them that I needed to get a closer look at the engine. And they agreed, at which point I walked up and got onto the platform. And the closer I got to it, the more I realized that these people had no idea what this engine was; they were still trying to figure it out. I could tell that it didn’t belong to us. And when I was about three feet away, the first thing I noticed was a perfect shadow of myself on the engine. And what did I tell you earlier?

ROBERT: There were no shadows anywhere.

DAVID: Right. So how is my shadow showing up on this thing? And stranger still was that the shadow moved about a half a second behind me. That really got my attention. And I thought, “If this is what I think it isÉa heat sensitive recognition alloy,” And then I realized we don’t have [any] known material that could do that. So I looked up at the engine and I asked for permission to climb to the top because I wanted to see the damaged area. The thing had a hole about four feet in diameter in the side of it, and this was the area that most interested me. Now, think of a figure eight, and right where the two circles cross each other is the eye of the hurricane. That’s where the damage was located on this engine. Knowing my own engine, I was assuming that this thing had experienced some kind of breach in the electromagnetic flux field that acts as the containment wall that harnesses the power of the reactor engine.

These engines basically function like a magnetic bottle or sphere, and inside you have contained the power of the Sun or a hydrogen bomb continuously detonating. It’s not impossible to figure out how this works, because it occurs all the time out in space. Black holes can suck an entire galaxy full of suns into their point of singularity. Obviously a black hole has no problem containing that fusion energy.

What I did was mathematically figure out a way to artificially create a synthetic black hole. And because it is based on a figure-eight design, once it has stabilized it will always implode and consume itself without pulling everything around it in. But this engine at Area 51 had lost its stabilization in the figure eight, and that’s why I was so curious about the hole.

The way this engine was built was really cool. There wasn’t a single screw or rivet or weld seam anywhere on this entire device from end to end. It looked like it was grown rather than assembled. And I thought, “Man, whoever built this really has some incredible manufacturing techniques.”

Over the years, I have been able to replicate this process to some extent in an experiment that I built. It flew on board one of the 1993 Space Shuttle missions. It was part of the GAS (Get Away Special) program. That’s where you rent space in a 55-gallon drum for your project. The first thing I did was melt alloys together, and when you spin them in a weightless environment you can create any type of dimension you want, because I figured out a way to control this. There was always a question about how you shape liquid metals in a weightless environment. It’s a container-less process. It’s a real phenomenon.

ROBERT: You made a form without using a mold?

DAVID: Right. I figured out how to take a fluid glob floating in this weightless environment and control it. For every geometric shape and dimension, we know there is a corresponding sound wave. So I created this machine that was attached to a Moog synthesizer, which allowed me to replicate any shape I wanted simply by playing notes. This machine generates interlocking standing sound waves that vibrate, even in space, and which allowed me to shape the liquid metal.

That process proved to me what I had suspected when I first saw the engine at Area 51 in 1971: whoever built that engine used this process. This raised an even larger question in my mind. Who could have built an engine of this size in space? I have never discussed this publicly. But I was curious and I wanted to replicate that engine design, which was clearly built in a weightless environment.

ROBERT: Which means outer space?

DAVID: It would have to be deep space. Like intergalactic deep space, away from any planets or stars.

ROBERT: I guess you wouldn’t want your design process to encounter any gravitational fields?

DAVID: Right. The less the better. They are called “gravity convections”. They didn’t want any gravity convection currents to show up in the alloy shaping process.

Anyway, when I placed my hands on the engine to pull myself up, I began climbing up the exterior of the engine, which was designed with an exoskeletal structure. The best way to explain this is to look at the designs of H. R. Geiger; he is the designer that created all the sets of the Alien movies.

ROBERT: What happened when you touched it?

DAVID: It was warm, which didn’t make any sense at all. It was so cold in that hangar, you could almost see your breath. I looked around on the floor and saw no power lines. And I asked myself, “How in the world could this alloy be staying warm?” And it was really hard. It was the hardest material I have ever touched. It didn’t give anywhere. The surface cohesion tension on it felt more like a baby’s skin. It was supple, but hard and warm.

ROBERT: That is weird, especially for metal.

DAVID: Yeah, and I was thinking, “What the heck is going on?” And as I was crawling up everywhere, I touched the surface and it reacted. When I turned and looked at the Air Force guys, all their mouths were hanging open. And so I assumed that the reaction they were seeing hadn’t happened for them, because wherever I touched it there were these really amazing blue and white swirls moving down through the hull of this thing. It looked like wavelengths that you see on an oscilloscope. When I pulled my hands off, it stopped. And I said, “Wow! This thing is reacting!”

So I continued to climb up until I reached the centre area. It had these vertebrae that branched off, cascading, fiber-like. They looked almost like fiber optic cables filled with some kind of fluid. They were very small tubes the size of angel hair pasta. There were millions of these things cascading over the hull of this engine. And I thought, “Boy, these patterns look familiar.” Then it dawned on me: they looked like neural synaptic firing patterns. There were millions of them going out everywhere on this thing. So I thought that maybe the engine was designed with an exoskeletal brain. And at that point, I reached out and grabbed some of the fibers and found that they were really tough and that there was fluid in them. And wherever I touched, no matter what I touched, there would be a reaction to it like a tremor of visual lights.

As I walked down into the damaged area of this thing, I finally said to the Air Force guys, “You know, this thing is a power plant. It is more than a propulsion system. It is a power plant. It obviously came out of a big vehicle, a craft of some kind. Where is that craft located?” Now they were not happy with me, but I continued. “A craft like this must have had a crew. What did you do with those people? This is clearly not American or Soviet technology, is it, boys? This is some kind of extraterrestrial entity. How old is it? Did you dig it up? Is it millions of years old or did you guys shoot it down?” And man, they got really upset. They told the MPs to take me down off the engine. As I was coming down, I was really pissed off. I was so pissed off because I had had enough.

At this point, I knew where I was. I knew that this engine was from somewhere other than Earth. I didn’t know where it had come from or how long they had had it, but it was obvious that my whole world was coming undone in that moment. I grew up in a world where the government would never lie. We had just landed on the Moon the year before. And here the Air Force had this technology and they weren’t saying anything, which made me furious.

ROBERT: Let’s back up a little. When you were on the engine, there was something that you saw, which you told me about in a previous conversation and which I found really fascinating. How and when did you see the interior of the reactor? Can you describe the crystals?

DAVID: What happened was I asked for permission to inspect the damaged area inside of the engine where it had been blown open. They hesitated on that request.

ROBERT: This was before you made them angry?

DAVID: Before I came out of that damaged area, totally pissed off, because when I got down in this thing, they told me to make it brief. So I got down and looked in the area. Man, there was some incredible-looking technology up and down this engine. And I couldn’t get more than three feet into it before I came up to a wall. And this wall, it was like the iris/shutter on a camera lens. It had lots of interlocking fans that contract or expand – and I’ve always thought that would make the coolest door. Well, there was this little round pod-thing there, and I just put my hand on it; and when I did, the wall just shuttered open.

ROBERT: It opened for you?

DAVID: It made a slight noise.

ROBERT: Maybe that’s where they got the inspiration for the door design you saw at Area 51?

DAVID: It could have been. I have no idea. But I got to look deeper into the engine. And what I saw in there was fascinating. It was such a trip being there because whenever I worked on my fusion engines, everything was so small; some parts I even had to machine under a microscope. Now, here was a replication of my basic design that was big enough to walk through. But man, this thing. what I had manufactured to achieve a certain function in my engine, this thing would have something else in its place. And this something else would be stuff I couldn’t begin to recognize. There were these crystals that were facing each other. They were fabulous-looking crystals. And they were integrated into this plasma duct type thing.

And in my engine, I had such a hard time getting a cyclotron to curve the blast waves I needed for propulsion. This thing had some kind of venting system that allowed them to flush their plasma out through an area that looked like the gills of a shark. The whole thing was so organic looking. It looked like a living machine – both organic and inorganic incorporated together. It was an oxymoron. How do you explain something like that? So anyway, I just got to see a lot of stuff in there that I couldn’t believe.

ROBERT: How many minutes were you in the interior alone?

DAVID: I don’t think I was in there more than five minutes. I know that doesn’t sound like a very long time, but it felt like I was in there a week.

ROBERT: And I believe you said you have a photographic memory.

DAVID: Yeah. I was just clicking non-stop. I was just absorbing it all in. And when I left, I didn’t touch that pod, right? But as soon as I passed that area, the door closed behind me. I never told the Air Force guys that I went into that part of the engine. I don’t think they ever knew there was another compartment in the interior that they could enter.


DAVID: I don’t believe that it allowed them access. There was a presence, though, about this engine. Just like you have a presence of a person and an entity. It just had its own. So I came out of the engine and was totally pissed off because I knew there was no way we could have built it. It was using some kind of crystal containment field power that we can’t even imagine. I would have to work on it for a long time to figure out how they were doing the fractions. Where I was using the plasma in a linear mode, this thing was designed to go any direction it wanted with its plasma flows. That’s impossible.

ROBERT: With a rocket?

DAVID: Yeah. This thing could do anything. And I really wondered who in the hell built it. So as I started coming down the outside of the engine. After we got into a big argument, I noticed that now, wherever I touched the engine, it was no longer reacting with the nice blue and white swirls of energy. They had changed to a reddish-orange flame-looking pattern. And as I calmed down to try and figure out what that was, it changed back to the bluish white, more tranquil-looking pattern.

That’s when I realized that the engine is not just heat sensitive; it reacts to mental waves. It is symbiotic and will lock on to how you think and feel. This allows it to interface with you. And that means this thing was aware. And it knew it was there. And I knew that it knew I was there.

About the Interviewee:

David Adair is an internationally recognized expert in space technology spinoff applications for industry and commercial use. At age 11, he built his first of hundreds of rockets which he designed and test-flew. At 17, he won “The Most Outstanding in the Field of Engineering Sciences” award from the US Air Force. At 19, he designed and fabricated a state-of-the-art mechanical system for changing jet turbine engines for the US Navy that set world-record turnaround times that still stand today. David Adair is the president of Intersect, Inc., and he lectures and provides consulting services to companies and organizations that want to know how to use the latest cutting-edge technological advances.

Extracted from Nexus Magazine, Volume 9, Number 5 (Aug-Sept 2002)

Excerpt from an interview with David Adair
by Robert M. Stanley



DerinkuyuDerinkuyu underground cityThe idea of building subterranean bases is very old. From Derinkuyu of Cappadocia, Turkey to the Hypogeum of Paola, Malta, there are countless examples of underground civilizations burrowing cities deep into the Earth.

But in more recent history, this idea was probably made popular by Nazi mystics. A possible reason for the use of the Tibetan swastika in Hitler’s Third Reich may be due to the idea of underground networks originating thousands of years ago within the Tibetan traditions, and the Nazis subsequent obsession with the construction of underground bases. Under Hitler’s Third Reich, the Todt Organization was tasked with building many deep underground facilities. Named after  the brilliant civil engineer, Fritz Todt, the organization was tasked with a huge range of engineering projects prior to and during the Second World War. Todt helped the German military accomplish several feats including the Autobahn network after being asked by Hitler to contribute his wisdom, but died in a plane crash in 1942. He was replaced by Albert Speer  as the Minister of Armaments and War Production. But Speer allowed one Franz Xaver Dorsch to guide, in effect making him the operational chief of the OT. Dorsche was tasked with the construction of several underground facilities, which the 3rd Riech were obsessed with constructing.

Organization Todt-insigniaTodt_1_1  Todt_2_1

When the Third Riech fell the Americans found the underground bases the Nazis had built, kept Franz Xaver Dorsch as a prisoner of war, and transported him back to the United States (along with hundreds of other top Nazi brass) in Project Paperclip 1947. During his stay in the Americas, Franz Xaver Dorsch’s name comes up again and again as an eminent authority on underground construction. Construction of underground facilities by the American Military-Industrial-Complex has continued ever since, and today constitutes the bloody tomb that buries America’s dirtiest secrets.


In addition to subterranean bases, massive efforts have been made to construct bases beneath the sea, off of island chains and tectonic shelves.


World War Two could not have happened without American corporations contributing to and literally funding both sides of the conflict. Rockefeller Standard Oil, for example sold their special patented fuel additive to the Third Reich which resulted in the historic bombing mission over London by German airplanes that had never been capable of such dramatic range before. The revolutionary punch-card system used in Nazi concentration camps to keep track of prisoners was patented by IBM who manufactured punch cards with the explicit purpose of maintaining an inventory of human chattel. Perhaps the most egregious example is the Union Banking Cartel’s laundering of Nazi money – Union was owned and operated by Prescott Bush (President George H.W. Bush’s father, and George W. Bush’s grandfather), who saw no disciplinary action whatsoever despite the public indictment of his firm as a Nazi money laundering operation. There is an overabundance of evidence that not only suggests but proves well beyond a reasonable doubt that American banks and corporations funded Hitler’s rise to power, though their motive may not be immediately clear because it is multifaceted and layered like an onion. On the outset, since there is nothing more profitable than war, and since war leads to great leaps in technology, there is a massive financial incentive for large corporations and banks to remain at war as long as is possible, sustaining conflicts indefinitely if they can. But for a nation to mobilize against a common enemy, they must be afraid of that enemy, so great attention and resources are paid to arming, training and funding boogie men the world over, and false flag attacks are perpetuated against the host nation to seal the deal; whether it be the sinking of the Lusitania that led to the First World War or the 9_11 event that brought about the War on Terror (War OF Terror), puppets, funds and arms are moved about the globe effectively and efficiently to ensure a constant need for more arms and more funds.

literaryPaperclipAs long as people are divided against each other, the arms industries will enjoy ever increasing profits. This is an effective means for an elite group of financiers to gain and retain power, but again this is also efficacious for advancing one’s own technological capabilities. So given their role in financing the Third Reich, it should be no surprise that the shadow government transferred the best and brightest Nazis operating in Europe away from the Nuremberg trials and into America to continue their work in developing more efficient weapons and technology for military applications. The 1947 operation to bring top Nazi minds into America was known among the intelligence circles as Project Paperclip.

operation-paper-clip ORIGINAL PEENEMUENDE TEAM


project-paperclip-02Project Paperclip was not the only significant event to transpire in 1947. On 2 July of 1947 something crashed in Roswell, New Mexico that was retrieved by the US government. According to whistleblowers, the technology retrieved at Roswell as back engineered and now sits at S4 outside of Groom Lake, Nevada.

1947 was the year that the CIA was created. 1947 was the year that the United States Air Force became an independent branch from the Department of the Army. But perhaps most importantly, 1947 was the year that the notorious Majestic-12 were formed under President Harry S. Truman who signed an executive order authorizing a Top Secret cover up of the Roswell crash. Accountable only to the President of the United States, the group was created to analyze the various aspects of crashed UFOs, the technical data, the sociological ramifications, as well as the alien occupants recovered whether dead or alive. The most secretive of all intelligence groups and well above the authority even of the National Security Agency and the Central Intelligence Agency, Operation Majestic-12 later evolved into the Majority Agency for Joint Intelligence (MAJI).By 1987 the MAJI Group was calling itself the Mars Jupiter – Twelve Committee.



mj4 majestic12



When it was initially formed, the twelve members of MJ-12 included:

– Nelson Rockefeller,
– Director of the CIA Allen Welsh Dulles
– Secretary of State John Foster Dulles
– Secretary of Defense Charles E. Wilson
– Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Arthur W. Radford
– Director of the FBI J. Edgar Hoover
– and the six men from the Executive Committee of the Council on Foreign Relations known as the “Wise Men.”

Majestic 12 Members

All of these men were members of the “Jason Scholars” secret society who recruited their membership from the “Skull and Bones,” fraternity of Yale and the “Scroll and Key” fraternity of Harvard. The “Wise Men” were all key members of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and has since been staffed by CFR directors and later members of the Trilateral Commission including George Bush and Zbigniew Brzezinski. The most influencial of the “Wise Men” were John McCloy, Robert Lovett, Averell Harriman, Charles Bohlen, George Kennan and Dean Acheson.






In his 1961 farewell address, 34th President of the United States, Dwight D. Eisenhower, warned this nation of the impending dangers of the Military-Industrial Complex. And though the U.S. military now occupies more than 140 countries and has saturated the sea with ships, the skies with bombers and the land with troops, the full extent of Eisenhower’s warning lies beneath the surface of things, tied up in projects that many military personnel are not even aware of. The implications of bringing black budget projects into the light are so vast and so profound, the Military-Industrial-Complex has expended every possible effort to keep these projects secret, the very notion of their existence scorned by the talking head skeptics, marginalizing the conversation into the territory of ‘conspiracy theory.’ So while there have been dedicated attempts to bring this information forward for over sixty years, those who have dared to make public the secrets of the temple have paid with their lives. Would this be the case if this information were trivial?

Expressing concern about the growing size and cost of the American defense establishment since he became president in 1953, Eisenhower chronicled the evolving defense establishment following the end of World War II, emphasizing that no longer could the U.S. afford the “emergency improvisation” that characterized its preparations for war against Germany and Japan. Instead, the country was “compelled to create a permanent armaments industry of vast proportions.” Admitting that the Cold War made clear the “imperative need for this development,” he was gravely concerned about “the acquisition of unwarranted influence…by the military-industrial complex.” He asked the American people to guard against the “danger that public policy could itself become the captive of a scientific-technological elite.”

This blatant speech shocked constituents who viewed the man who led the country to victory in Europe in World War II and guided the nation through some of the darkest moments of the Cold War as acting unnecessarily negative towards America’s defenses. But as America has transformed into a global, transnational Empire, Eisenhower’s warning seems more and more obvious in hindsight, and has stuck with us every step of the way. World War II and the ensuing Cold War resulted in the development of a large and powerful defense establishment that has indeed weakened and destroyed the very institutions and principles it was designed to protect, exactly as Eisenhower warned.

Phil Schneider

Phil_Schneider_by_Doug_Auld_ArtistPhil Schneider was a self-taught geologist and explosives expert. Of the 129 deep underground facilities Schneider learned the US government had constructed since World War II, he professed to have worked on 13. Two of these bases were major, including the bioengineering facility at Dulce, New Mexico where Schneider maintained that “gray” humanoid extraterrestrials worked side by side with American technicians. In 1979 Schneider’s team drilled holes on top of an underground alien city during excavation of an underground base in Dulce. A battle ensued during which 66 Secret Service, FBI and Black Berets were killed along with an unspecified number of alien “grays” during which Phil received a beam-weapon blast to the chest which “opened [him] like a fish”, caused his later cancer and burned several of the fingers off of his left hand, as well as toes from one foot. He frequently showed the battle scar on his chest at lectures as proof.


As outlined by the whistleblower organization Project Camelot, Schneider’s accusations that are worthy of attention include:

1) The American government concluded a treaty with “gray” aliens in 1954. This mutual cooperation pact is called the Greada Treaty.

2) The space shuttle has been producing special alloys in orbit. A vacuum is needed for the creation of these special metals, thereby justifying the mandate for a large, permanently manned space station.

3) Much of our stealth aircraft technology was developed by back-engineering crashed alien craft.

4) AIDS was a population control virus invented by the National Ordinance Laboratory, Chicago, Illionois.

5) Unbeknownst to just about everyone, the US government has an earthquake device. Neither the 1995 Kobe earthquake nor the 1989 San Francisco quake had a pulse wave.

6) The World Trade Center bomb blast and the Oklahoma City blast were achieved using small nuclear devices. The melting and pitting of the concrete and the extrusion of metal supporting rods indicated this. (Schneider’s forte, he claimed, was explosives.)

Phil Schneider was liquidated just prior to releasing a tell-all book. He had a Rhyolite clearance ~ the highest level to come out and tell it like it is. In May, 1995, Phil gave a lecture on what he had discovered. Seven months later he was tortured and killed by those for whom he had previously worked. This man’s final acts should not go unnoticed.

Finally, Phil Schneider lamented that the democracy he loved no longer existed: we had become instead a technocracy ruled by a shadow governments intent on imposing their own view of things on all of us, whether we like it or not. He believed 11 of his best friends had been murdered in the last 22 years, eight of whose deaths had been officially explained as suicides.

Whatever one might think of Phil Schneider’s claims, it’s clear that he was of particular interest to the FBI and CIA. His widow has stated that intelligence agents thoroughly searched the premises shortly after his death and made off with at least a third of the family photographs.

Schneider maintained that numerous previous attempts had been made on his life, including the removal of the nuts from one of the front wheels of his automobile. He had stated publicly he was a marked man and did not expect to live long. “If I ever ‘commit suicide’,” Schneider told a close friend, “I’ll have been murdered.”

Here is a transcript of Phil’s may 1995 Lecture:


“It is because of the horrendous structure of the federal government that I feel directly imperiled not to tell anybody about this material. How long I will be able to do this is anybody’s guess. However, I would like to mention that this talk is going to be broken up into four main topics. Each of these topics will have some bearing on what you people are involved in, whether you are patriots or not.
“I want you to know that these United States are a beautiful place. I have gone to more than 70 countries, and I cannot remember any country that has the beauty, as well as the magnificence of its people, like these United States.

“To give you an overview of basically what I am, I started off and went through engineering school. Half of my school was in that field and I built up a reputation for being a geological engineer, as well as a structural engineer with both military and aerospace applications. I have helped build two main bases in the United States that have some significance as far as what is called the New World Order. The first base is the one at Dulce, New Mexico. I was involved in 1979 in a firefight with alien humanoids, and I was one of the survivors. I’m probably the only talking survivor you will ever hear. Two other survivors are under close guard. I am the only one left that knows the detailed files of the entire operation. Sixty-six secret service agents, FBI, Black Berets and the like, died in that firefight. I was there.

“Number one, part of what I am going to tell you is going to be very shocking. Part of what I am going to tell you is probably going to be very unbelievable, though, instead of putting your glasses on, I’m going to ask you to put your “skepticals” on. But please, feel free to do your own homework. I know the Freedom of Information Act isn’t much to go on, but it’s the best we’ve got. The local law library is a good place to look for Congressional Records. So, if one continues to do their homework, then one can be standing vigilant in regard to their country.

Deep Underground Military Bases and the Black Budget

“I love the country I am living in more than I love my life, but I would not be standing before you now, risking my life, if I did not believe it was so. The first part of this talk is going to concern deep underground military bases and the black budget. The Black Budget is a secretive budget that garners 25% of the gross national product of the United States. The Black Budget currently consumes $1.25 trillion per year. At least this amount is used in black programs, like those concerned with deep underground military bases. Presently, there are 129 deep underground military bases in the United States.

“They have been building these 129 bases day and night, unceasingly, since the early 1940’s. Some of them were built even earlier than that. These bases are basically large cities underground connected by high-speed magneto-leviton trains that have speeds up to Mach 2. Several books have been written about this activity. Al Bielek has my only copy of one of them. Richard Souder, a Ph.D. architect, has risked his life by talking about this. He worked with a number of government agencies on deep underground military bases. In around where you live, in Idaho, there are 11 of them.

“The average depth of these bases is over a mile, and they again are basically whole cities underground. They all are between 2.66 and 4.25 cubic miles in size. They have laser-drilling machines that can drill a tunnel seven miles long in one day. The Black Projects side-step the authority of Congress, which as we know is illegal. Right now, the New World Order is depending on these bases. If I had known at the time I was working on them that the NWO was involved, I would not have done it. I was lied to rather extensively.

Development of Military Technology, Implied German Interest in Hyperspacial Technology
“Basically, as far as technology is concerned, for every calendar year that transpires, military technology increases about 44.5 years. This is why it is easy to understand that back in 1943 they were able to create, through the use of vacuum tube technology, a ship that could literally disappear from one place and appear in another place. My father, Otto Oscar Schneider, fought on both sides of the war. He was originally a U-boat captain, and was captured and repatriated in the United States. He was involved with different kinds of concerns, such as the A-bomb, the H-bomb and the Philadelphia Experiment. He invented a high-speed camera that took pictures of the first atomic tests at Bikini Island on July 12, 1946. I have original photographs of that test, and the photos also show UFO’s fleeing the bombsite at a high rate of speed. Bikini Island at the time was infested with them, especially under the water, and the natives had problems with their animals being mutilated. At that time, General MacArthur felt that the next war would be with aliens from other worlds.

“Anyway, my father laid the groundwork with theoreticians about the Philadelphia experiment, as well as other experiments. What does that have to do with me? Nothing, other than the fact that he was my father. I don’t agree with what he did on the other side, but I think he had a lot of guts in coming here. He was hated in Germany. There was a $1 million reward, payable in gold, to anyone who killed him. Obviously, they didn’t succeed. Anyway, back to our topic – deep underground bases.


The Fire Fight At Dulce Base

“Back in 1954, under the Eisenhower administration, the federal government decided to circumvent the Constitution of the United States and form a treaty with alien entities. It was called the 1954 Greada Treaty, which basically made the agreement that the aliens involved could take a few cows and test their implanting techniques on a few human beings, but that they had to give details about the people involved. Slowly, the aliens altered the bargain until they decided they wouldn’t abide by it at all. Back in 1979, this was the reality, and the firefight at Dulce occurred quite by accident. I was involved in building an addition to the deep underground military base at Dulce, which is probably the deepest base. It goes down seven levels and over 2.5 miles deep. At that particular time, we had drilled four distinct holes in the desert, and we were going to link them together and blow out large sections at a time.


My job was to go down the holes and check the rock samples, and recommend the explosive to deal with the particular rock. As I was headed down there, we found ourselves amidst a large cavern that was full of outer-space aliens, otherwise known as large Greys. I shot two of them. At that time, there were 30 people down there. About 40 more came down after this started, and all of them got killed. We had surprised a whole underground base of existing aliens. Later, we found out that they had been living on our planet for a long time, perhaps a million years. This could explain a lot of what is behind the theory of ancient astronauts.


“Anyway, I got shot in the chest with one of their weapons, which was a box on their body, that burned the fingers right off of me and blew a hole in me and gave me a nasty dose of cobalt radiation. I have had cancer because of that.

“I didn’t get really interested in UFO technology until I started work at Area 51, north of Las Vegas. After about two years recuperating after the 1979 incident, I went back to work for Morrison and Knudson, EG&G and other companies. At Area 51, they were testing all kinds of peculiar spacecraft. How many people here are familiar with Bob Lazar’s story? He was a physicist working at Area 51 trying to decipher the propulsion factor in some of these craft.

Schneider’s Worries About Government Factions, Railroad Cars and Shackle Contracts

“Now, I am very worried about the activity of the federal government. They have lied to the public, stonewalled senators, and have refused to tell the truth in regard to alien matters. I can go on and on. I can tell you that I am rather disgruntled. Recently, I knew someone who lived near where I live in Portland, Oregon. He worked at Gunderson Steel Fabrication, where they make railroad cars. Now, I knew this fellow for the better part of 30 years, and he was kind of a quiet type. He came in to see me one day, excited, and he told me “they’re building prisoner cars.” He was nervous. Gunderson, he said, had a contract with the federal government to build 107,200 full-length railroad cars, each with 143 pairs of shackles. There are 11 sub-contractors in this giant project. Supposedly, Gunderson got over 2 billion dollars for the contract. Bethlehem Steel and other steel outfits are involved. He showed me one of the cars in the rail yards in North Portland. He was right. If you multiply 107,200 times 143 times 11, you come up with about 15,000,000. This is probably the number of people who disagree with the federal government. No more can you vote any of these people out of office. Our present structure of government is “technocracy”, not democracy, and it is a form of feudalism. It has nothing to do with the republic of the United States. These people are god-less, and have legislated out prayer in public schools. You can get fined up to $100,000 and two years in prison for praying in school. I believe we can do better. I also believe that the federal government is running the gambit of enslaving the people of the United States. I am not a very good speaker, but I’ll keep shooting my mouth off until somebody puts a bullet in me, because it’s worth it to talk to a group like this about these atrocities.

America’s Black Program Contractors

“There are other problems. I have some interesting 1993 figures. There are 29 prototype stealth aircraft presently. The budget from the U.S. Congress five-year plan for these is $245.6 million. You couldn’t buy the spare parts for these black programs for that amount. So, we’ve been lied to. The black budget is roughly $1.3 trillion every two years. A trillion is a thousand billion. A trillion dollars weighs 11 tons. The U.S. Congress never sees the books involved with this clandestine pot of gold. Contractors of sleuth programs: EG&G, Westinghouse, McDonnell Douglas, Morrison- Knudson, Wackenhut Security Systems, Boeing Aerospace, Lorimar Aerospace, Aerospacial in France, Mitsibishi Industries, Rider Trucks, Bechtel, *I.G. Farben*, plus a host of hundreds more. Is this what we are supposed to be living up to as freedom- loving people? I don’t believe so.

Star Wars and Apparent Alien Threat

“Still, 68% of the military budget is directly or indirectly affected by the black budget. Star Wars relies heavily upon stealth weaponry. By the way, none of the stealth program would have been available if we had not taken apart crashed alien disks. None of it. Some of you might ask what the “space shuttle” is “shuttling”. Large ingots of special metals that are milled in space and cannot be produced on the surface of the earth. They need the near vacuum of outer space to produce them. We are not even being told anything close to the truth. I believe our government officials have sold us down the drain – lock, stock and barrel. Up until several weeks ago, I was employed by the U.S. government with a Ryolite-38 clearance factor – one of the highest in the world. I believe the Star Wars program is there solely to act as a buffer to prevent alien attack – it has nothing to do with the “cold war”, which was only a toy to garner money from all the people – for what? The whole lie was planned and executed for the last 75 years.

Stealth Aircraft Technology Use by U.S. Agencies and the United Nations

“Here’s another piece of information for you folks. The Drug Enforcement Administration and the ATF rely on stealth tactical weaponry for as much as 40% of their operations budget. This in 1993 and the figures have gone up considerably since. The United Nations used American stealth aircraft for over 28% of its collective world-wide operations from 1990 to 1992, according to the Center for Strategic Studies and UN Report 3092.

The Guardians of Stealth and Delta Force Origins of the Bosnia Conflict

“The Guardians of Stealth: There are at least three distinct classifications of police that guard our most well kept secrets. Number one, the Military Joint Tactical Force (MJTF), sometimes called the Delta Force or Black Berets, is a multi-national tactical force primarily used to guard the various stealth aircraft worldwide. By the way, there were 172 stealth aircraft built. Ten crashed, so there were at last count about 162. Bill Clinton signed them away about six weeks ago to the United Nations. There have been indications that the Delta Force was sent over to Bosnia during the last days of the Bush administration as a covert sniper force, and that they started taking pot shots at each side of the controversy, in order to actually start the Bosnia conflict that would be used by succeeding administrations for political purposes.

Thoughts on the Bombings in the United States

“I was hired not too long ago to do a report on the World Trade Center bombing. I was hired because I know about the 90 some- odd varieties of chemical explosives. I looked at the pictures taken right after the blast. The concrete was puddled and melted. The steel was literally extruded up to six feet longer than its original length. There is only one weapon that can do that – a small nuclear weapon. That’s a construction-type nuclear device. Obviously, when they say that it was a nitrate explosive that did the damage, they’re lying 100%, folks. The people they have in custody probably didn’t do the crime. As a matter of fact, I have reason to believe that the same group held in custody did do other crimes, such as killing a Jewish rabbi in New York.

However, I want to further mention that with the last explosion in Oklahoma City, they are saying that it was a nitrate or fertilizer bomb that did it. “First, they came out and said it was a 1,000 pound fertilizer bomb. Then, it was 1,500. Then 2,000 pounds. Now its 20,000. You can’t put 20,000 pounds of fertilizer in a Rider Truck. Now, I’ve never mixed explosives, per se. I know the chemical structure and the application of construction explosives. My reputation was based on it. I helped hollow out more than 13 deep underground military bases in the United States. I worked on the Malta project, in West Germany, in Spain and in Italy. I can tell you from experience that a nitrate explosion would have hardly shattered the windows of the federal building in Oklahoma City. It would have killed a few people and knocked part of the facing off the building, but it would have never have done that kind of damage. I believe I have been lied to, and I am not taking it any longer, so I’m telling you that you’ve been lied to.

The Truth behind the Republican Contract with America

“I don’t perceive at this time that we have too much more than six months of life left in this country, at the present rate. We are the laughing stock of the world, because we are being hoodwinked by so many evil people that are running this country. I think we can do better. I think the people over 45 are seriously worried about their future. I’m going to run some scary scenarios by you. The Contract with America. It contains the same terminology that Adolph Hitler used to subvert Germany in 1931. I believe we can do better. The Contract with America is a last ditch effort by our federal government to tear away the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Some Statistics on the Black Helicopter Presence

“The black helicopters. There are over 64,000 black helicopters in the United States. For every hour that goes by, there is one being built. Is this the proper use of our money? What does the federal government need 64,000 tactical helicopters for, if they are not trying to enslave us. I doubt if the entire military needs 64,000 worldwide. I doubt if all the world needs that many. There are 157 F-117A stealth aircraft loaded with LIDAR and computer-enhanced imaging radar. They can see you walking from room to room when they fly over your house. They see objects in the house from the air with a variation limit of 1 inch to 30,000 miles. That’s how accurate that is. Now, I worked in the federal government for a long time, and I know exactly how they handle their business.

Government Earthquake Device, AIDS as a Bioweapon Based on Alien Excretions

“The federal government has now invented an earthquake device. I am a geologist, and I know what I am talking about. With the Kobe earthquake in Japan, there was no pulse-wave as in a normal earthquake. None. In 1989, there was an earthquake in San Francisco. There was no pulse wave with that one either. It is a Tesla device that is being used for evil purposes. The black budget programs have subverted science as we know it. Look at AIDs, invented by the National Ordinance Laboratory in Chicago, Illinois in 1972. It was a biological weapon to be used against the people of the United States. The reason I know this is that I have seen the documentation by the Office of Strategic Services, which by the way is still in operation to this day, through the CDC in Atlanta. They used the glandular excretions of animals, humans and alien humanoids to create the virus. These alien humanoids the government is hobnobbing with are the worst news. There is absolutely no defense against their germs – none. They are a biological weapon of terrible consequence. Every alien on the planet needs to be isolated.

“Saddam Hussein killed 3.5 million Kurdish people with a similar biological weapon. Do we, the people of this planet, deserve this? No, we don’t, but we are not doing anything about it. Every moment we waste, we are doing other people on the planet a disservice. Right now, I am dying of cancer that I contracted because of my work for the federal government. I might live six months. I might not. I will tell you one thing. If I keep speaking out like I am, maybe God will give me the life to talk my head off. I will break every law that it takes to talk my head off. Eleven of my best friends in the last 22 years have been murdered. Eight of the murders were called “suicides.” Before I went to talk in Las Vegas, I drove a friend down to Joshua Tree, near 29 Palms. I drove into the mountains in order to get to Needles, California, and I was followed by two government E-350 vans with G-14 plates, each with a couple of occupants, one of which had an Uzi. I knew exactly who they were. I have spoken 19 times and have probably reached 45,000 people. Well, I got ahead of them and came to a stop in the middle of the road. They both went on either side of me and down a ravine. Is this what its going to take? I cut up my security card and sent it back to the government, and told them if I was threatened, and I have been, that I was going to upload 140,000 pages of documentation to the Internet about government structure and the whole plan. I have already begun that task.”

“Thank you very much.”


Shortly after this lecture, Phil was found dead in his apartment.

His body was discovered on Januarv 17, 1996.  Reportedly strangled by a catheter found wrapped around his neck, the bizarre death was dismissed by authorities as suicide. The following is a letter from Phil’s ex-wife regarding his death:

My name is Cynthia Drayer, I live in Portland, Oregon, and I am the ex-wife of Philip Schneider. Philip and I met in 1986, were married in Carson City, Nevada, and had a daughter, Marie, in 1987. We were divorced in 1990 and lived in separate residences. Philip lived in an apartment complex in Wilsonville, Oregon. On 1/17/1996 I received a call that Philip was dead in his apartment and apparently had died up to a week before his body was discovered. At the time of the removal of his body, his cause of death was by a stroke. When I went to the funeral home I had feelings of discomfort about his death. I asked to view the body, but due to decomposition, the funeral director suggested otherwise. I wanted to be sure, in my own mind,. that Philip had not died under “unnatural causes”.

For the last two years of his life, Philip had been on the “lecture tour” throughout the United States, talking out about government coverups. You name it, he was talking about it: Aliens (treaties and abductions), UFO’s, the One World Government, Black Budgets, Underground Mountain Bases, CIA involvement in civilian murders and drugs, Stealth technology, the Philadelphia Experiment, Operation Crossroads (Bikini Island A-bomb experiments), Dulce Fire Fight, the Oklahoma bombing, the World Trade Center bombing, missing children, Gunderson Freight Cars, the opening of concentration camps and Marshal Law/UN involvement, man-made viruses and earthquakes, etc.etc.

A day later, I received a call from the Clackamas County Detectives, that the funeral director had found “something” around Philip’s neck.

An autopsy was performed at the Multnomah County Medical Examiner’s office (in Portland, Oregon) by Dr. Gunson, and she determined that Philip had committed suicide by wrapping a rubber cathater hose three times around his neck, and half-knotting it in front. There are several reasons why I believe that Philip did not commit suicide, but was murdered:

  1. There was no suicide note.

  1. Philip always told his friends and relatives, that if he ever “committed suicide” you would know that he had been murdered.

  1. From a number of sources, including his taped lectures (video and audio), and statements to his friends, and the borrowing of a 9mm gun, Philip felt that he and his family were being threatened and were in danger because of his lecutres.

  1. All of his lecture materials, alien metals, higher math books, photographs of UFO’s coming out of the Operation Crossroad A-Bomb, notes for his book on the alien agenda, were missing. (Everything else in the apartment was still there, including gold coins, wallet with hundreds of dollars, jewelry, mineral specimens, etc.)

  1. No coroner ever came out to his apartment after his body was found (against Oregon Law) – and a police investigation never took under consideration that items were missing from his apartment – it was considered a suicide, plain and simple

  1. The medical examiner took blood and urine samples at the autopsy but REFUSED to analyze them, saying that the county would not “waste their money on a suicide”. Although I was assured that the samples would be kept for 12 months, when I asked for these samples to be sent to an independent lab 11 months later they were “missing” and presumed “destroyed”.

  1. Philip had missing fingers on his left hand, and limited motion in his shoulders. I believe that it was physically impossible for Philip to have held the rubber hose in his left hand with missing fingers and then wrap the hose three times with shoulders that had limited motion. In order to end up where his body was, he had to sit on the edge of his bed, wrap the hose around his neck, slowly and painfully strangle to death, and fallen head first into a wheel chair.

  1. Philip was an expert in chemicals and his own medical needs. He had multiple pills at hand that could have ended his life quickly and painlessly. He also had a 9mm gun that he had borrowed to protect himself. Why strangle himself in such an unusual manner?

  1. Philip was very religious, and did not believe in suicide. He had intense chronic pain all of the time I knew him. At the time of his death, he was on disability, had a housekeeper, and had cancer. The operation to help him with his back pain did not alleviate the pain and he had brittle bone syndrome (osteoperosis). He struggled every day, not to die, but to live.

He felt that these lectures he gave was making a difference, and was looking forward to giving more. In fact he was scheduled for another lecture tour that started 1/16/96 in Tampa, Florida. He had just found a friend who was going to help him write a book about the New World Order, and he was enjoying his time with his daughter.

  1. Philip was undergoing “injections” of “Beta Serone” every week in an experiment to stop his multiple sclerosis. After his death I contacted the only agency that conducted these experiments to obtain his medical record (OHSU). They had never heard of him, and he was not a part of their experiments. This would suggest people unknown were injecting him on a weekly basis with an unknown substance. He often times called me after these “shots” to tell me that he was too sick for his daughter to come and visit. I believe that the shots that Philip thought were being given to him to help him back to health, were actually being given to him to make him sick.

  1. Philip was seen with an “unknown blonde haired woman” for several months before his death. Several times this same individual was seen or talked about and her mysterious presence only leads one to wonder if she had anything to do with his “suicide”.

  1. Several people with psychic abilities have indicated that Philip did not commit suicide, but was murdered (some say by 5 people: 4 men and 1 woman, 4 directly and one by taking out a “contract”.


It is perhaps important to know WHY Philip began lecturing.

First: His background was as a Structural Engineer. He was an expert on explosives and their effects on geologic structures. He worked under two social security numbers. Most of his early work in underground mountain bases with Morrison-Knudsen was done using the wrong social security number. I was later able to prove that he had two numbers through the social security office when I applied for his daughter’s death benefits. He worked for the Army Corps of Engineers and U.S. Navy with the same wrong number. Only after he obtained SSI in 1981 did his “real” number come into play. He always told me that he had a Rhyolitic Clearance and that his father had a Cosmic Clearance from his work with NATO. And that is the second reason why Philip began lecturing.

Second: On top of his first hand knowledge about underground mountain bases and government black budgets, and the alien agend as (he was one of the survivors of the Dulce Fire Fight with aliens in New Mexico) his father was also involved in government black projects. When Philip’s father, Captain Oscar Schneider, Medical Doctor, United

States Navy, died in 1993, Philip discovered documents and photographs in his father’s basement which proved that Oscar had been involved in both the Philadelphia Experiment and Operation Crossroads. Philip now had letters written in the 1940’s and 1950’s showing that Oscar helped to isolate the crewmembers of the Philadelphia Experiment and that Oscar later autopsied them as they died. He also had photographs of UFO’s fleeing through mushroom clouds after the A-bomb was dropped above the lagoon at Bikini Atoll. This was “Operation Crossroads” and Oscar was involved in medical examinations of the animals and humans exposed to radiation after the bomb was dropped.

Third: I believe the main reason why Philip began to lecture was due to the “murder” of his friend Ron Rummel. Ron was found in a park in Portland in Sept. 1993. The police believed that he had committed suicide by shooting himself in the mouth. However, if you read the detectives report, there is blow-back blood on Ron’s hand, but NO BLOW-BACK BLOOD ON THE GUN. The only way this could happen is if Ron had wiped the gun off AFTER he had shot himself in the mouth. Ron, Philip, and 5 other people had been collaborating on a little magazine called “The Alien Digest”. It was starting to get a fairly wide circulation, when Ron was found in the park. Philip felt that his friend had been murdered, and decided that it was time to get everything out into the open, so he began “spilling the beans”, and ripped up his security clearance card.

Pufori, through Jeroen Wierda, is one of several agencies and individuals that have taken up the call for justice in Philip’s death.

My hopes are:

  1. That Philip’s death certificate will eventually be amended with the true cause of his death: murder. 2. That the world will come to know the truth about aliens, UFO’s, the government cover-ups, black budgets, etc. and how they are affecting us. 3. That assets that belong to his only heir, Marie, can be located and turned over to her. 4. That Philip’s true work quarters can be proven by people coming forward with information about knowing him before 1981, and that his daughter can eventually obtain the death benefits she deserves. 5. That no more “murders by suicide” ever occur to another individual.


Cynthia Schneider Drayer


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